Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Taking a mini break

 Ok, so my posts lately have been a wee bit "deep".  I think I will take a little break here and just stop and smell the roses!
 I posted this photo on Instagram, but lo and behold all the different filters I tried on it first.  There are so many fun apps out there.  I think this one was pic fx if I am not mistaken. 
 Say a little prayer for me first thing on Thursday morning.  I am starting my weekly growth sessions with the leadership of MMPT.  I will be discussing the importance of personal growth, adding value to people and leading by example.  And sooooo, scared or not, I have to do this!  It's the BEST way... to model that when we commit to something, we DO it.  Even if it means, "do it scared"!
 Look at these precious babies, would ya?!  Gabbi just trusts her sister implicitly, and Ellie, well Ellie thinks she is a highly skilled make up artist who should already be working in the industry!  I'm not kidding.
 But they do love each other, and what more could a mama want for her girls?!
Alrighty, I promise, after the little "break" today, I am back to the grind.  Next up, FAITH!



Amy K said...

I love how doting Ellie is to Gabbi. It made me chuckle that the make-up artist is sitting on the stool, not the other way around!
All the best to you today at MMPT.
Looking forward to the faith portion as well.

Zhohn said...

The most adorable thing ever! Ellie has such confidence!

Good luck with your leaders this morning.

jenny said...

6 AM here in Idaho. Praying for you this morning, Mo. You'll do GREAT! God bless.

Lisa said...

You are a wonderful communicator here with your words, so you must be fabulous in person, whether with your staff or at the retreats!
Hope today is going great, Lisa

Renee said...

Nothing like a sister's lovin'

nss said...

You'll do awesome this morning. You inspire us all!
The girls make me smile ALOT! Mine still are more fun than I ever imagined them to be and are 25 & 27 now. Have a wonderful day.

snekcip said...

LOVE all the photo apps too!!! Cute picture!!

Riley said...

Ellie and GG are such sweet sisters. And you will totally ROCK today with your peeps. You were made to do this!