Thursday, May 3, 2012

Isabella's birthday

Buddy, we have been some birthday party attending fools lately!  And this past weekend, at Isabella's, was no exception!

I guess you can see I hand painted our wrapping paper.  I couldn't find the ribbon to make it all cute, and besides, I actually think this was quicker!
Turned out cute, huh?!
Gabs got her bathing suit and cover up on.  And made me do her hair up in "two braids".  (ALWAYS!)
We showed up at the party down the street to find Cannon chillin in the baby pool.
They had the MONSTER sized slide on hand.  Check out Miss Bikini there on the stairs.  Sorry, Dawn, my baby DOES wear a two piece.  And hates the one piece suits!
My friend, Lisa, in the blond ponytails, took my sweet Gabs up.  It was a bit much for her and only took ONE try!
Theeeere she is!
Thanks, Lisa, for helping my girl.  I was NOT in a swimsuit in front of all those people!  Nope!
The jumper was much more her speed!
Check out all this action!
Isabella is in our dancing class, and was at our Miss America party!  She will also be in kindergarten at the same school as Ellie.  She was in our Kindergarten round up pictures.
She pretty much racked up on the presents.
Her party theme was Under the Sea and the entire garage was transformed to look like it was under water.
The moms hung out in there because, in Louisiana, we are ALREADY in the H.O.T season!!

Sarah, Isabella's mom, had many goldfish floating, and I THOUGHT I might want one for Gabs.  She said two had already died.  After Cheerio, I can't break her heart again.  Anyone have any good info on a fish as a pet?  Do share.

Here's Cannon, now doing tricks in the baby pool.
And here are the hot shots.  Ellie in pink, Alayna in stripes in front, and Josie in orange are all in the same dance class.  The recital is in about 3 weeks!!
Here's a pic of all the little hotsies.
Please not front and center in the turquoise... that's Madi.  And Ellie is right behind her.  They do not miss an   opportunity to pose it up!
LOVE this.
Finally I got Isabella in on the action.
Five years old!  Ours is in two months, and don't you even think the queen of sheeba doesn't tell EVERYONE she meets! "I'm four, but I'll be five in two months."
Looks like Gabbi shewed Cannon out of his spot.
And now it was Ellie's turn for tricks in the jumper.

Camden totally ignored the whole, "slide, then go get at the end of the line" rule.  He slid just about every other time!  ha.

Several of the mamas picnicked under a shade tree.
And this is just about the time things got WILD>

Ellie started more tricks and Sarah started serving cake.  It was total chaos!
Just kidding.  It was great!
I loved the idea of the prescooped ice cream in the cupcake holders.  Just pick one up, put it on your plate, and be on your way.  A great time saver!

Sarah had every little detail covered.  Such a cute little party!
And the girly girls had a ball.
Check out this motley crew.


And that wasnt' the only one!

Madi and Gabs were very interested in their takeaway goodie bags.

Thanks, ladies.  Tonya (far left) and Sarah (turquoise) for the fun party.  Hope to see you at our tie dye party in July!  (and hey, Toni... black and white... former art retreat student!!  sorta)
Happy Birthday, Isabella.



Desiree said...

Trick for keeping fish is to learn about how the water must go through "the cycle". You can buy stuff at some fish stores to quick cycle the water (smart start is one of them, there are a few. Some don't work). If water is not cycled ammonia builds up in the water and becomes toxic and kills the fish. Gold fish are not the best choice for pet fish though they are the cheapest. They are a very dirty fish and it makes the water become toxic quicker if its not cycled. Bettas those pretty colored fish in individual cups because they fight each other are typically better with uncycled water as they are more use to bad water conditions and conditions such as a fish bowl with no aeration/filtration. However you can not put more than one if they are male or male/female together. Most females will be ok together as long as its all females. There is lots of info on the net about having your fish tank go through a bio-cycle.

Zhohn said...

Adorable!! I saw the pic on Facebook but these pics show just how CUTE this party was. Love Ellie's swimsuit. Can't wait for their party pics!

I had a betta fish for about four years, Sage was his name ;) do not put more than one in a bowl. Very easy to 'keep', feed it the correct food and I used regular bottled water and changed it about once a week..

Zhohn said...

Oh, and I LOVE your wrapping!! You're so creative.

Riley said...

The wrapping paper is super cute! As for beta fish, I wouldn't go there. They die easily. My sister had one die after 6 months and "rerun" jumped over board and died too.

Amy K said...

How fun! Your painted wrapping paper is the bomb!
Thanks for passing on the tip about pre-scooped ice cream. I'm definitely going to use that one!

Renee said...

North La peeps go ALL out for those parties. Super cute. Never saw the preserved ice cream. Such a neat idea.

Your painted wrapping paper was too creative. Love it.