Monday, October 22, 2012

One of those random posts.

 Random.  Yep.  I now take all my photos with my cellphone.  And that's fun for me, because once a month or so, when I upload my pics, I think it's fun to see what all is on my phone that I have totally forgotten.  For instance, my own amusement with wearing these fun fall socks.  Or....
 I honestly have no idea what was going on in Barbie land in the above photo.  I'm scared!

And then, one afternoon, when I got to dancing, and Staci wasn't there yet...
 Madi had obviously had an allergic reaction to something, so I had her pose so I could send these pics to Staci.  She still doesnt' know what that could've been due to.
 And wouldn't you know the very week I FINALLY decide to talk about ol' Billy Ray (above) and her run-in with a pair of scissors, MY OWN KID decides she'll also cut herself some bangs!!  And yes.  Only on one side.  I like to call them the "uni-bang".  And I like to think that she'll start something of a uni-bang revolution, and suddenly all of Hollywood will be cutting only one side of their bangs.  And it'll all be because of Ellie's vision. 
 And then, I found out about a dude from our hometown who broke his neck in an accident, so I made a bracelet for a friend of mine who knows him.  And then, I made another one for his wife, and another relative.  And then what happens?  ANOTHER Trey is in an accident and breaks HIS back, and both are being told the paralysis is permanent.  Or so I understand.  I am not close to either situation. But as a PT who works with folks whose worlds are very suddenly turned upside down, I have a heart for these situations.  Don't you even think it can't happen to you TOMORROW!  As sad as it is, I try to have my mind straight, that I can live an attitude of joy in just about any situation.  Because we can never really know what our feelings would be should it happen to our husband or child, I will just be very grateful that I have not had such tragedy, and thank the LORD for that!
 Anyway, for you bloggers, pray for TREY... BOTH of them!

I also made a wrap bracelet for one of the kids who comes to my art class, but it is a surprise from her mama.  I don't think she reads my blog.  Surely not!! I thought the monogram turned out so, so cute.  I have several for sale for Christmas.  Maybe I can post them on an upcoming blog post.  They say, "It is Well", "Blessed", "LSU", "Passion", "Faith", "Use Your Gifts", and other things???  They are $20 each if you are interested.  I think I could package that puppy up and ship it pretty easily!
 We had Lydia over last weekend.  Ellie LOVES her a big girl friend!
 I thought this was funny of Tarzan because he looks like he is ready for take off!
 And I bought a whole bunch of new emojis; only to find out they are free.  I am not right!
 But I have had a BALL trying to speak in almost all emoticons when sending texts to my friends.  Especially Paula.  My texts have been hysterical.  To me, at least!
 and then, I was on Instagram yesterday, and one of my friend's kids posted a chicken nugget shaped like a heart.  I thought, "Oh NO YOU DIN'T!!"  And so I posted my heart shaped chicken breast from my lunch Friday.  I took a business colleague to lunch with his family, but when I took the bun off my sandwich to reveal THIS, I had to excuse myself for a moment, retrieve the ol' iPhone and snap this beautiful vision of inspiration! Who knew I'd be upstaging a tween only two days later?! 
Ok, that's my random post for the week. OH... I think you know me better than that!!  ha.



Kaia said...

Too funny (ok, to me anyways) about Ellie's hair. When you posted about Madi doing that I was thinking, "Hmm, Ellie hasn't done that?!" Since she seems like the type that would've.. maybe a few times! Haha, and my EIGHT year old sister just did it, thankfully hardly noticeable but I thought that was too old for such things!

melinda marie said...

ironic how awesome the iphone is at taking photos compared to a huge dslr. i still use both.... i am worried about the quality of the iphone photos with large prints. your thoughts on this?
melinda(mama to bauer! :))

Zhohn said...

I really enjoy the random posts!