Saturday, October 6, 2012

Biloxi.. the Beau Rivage

 I'm gonna take a little time out here to let you know where I am and what I'm doing.  Todd has a golf trip every October that takes him to Biloxi, Mississippi.  It's on the gulf coast, so we are overlooking the gulf.  (just like when we are in Gulf Shores)  Anyhoo, since my John Maxwell event in August, I have been SCRAPING out time to study and dive more into my information, as well as formulate a plan as to how I intend to start using it all.  NOTE:  the above photo with the piles of books, notebooks, and pads of paper!
 So, I was probably, deep down, more fired up about this trip than Todd was.  I had time to be still in my mind AND get to stay in a fabulous hotel!
 Check out the arrangements at the check in counter!  And...
 check out the pastry shelves at the coffee house downstairs.
 I just wish the coffee house would deliver to my room UPstairs!  I am on the 2oth floor, so for me to go get my morning coffee, it's a trek!  And I HATE getting dressed in the morning, all the make up, hair care, clothes.... so time consuming!  But a necessity, I suppose.  :)
 So, Day 1, I got my Make Today Count book, as I need to consolidate some of the info I shared at the art retreat into a shorter power point, so that was one thing on my agenda.  Then, I have been DYING to get into this book, Out of Our MINDS, Learning to Be Creative.  I will tell you... the first 4 chapters have been brutal!  SO much history of how our present educational system came to be and how the education we get (or lack of) impacts global economy.  yada yada yada.... it's not my thing, but a necessary part of the book to get to the part that really excites me. 
 I get to start that chapter today!  YAY!!
 I just couldn't get OVER these pumpkins!  They're about 3' x 2'.
 Okay, so back to the book.  It is basically saying that our educational system makes a big ol deal out of sciences and math, and forgets the arts.  TOTALLY!  And therefore, we are cranking out young adults in college (and LOTS Of them nowadays actually are getting their degrees), who may have strong academia, but who lack in rationalization, logical thinking, and definitely being creative thinkers.  And that is making for a weak workforce.  They are having to settle for jobs "under" their degrees, making them overqualified and in angst over their situations.  But employers are looking for something different, in general, than the educational system is graduating.  And for all my Louisiana teacher friends, the noose is tightening thanks to our governor getting even more strict on mandating monies to schools whose students perform up to "X" standard and who pass with the glowing "Y" scores.  They are no longer enjoying the profession of teaching at all.  And it saddens me.
 Having watched my Gabs for a year or so now be introduced to letters and sounds and such, I am quite sure she will be a "different" learner.  And I am fully prepared to homeschool that kiddo if necessary.  (I hope Todd isn't reading my blog!)  And if JinJin is, you may have a vital role in sissy girl's education too!  I will not let me kid feel like a failure because someone or an entire system can't help her the way SHE needs to be helped.  And believe me, I get it.  I know the pressure is top down.  I know you can't do what you are not allowed to do 

HOW DID I GET OFF ON THAT RANT?!  THere's a bird.  I'll settle down now. 
Hey!  Look at that cute kids' store, right here in the Beau Rivage!
 And an ice cream shop and an arcade!
 And for a couple of my young friends who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, here's to you!  (Cindy and Deidre)
 And this is poolside.  NOONE is here.  And I LOVE it like this. 
 I was totally clothed and kicked back to dive into this deeply thought provoking book.  And by the way, Summer, thank you for thinking about me when you saw it and buying it for me.  You had no idea that it was EXACTLY what I have been looking for! 
 And so, I piled up here for about 3 hours or so.  Seriously.... HARD read!  And I am still only on about the third chapter by this point.
 Instagram pic... melaniemomom... follow me!
I mark my books up, like BIG TIME!  I STUDY them as I go.  I used to do this in school too.  By the time the test came around, I didn't have to cram so much.  I just had to review the highlights I'd made as I listened along the first time.
 And we all know that a bloody mary makes all learning much deeper and more sophisticated!
 More pink for my buds.  Can you believe it's all real?  I mean, there are some serious flowers in that arrangement.  Look at the dude in the background for scale!
 So, anyway, this is me and this is where I am.  KK and Paula and JinJin have taken my girls and are getting them to dance, gymnastics, kindergarten and therapy.
 I'll be back in town tomorrow for a grand reunion.  After KK has to take charge of an unpotty trained dog for about four days, I'll bet she likes him WAAAY less than she did when she arrived.
 And these pics are in the elevator.  I never take selfies, as I have come to know them to be called. 
 Ree Drummond, of Pioneer Woman, does hers way better.  But, hey, look at my fancy camera! I don't even use a camera hardly ever anymore.  Just don't.
 So, as day one came to a close, I went down to the restaurant to meet Todd and the gang, only to realize not another female had actually arrived yet.  And this is only about 1/2 the men!
 All the other wives have since arrived, but I have an agenda and I cannot be deterrred.  So, this morning as they are in the spa getting whatever you get in a spa, I will be hightailing it down Hwy 90 to an outdoor festival I've heard of, and then back to Barnes and Noble where I intend to get right back into my book. I feel there is a pull toward talking about creativity and how that mixes with my leadership stuff and how all that pertains to my future.  Jenn, when you said, "Mo is inspiring and knows how to make you feel like you are creative too" (or something to that effect), that was a very high compliment!  Thanks for that guest blog! 
 Now onto day 3.  I'll have to catch you up on day 2.  Gooooo, Todd the Bod.  Bring home that winner's check!  ha  (Have I mentioned he is like an exceptional golfer?!  Really!  Shot a 67 on Thursday on the toughest course AND had a bogey.  Any golfers out there catch that?!)   see ya.



Lisa said...

Love the Beau - make sure you eat (or take some home for the girls) a giant cookie. My parents go pretty often and just brought home 2 dozen giant chocolate chip cookies for Cole. He calls them BHC's - much like your BAH - big honkin' cookies!! Hope you enjoy your weekend!!

Emily said...

I hear you loud and clear on the "different learner" part....thanks to federal laws, Shelbi's learning needs get lots of special accomodations, but that still doesn't help that she feels like the odd ball out oftentimes at school because of her learning disabilities. I wish homeschooling was an option for us, but it just isn't as you know. I just do the very best I can to assure her that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and that one of her strengths is compassion for others and true internal strength. I also remind her often(teachers don't hate me) that those grades she brings home weekly really mean nothing in the grand scheme of life. I remind her that it is a miracle that she is even here with us today, so I really don't care one iota what her grades are as long as she is doing her best and learning a little along the way. Gabs, like Shelbi,will do fine because she has a momma who will fight for her every step of the way!