Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

Let's revisit my little precious girls on Halloween.
As you recall, we had a butterfly and a gypsy.
You know, Gabbi is easy breezy, so she wore whatever I brought home.  Ellie, on the other hand, well... I had a back up plan, because I never really knew what might happen the night of.
She'd been entertaining the possibility of a mermaid, but I think the head sash and the jingle bells I made for her to wear over her boots.
Gabbi LOVES to dress up.  She seems so much more grown up this year as compared to last.
This one seemed grown up at 18 months.
Lawd have mercy!
Ooh la la.
Sorry, I just can't stop myself.  They are so dang cute.
And yes, I was dressed up too.  It's a tradition now.  And dont' think I am not going to humiliate them when they are teens!  Oh YES I WILL.
I love Halloween. It's the one day of the year when it is perfectly acceptable to drive around town in a wig or go into a store in a costume.  I mean, noone really thinks twice about it.
JinJin came by to see the costumes, as she always does! 
I'm sure she ran out to Staci's house today to see Miss Madi too.  Madi was a movie star.
Ellie's night really perked up when all the "big kids" came over on the golf cart.
Oh yeah, now things are gonna get "happening"!!
Hey look!  It's Sarah.  As in our old neighbor, Sarah, who is all grown up now!
ANd then the trick or treating began!  Remember how I was unsure if this would be the year that Gabs would be able to walk to the door on her own?!  Wellllll.... yeah!  It was the year!
In fact, she was hitting that sidewalk out ahead of her sister!
I mean, on a MISSION to get that candy!
And ol' straggling behind Ellie finally shows up at the door.  Hey, Rebecca!  That's YOUR door!!  Where were you?!
We went to Tom's house, who is my business mangager at MMPT.  He and his wife, Sharon, love to see my girlies each year, and we make a point of being there.
This girl is DIGGIN' trick or treating this year!  That's for sho!
And then we hit the neighborhood, and the whole crew started up.
Look at that precious little thing!
One of the friends we met up with was Ella Kate.  She is our neighbor across the street.  SHe is also in Gabbi's dance class. And how cute is that costume?!
and here is her little brother, Sam!  It was a family affair.
This baby is getting prettier every day. If I do say so myself.
and because most of our trick or treating friends are little, we were out early, as in the daylight! I like it that way.
This is the story of poor Gabbi Girl's life.  She has a friend, and then her social butterfly of a sister flutters in, and ta da... she's now a friend of Ellie.  Gabs is just not all that pressing.  She's much more passive than her dominant sister.  So, it's hard for me to have friends over "just" for Gabbi!  In fact, if you ask her, her two best friends are in their forties.  I hope that as she gets older, she'll be more dominant and will have some friends of her own! It makes me sad, but I know the day is coming when Ellie and all her "big girl" friends will run off anyway, hopefully leaving Gabbi and her best bud to play alone.  (Sorry for that downer)
Back to FUN!  I met my Batman counterpart.
When we got back home, this freak was there to weird out my kids.
Wanna know who that is?! 
Well, it was Mary Allison, and she was kind enough to share her mask with my sweet baby girl.
And then another one came in and shared their weird mask too!  Check out this one!  It actually matched her costume.
Paula and Johnnye are the official hosts of the annual Halloween party.
Gabbi's other really good friends are animals.  She is a dog whisperer!
Oh, adn did I mention Madea showed up?!
This crazy girl ran in the St. Jude marathon last year for TeamJake.  And I am really happy that she enjoyed Halloween as much as I with the whole Halloween costume gig.
Not much later, Gabbi Girl was crashed in the middle of the kitchen floor.
And when we finally got home, all sugared up, my little angels posed one last time.  They were pretty good sports.
Another successful year of trick or treating is now under our belt.  What will next year hold?!



Zhohn said...

Too much sweetness for one post!! They are just growing and blossoming, such beautiful, precious girls!
Aww poor Gabs. Don't worry, like you said, soon enough Ellie will be running off to the movies with her friends and Gabbi will be at home with her friends playing with Tarzan! ;)

Whoa, Madea showed up!?

Amy K said...

Oh my gosh - cute costumes - so fun! Gabbi sleeping on the kitchen floor is sooo precious!

Lisa said...

Absolutely adorable! Esp love pic with Sarah and the girls. Gabbi's qualities are lovely in that she is so selfless/sharing and she is able to enjoy things even alone - both will serve her well in life!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ As usual, you saw to it that your girls had the best time EVER! It looks like a good time was had by all. The costumes the girls had on were adorable (as usual) They are both too cute for words!!!
Gabbi crashing on the kitchen floor is hysterical - she just could not take any more - I love it.
Have a wonderful Wednesday,
Diana from Colorado

Susantwilhelm said...

So amazing to see how much Gabbi has grown and matured! They are so precious.....

rebeccabrabb said...

oh no! i can't believe we missed yall! when i saw that pic i said "that looks like my door!" ha! we were already out trying to get the candy before yall!

snekcip said...

Awww love the pics Mo!! I think you should have used the ZONKED OUT BUTTERFLY as the last pic!! PRICELESS!!

Susan said...

I realize the post is completely unrelated, but I want to start a John Maxwell. Recommendations on which I should begin with? Thanks!

Susan said...

John Maxwell book, I meant!