Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ellie making a little art.

 She draws constantly!  And I usually end up throwing most of it away!  I am a collector.  A collector of all things!!  But mainly a collector of memories!  So, for me to throw drawings away is a big deal!  However, she draws a LOT!! 
 But these I found on my desk at work.  Apparently she has a new subject!!  Girls... in bikinis!!
 I thought the whole concept of the little barbell ninnies was pretty funny!  But then, she always draws her stick people with a straight line to the floor, then an upside down V for the legs, leaving a "tail" between the legs.  I wouldn't DARE point that out to her, because, Lawd help us now, we are are already going to have a lot of explaining to do to the kindergarten teacher!! 
I just couldn't let this one go by without showing!!  Scroll back up there to the first picture.  You will see that at leans three of the characters are KK, Robin, and Ellia.  Yes, "Ellia".  She has decided that will be her name at school.  Occasionally she branches out with "Ellis" as well.  I guess we will have to wait and see what she actually goes with when the big day arrives!  Crazy nut!



Kaia said...

Haha, I drew my stick figures with a "tail" until 2nd grade, when a boy asked me what it was. I was horrified that I had never realized what it looked like and omitted it from then on!

Zhohn said...

She's so smart. ;)

I prefer Elia over Elis...haha

Bj said...

Wow, what that child doesn't think of ain't worth mentioning!! LOL! She is going to be so much fun to "watch" over the next 5+ years....I can hardly wait...thx so much for sharing, I love it! Hugger, BJ

Anonymous said...

Ellie, Elia or Ellis is VERY creative! Kindergarten here she comes!!!!

Scan the pictures if they are on letter size paper. You can save them to a disc and will always have a copy without a big "paper trail".

snekcip said...

Ellie's "barbells" are downright hilarious!!! Still scratching my head on "the tail" but hey..it's ELLIES WORLD..we just live in it!! LOL!!

Love EBowen suggestion!!

Riley said...

God bless Ellie's future kindergarten teacher!