Thursday, August 16, 2012

Birthday at Kimie's

Yesterday, I was told I was needed in the Ruston clinic.  So, I loaded up my student and we headed to Ruston to help out.  Lo and behold, there was a big surprise waiting!
Kimie had a lunch at her house planned for all the Ruston crew for a special happy birthday celebration for me.
Jessi had helped out too, by making super cute centerpieces, namecards, and other little custom accents.
This is Michelle, COTA, Jenna, my student from Ohio, and Laura, the new PT in Ruston. 
and here are Olivia, the office help, and Tiffany, Speech Therapist.  I always say we only hire good looking people!  And I think it's so true.
DId I mention Kimie had also planned for my girls to be there.  She contacted KK to bring them over, as well as my mama.
Not sure what this "happy" face is all about!
Kimie made some awesome lasagna, a delicious salad, and a big chocolate sheet cake.
She had 7 candles, for "4 and 3".  Get it?  43!
Gabs wanted to help her mama blow them out. 

I do looooove my girls.  And so happy that Kimie surprised me by having them at my special celebration.
Here Gabbi is sitting, eating her cake and ice cream.  Check out the background... Ellie in the lap of a therapist, with an audience, showing them a Katy Perry video!
Kimie even arranged for the girls to go to her china painting teacher's house last week with KK to have them paint plates for me.  I CANNOT believe that Ellie Sue was able to keep this a secret for a whole week!!

I'm not being partial here in these pics, rather, Ellie was too busy entertaining the masses to bother with ol' Mom!  Gabbi is NEVER too busy to avoid mommy dearest!
So, thanks KK for getting my girls there.  Thanks, Mama for making the trip to surprise me too. Thanks to all the Ruston girls for showing up to make my pre-birthday lunch such a success.  Thanks, Jessi for all the extra effort to make my bday party "cutiful", and for taking pics for me.  And lastly, thanks, Kimie, for knowing how much I like celebrations and for recognizing that even at 43, we like birthday parties! You rock!!
And to all of you who sent me messages on my blog or on Facebook, thanks so much!!  I was definitely feelin the love today!! 


Zhohn said...

How nice and sweet! I really can't believe Ellie was able to keep the china a secret lol

Hope you had a great day!

Renee said...

Ya'll always having fun and throwing parties up there in North La. Sounds like you had a fantastic bd.

MaryH said...

What a great party. Love the decorations and your special china. Have a great birthday weekend.

snekcip said...

I'm turning in my RESUME...because I'm HELLUVA GOOD-LOOKING!! LOL!!!! Wonderful surprise, Wonderful employees, for a very WONDERFUL MO!!

melanie, aka Mo said...

I'm going on a trip. Stay tuned! Atlanta airport now!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ I just LOVE suprise parties and it looks like you had a great one!
Can you please do me a favor & ask Kimie where she bought the valance that is in the 1st picture where you are holding Gabbi and she is burying her head in your neck? I have been looking for that style of valence FOREVER. I really would appreciate it.
Your present from the girls is precious (to this day, I have things the girls made for me through the years on display all over the house - and my youngest is now 20)
Have a great weekend,
Diana from Colorado

Beth E. said...

Looks like you had a great day of celebrating...I can't think of anyone who deserves it more than you!