Thursday, October 4, 2012

Guest blogger today... MEET JENNIFER!!

Hello everyone. This is Jennifer sharing my story from the recent MoZart Retreat.

Let me start by saying, "this event was just what I needed". My family had just experienced a tremendous loss with the death of my 54 year old brother. I was on an emotional roller coaster for 2 1/2 weeks. His funeral was on Tuesday and the Retreat started Thursday. Debating whether or not to attend, my husband encouraged me to go ahead and go, saying it would be good for me. Man was he ever right!!!!!

This was my second event to attend and this time I brought my friend Lisa with me. We drove from Alexandria and headed out at 8:30. We were very excited and anxious to get to the BAH. We arrived early and were able to get "first dibs" on the sleeping arrangements. (sweet)

Since Melanie had a fancy timed agenda printed for everyone, I was eager to get started (and on time) with our first project. Oh and by the way, I was the "official" time keeper, making sure we stayed on schedule. I set an alarm when it was time to start the next item. It truly is incredible that we managed to stay on schedule the majority of the time.

Each project had a meaning and we were challenged to think of ways to apply the "word" with the project. It was amazing that we were all given the same instructions and every person had a different end result. Creativity was everywhere in that room.  Melanie has a way of inspiring each person to reach levels of their creativity that they aren't aware of. And, Melanie definitely has all of the tools needed in her Art Room to make it happen. She also had an awesome helper, Emery, who was able to assist those needing a boost. She's pretty swift on the computer and working the Silhouette (?), too. That thing was pretty awesome in itself. (I think Lisa may be asking Santa for one.)

If I had to choose my favorite project of the weekend, I don't know that I could narrow it down to just one. Kind of like having to choose only four words for the VALUE project. But my top two projects are the ones for FAMILY and RELATIONSHIPS. These two items have been given to my son and my parents, taking care of GENEROSITY. Mel, you will be happy to know that I have sent out lots of cards this week to people who are special to me. I want to MAKE TODAY COUNT!!!!

So much took place from the time we got up to the time we went to bed...which was late!! Breakfast was waiting and before we knew it, Todd the Bod had gotten in the kitchen and prepared something for  us to enjoy at lunch. It was great sitting around visiting and getting to know the other participants during our breaks. More creating, blink, and then we are called to come eat dinner. When I tell you that Todd can cook, it is no joke. He's got awesome culinary skills, and seems to enjoy it. Even though his home was crowded with 10+ females!! Thanks Todd!!!

Each lady that I met has left a footprint on my heart.  I pray that you allow God to direct your steps and one day our paths will cross again. Until then....MAKE TODAY COUNT!!!!!

Jennifer   (the blond, far right on the front row! )


Riley said...

Hey Jen!

You gave a wonderful recap of the weekend! I so LOVE that you sent out mail this week. I've been doing the same thing since the retreat. Every week somebody new gets some happy mail.

Becky said...

I love that even though we weren't there - we are! Thanks for sharing all the great ideas. Becky
to Jennifer - I am very sorry for the loss of your brother.

Ness said...

Jen your description of the event made me green with envy. Please let me know when the next one is because I want to be there and I want to meet YOU. We have had a lot of family crises in our family and I put others first and it's time I treat myself to a retreat. I enjoyed reading your account and I love quotes and words so this would be right up my alley. I can't draw a straight line with a ruler so I may be art challenged.

I am so, so sorry about the loss of your brother. He was 4 years younger than me. May God hold your family in the palm of His hand and may you find your peace. I lost my mother when I was 13 and pull the memories out of my heart daily.

snekcip said...

Jennifer my deepest of condolences on the lost of your brother. So happy to read about your account of the weekend. I pray for continued healing of your heart.

I lost my mother in 2005 and I thought I would NEVER smile again. My heart was that broken. She was my bestfriend, my garage sale counterpart and MY HEART. I learn that over time the memories overcome the hurt and found myself SMILING again, I even shared a laugh here and there. I think I felt GUILTY that I shouldnt be enjoying life without her. I realize, that SHE still LIVED in each of us. Be it a smile, a similar laugh, or a grandkid quoting her famous saying " YOU SMILING LIKE A SNAKE EATING A JELLY CAKE". Each of us share favorite memories of her and it warms out heart that her memory is ALWAYS EVIDENT for us all to see.

May the memory of your brother continue to bring about a smile. Thank you again for sharing a wonderful and inspiring weekend.

Renee said...

So sorry for your loss Jennifer. Good for you being able to find some comfort at Mel's retreat.

Brooklyn said...

Great post, Jennifer! Thank you for sharing.