Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kelsey's Super Graduation Party

Today, we celebrated Kelsey's graduation.
Jessica and Johnathan got ready with their super cool capes.

Kelsey is a huge fan of Superman, so it was an easy party theme to figure out!  And would you check out her shirt?!  I grew faint!  She didnt' even know about my "11" thing!!
I have worked with Kelsey in PT for about 12 years or so.  She was only a little tiny thing when she started PT with MMPT.  She has basically grown up here!  And tomorrow, she graduates from high school.  We just couldn't let this big event go without a party.  Not to mention, we LOOK for a reason to order pizza and blow up balloons!  OH!  AND WEAR CAPES!
So this is our Super Kelsey.  We are so proud of you, Kels.  I am praying that your goal of walking that stage comes to fruition!  You deserve that moment!!


Becky said...

Awww... that's AWESOME! I want to come work with you!! :)

Zhohn said...

Y'all are so sweet! I can only imagine how you grow to love those kids. Congrats Kelsey!

HeartSong said...

Can't believe she's graduating. Time flys by fast as Superman! You guys make everything so special!

Sharidrew said...

wow! I love your work! What an accomplishment, Kelsey!! Congratulations!! You can do super things for sure! God speed!

Hugs from Missouri,

Kim said...

Seeing you and your staff with friends like Kelsey makes my heart bubble over! Such blessings! What an accomplishment Kelsey ~ CONGRATULATIONS!!

Lori said...

I cried like a baby (so proud of her, wondering if Seph will get to do that...)when I saw Kelsey walk across that stage!!! So proud of her and what a proud moment for Jonathan to sacrafice much of his own graduation experience to help her be able to do that. Melanie, you have such an awesome staff. I don't know if ANYONE realized that the young man helping Kelsey was also a graduate that night. It was a GREAT MEMORABLE moment for both of them. And then....for the crowd to give Kelsey a STANDING OVATION....amazing!
I love MMPT.

snekcip said...

It's post like this that makes me proud to call you "my blog friend"! Beautiful young lady, wonderful staff, and awesome testimony. CONGRATULATIONS KELSEY!!!