Monday, May 7, 2012

Kirk's Birthday!

There's this little place right across from our office.  It's called the HobNob.
A few of us have sort of gotten into the habit of going there on Friday afternoons.  Actually, several of them have been going for a few years!!  I just got initiated recently.
Robin is in the "inner circle", as is her husband, Jeff.
These are a couple of our newbies, Jonathan and Paul.  They were hired recently and are in the learning phase.  I suppose the "learning phase" includes learning how we celebrate our patents' birthdays.
For instance, on this night, we were celebrating Kirk's birthday!! 
Keif, far left, is my facilities manager, and an integral part of my clinic.  Kirk, the birthday boy, has been with us for about a year or so.  Bobby is the third guy.  I made fun of him for apparently trying to pose with his triceps all flexed, like boys do. And then there's Paul.  He just smiles.
And add in a little girl power. Robin is up top, Miss Bev is sandwiched in the middle there, and I am, all bedangled with colorful jewerly.
Oh.  ANd there's Amber too.  She was hired as one of our techs, but just until her COTA license arrives, and she will be a full fledged therapist. She's already passed the test!!
So this is about nine of the forty something employees!
This is my sweet Miss Beverly.  Anyone who comes to my adult clinic in West Monroe LOVES Miss Bev.  She is the sunshine that greets every single patient who enters.  She takes her role at MMPT VERY seriously and does the utmost professional job!! 
And this is her Mr. Bev!!  Or, Mr. Bob. 
They are a very happy couple who sets a great example for so many of us "young" couples. 
I was just happy to be part of the "cool kids" club!  ha.
These are my scheduling divas, in West Monroe, and who are the ones who make my life hum at work each week!
Yep.  I love these girls.
Keif is so dedicated to our patients!  He sat there and peeled crawfish after crawfish for our buddy who can't use his hands functionally anymore.  We really do LOVE Kirk.  And Keif.
I am so blessed to do something that I love and that brings joy to so many people.  We touch lives and their lives touch ours.  It's what makes the world go round!!


kimybeee said...

that last pic doesn't even needs words! what a blessing!!!

Riley said...

I agree. The final picture is a perfect display of joy!

Amy K said...

That's one thing I miss about working "off the farm" - my 2nd family who were my co-workers. Everytime you post about MMPT, you can just feel the love. So proud of all you do, and glad we get to follow along.

Zhohn said...

I can feel the love! What an amazing group!

Bj said...

Mo, I am very impressed with your "crew". You guys do so much good for so many! I am glad to be among the followers of your blog, thanks for sharing your life, your family and your work with all of us! Huggers, BJ

jenny said...

Love this post, Mo. You have an awesome crew. And we all know that's because an awesome leader sets the tone! Keep up the great work with your team. God bless.

Robin said...

I truly have the BEST job in the world!!! Thank you for being such a great leader! PROUD to say I work for MMPT! We are close because you have taught us what it is to be a team and a family. It is YOUR name and YOUR spirit that has made MMPT SHINE above the rest!