Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day one... pool time!

We made it.  We are back at the beach!  And this time, we have babysitters!!  Yessss.  I bought the little girlies new floaties and some new goggles.  Gabbi, like I think I've mentioned before, spends about 75% of her ooltime underwater!!

 Ellie spends all of her pool time trying out new cheerleading tricks!
 And am I ever thankful for willing babysitters?! 
 One of them, (Courtney, aka CoCo), does the hoisting!  WHile the other one, Katelyn (aka KK) prepares to catch her as she stunts herself straight forward, just totally confident she'll be caught!
 Gabbi, my fish, can't take the time to do anything but paddle around and tuck her head underwater!  She will even ask for me to let her just swim with one floatie on, because having two on prevents her from being able to get her head under easily.

 We are having more cheerleaders doing camp down here, so Ellie is just trying to keep up with all her stunting!
 They have a cheerleader camp every summer back home with our local high school cheerleaders.  And it always falls right on the week that we are down here.  I don't even DARE to tell Miss Queenie that we are missing it.  Why bother?!  We're going to the beach regardless!
 So, we'll just have to get our cheerleading on down here.
 This is our annual trip where the Fords and Bourlands and other friends come down too.  In fact, they have already made it.  They came in today about midday.   We drove all night last night, after I got off at 5ish yesterday, and checked in 1:00 am ish. 
 We slept in a wee bit late today, then hit the pools!
Hang on.  Gonna be a F.U.N. week!!



Zhohn said...

Go Ellie! Can't wait to see all the fruity drinks and new tricks the girls learn.

Oh, and I love Ellie's swimsuit.

Renee said...

Your girls are quite entertaining.