Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ellie's actual birthday

Let's go back. Waaaaay back to July 12th, the day my baby turned 5!
I made sure to have her a happy door to wake up and exit from.

Although I would've loved to have stayed home with her all day,but alas, I must work!  So, like every morning this summer, like clockwork, KK showed up ready to keep my girls.  And on this day, she showed up with Ellie's birthday present.  And you wanna talk about fired up!??
KK bought her a "sports bra".  Do you think she knows my baby or WHAT?!
Yep.  One of her favorite gifts!!  And she also got several pair of "Nike shorts" like all the big girls wear, so she was loving that gift, fo sho.
Mom and Dad bought her a few new pair of Toms for starting kindergarten this year.
There's a very good reason I like Toms.  They are not high heels!  Thus, a fight may not ensue every single morning regarding the shoes she will want to wear to school.
And then she was told to go outside and see her "big" present.  See it?  In the back of Daddy's truck.
A trampoliiiiiinne!!
Ol girl has been wanting one of those for a long, long time!
But probably not as much as little sister who gets to enjoy this present just as much as the birthday girl.
And a little further celebration... ice cream.
Eaten like a dog.  Gabbi is going through a big imagination stage.  She is very often Stitch, the alien off Lilo and Stitch.  Or sometimes she's Bambi.  Or carrying around Simba in her mouth from Lion King.  And always on all fours!!  If she's playing dog, and she comes up to you, barking, and you don't pay attenton to her, she is gong to lick you!  Right up the arm! 
I bought Ellie a cute little owl pouch for her itouch.
and a cool pair of shades (really for her mama to wear when LSU games begin in less than a month... September 1st to be exact!!).
Awww.. can you believe my baby is five?!
Kindergarten in two weeks!  WOW!



Zhohn said...

Hard to believe. Love the Toms, they all fit Ellie's personality! Gabbi is such a cute dog ;)

As much as I don't want her to grow up, I can not wait for Ellie to go to school!! Oh the stories!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ that sports bra gift is hysterical but it is soooo Ellie. You can just see the excitement in her cute little face.
And Gabbi the dog..........she is so cute, that she can be just about anything and still be a cutie! When she starts squatting on the lawn to go potty then maybe you should say something - in the meantime, enjoy all the licks :)
Mo, these girls are too funny and I am so glad that you share them with all of us. Your blog is the first thing I read every day and you don't disappoint!!
Enjoy your Wednesday,
Diana from Colorado

Bj said...

Love the shades.....gots to get me some!! And NO, I can't believe your baby is already 5..my how time has flown...thx for sharing, hugs, BJ

Becky said...

Way to go KK!! S-C-O-R-E!!!!!
And I love Gabs with the ice cream face!!

Becky said...

Have you heard of Thirty-One? Its bags, purses, etc... I signed up to be a consultant in May and just got a sneak-peek at the new Fall catalog...they have a new pattern coming out called "Life's a Hoot!".. and its owls, of course!! I immediately thought of you! Cute!!!