Saturday, November 3, 2012

Girls in the artroom

I did some serious photo uploading today!  And by serious, I mean, SERIOUS!  I have about the next 10 blogs all prepared and ready for the "story".   This includes Halloween, a Halloween Kindergarten party, Fall decorations, Gabbi Girl, and others.  Today, it's the girls in the art room.  Please note the one sided bangs on my girl below.
They both absolutely LOVE to play in my artroom.  I come home from work sometimes, and they are in there, and this is what I see.  On one hand I LOVE that they are learning such creativity.
And on the other, I swear that I am going to put a lock WAY up high that even Ellie can't scale up to and open.  My stuff will be all strewn out all over the tables and even all over the floor.
Naturally, Ellie knows nothing about cleaning up, (or so she says), so I am the one who typically gets that honor.  And because she really is far before her time in the creativity department, the clean up usually involves, paint, palettes, brushes, water cups, stamps, stamp pads, mod podge, and the occasional ham and cheese biscuit!  yum!
Gabbi kind of plays along, but she isn't as into it as her sister.
At least on this particular day, they both put on an apron!  I had made a couple of really cute little owl ornaments for our Twin City Ballet tree.  Ellie saw them, and the next thing I knew, we had two new empty rolls of toilet paper.  And the toilet paper was wadded up in a huge ball under our stairs!!  She just took it all off so she'd have a roll to paint.
At least she thought about her sister on that one, and took all the paper off one for her too.  Yesss.
I am so glad I put this room in our house plans.  It is such a central place for me and my girls to hang out. 
Anyone who has been there knows that I can also hook up my Pandora or music on my phone to the system Todd had installed in several of the rooms.  There are controls on the walls, and the music is overhead.  Yep.  My fave channel is Norah Jones.  She just feeds my soul!
So get ready for LOTS and LOTS of pictures.
It's November, and I am participating in the Daily Thankfulness post on FB.  Be watching!  And thank YOU for reading my blog!


Mbeaty19 said...

I love that you (and the girls) have this amazing room to help foster your creative sides. Every time I see pictures of it I get inspiration for what I would like to do if I ever get an art room like yours. I think it is great that the girls enjoy creating but I know all about the joys of cleaning up after a good creation session. Thank you for sharing and can't wait to read all the upcoming posts.

Amy K said...

I know what you mean about not wanting to quench their creative spirit vs. keeping some control over our space and supplies.
As always, I love starting my morning reading about the Groves family and seeing those cute little faces.
I'm doing the 30 days as well, but in mini album form. Lovin' it so far. See you over on FB.

Sandy P said...

We are making plans to finish our basement. I keep trying to figure out how to fit a tiny crafty spot.

Zhohn said...

I love your art room, I know you do!! How sweet of Ellie to make sure her sister had a roll to use too ;)

Thank YOU for sharing your life with us, I have no idea what id do if you ever stopped!

Bj said...

Am so envious of your art room....would love to have one at my house! Cute pictures of your girlie girls! hugger, BJ

kimybeee said...

i think with all that fun (and expensive) stuff at hand it may be some time for boundaries. we all know how smart ellie is so maybe you need to find a way to mark the things she is allowed to use and restrict her if she doesn't participate in cleanup. it would be very hard cause i am sure you would feel like you are cramping her creative side - but i can't even imagine what kind of messes little ones can make.

my teens have been using my stuff for years and i guarantee that everytime they use something it is the most expensive thing i have or something i had in mind for a particular project. so i nag some and complain some and clean up and rearrange what they don't put back in the right spots - but they do have good projects lol lol lol

looking forward to a fresh round of blogging!!! i love this time of year and i know you do too!!

Beth E. said...

I feel the same way about cleaning up. Does having your art room keep the mess out of the rest of your house? If so, then it's totally worth it! :-)