Sunday, October 14, 2012

Camp Creative Art Journals and Fundraiser for Seph

DUDE!  I had a seriously busy weekend!  That would be why I didn't do a single blog post!  But, I'm back in action!  And, I have to be at work to access my notes from my art retreat to better describe/ paraphrase the lessons we experienced.  I'll be so glad when my world is in "order" and I have all that I have in one place.  It just never seems to happen.  However, I DO have most of the retreat pics uploaded and waiting for their words, so be reading this week.  We'll cover FINANCES, RELATIONSHIPS, and one more, but I can't remember that either at this very moment!  Soooo, in the meanwhile, why don't I show you what we've been doing in Camp Creative kids' art classes this season?!
Looky looky who is my new art assistant.  It's Mary Allison!  She and her best bud, Lauren, each get out of high school 1/2 days, so they have the flexibility to run around and get the necessary supplies and be at the house by 4:00 when we start.
Skylar is a repeat artist.  I think this is her third round. 
Elijah just happened to luck up on this particular day, when several kids didn't show up.  So, I let him don an apron and join the group for a canvas book project.  It's the same one we did at MoZart Retreat.  HEY.  That's it!!  The other subject I'm blogging about this week is THINKING!  Isnt' that ironic?!
We went ahead and had the inside of the canvas painted.  They had to choose the outside color and use a stencil for the little bird on the front. 

There she is... Lauren, MA's best friend.  And also, Renee.... Breanna's daughter.  We've been waiting for the time when she could be in the art class and not have dancing!
The girls then used foam stamps to add any word they wanted on the front.  The Wednesday group tends to get a little advantage.  We learn from the Monday group how to best utilize our hour and a half.  For instance, on Wednesday, we had the front AND back of the canvas painted.  They then had time to paint the little bird AND glitter-ize it!!
Here's Miss Pacey.  This is Skylar's sister.   Also a third rounder.
Oh, and Emma Claire.  I don't think she's missed a single opportunity to join us in art class.  Third time for her too!
AND Miss Maddie.  I was thinking that I didn't have a whole lot of repeaters, but as I blog this, I realize, actually, I really have!
And this season is the first that I have included boys in the class.  These pics are from the Monday class.  The Wednesday class has three boys in it.  And one of them is Seph.  That's important.  Wanna know why?!
Well, Seph is the same age as these little girlies.  He has Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy.  His mom thought the art class would be a great extra curricular activity for him.  Football, baseball, karate, etc is out for him, as his little body is beginning to fail him.  In DMD, the muscle fibers actually change.  They no longer fire and the kid who has enjoyed a life of a fair amount of normalcy is suddenly faced with the probability (unless there is a cure, the certainty) that he will no longer be able to walk.
We have enjoyed having the "old students", the "new students", the boys, and the occasional sibling!
If you are local and want to do something cool for Seph, go to Cane's tomorrow.  They are sponsoring a fundraiser for him and 15% of all proceeds will go to Steps for Seph which is a run in Florida later this year where all the funds will go to research of Duchenne's.  The longer sequelae of the disease is quite bleak.  Unmentionable.  So, the least we can do is eat Cane's tomorrow.  I am happy that even though this kid does NOT spend a whole lot of time perfecting his art projects, he DOES spend a whole lot of time playing with the other boys in the class and "running" all over the yard.  I admitted this to his mom who agrees that he needs to be allowed to run as much as he can for as long as he can.  Pray for Seph.  And if you go to West Monroe or Monroe's Cane's tomorrow, mention, "Seph" or "fundraiser" and the proceeds will go to him! 

Thanks, peeps.  Will get back on the John Maxwell summary tomorrow. 


Lori said...

Melanie, your blog made me cry! We love you! Thanks!
Lori and Seph

Amy K said...

Adding Seph & his family to our family's prayer list.

Ness said...

Ditto what AmyK said.

Mary said...

Adding Seph to my prayers. Mo-your posts are beautiful as always.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Our love and prayers too for Seph and his family.