Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2009

Okie dokie. Remember how I have no puter at home?! Well, I have one at work, and I've actually had fun looking through all these old pics again and thought I'd share. Like this one... Easter 2009!! My babies were 7 months and 20 months old. You may or may not recall that we stopped in a field on the way home to take some pics in a pasture.

And as I am thinking back, this may have actually have been Mother's Day. I don't know. Special day either way! Then again... aren't they ALL!?

These were also taken same season of the year with azaleas in full bloom.
I sure do miss these azaleas!! I LOVES me some azaleas!

Would you just look at how much my precious angels have changed?!

And sortof not at all. Ellie is inspecting something. Probably trying to figure out how to construct it into a hair accessory. (Oh, that reminds me... this year, The Easter Bunny brought her some clip in neon colored hair extensions, which she DID wear to church with her really cute little Easter dress. When we got to lunch, she realized one was lost, and said, "I have lost a hair accessory!". Seriously!! We have some hell to look forward to with that one in her teen years!)

And look at THIS precious angel!! My how she has grown and changed and matured!! And most of you blog readers were right there with us through this whole period!

kinda crazy huh?! ANd whoda thunk I was gonna have two precious girls when I was going through all that heartache with Jake?! I wasn't blogging before that, during, let's just call it, the Fertility Treatment Years. NOT so fun! Oh, Mary Allison, I am SOOOO glad you have learned to tweeze! And have those braces off. Just sayin. No hatin, blog readers. MA have this kind of relationship! She's gonna bust her gut on that one!

And finally, look at this sweetness. So, inquisitive. And always the one to find something to preoccupy herself.

And I could just suck those little blond curls right off that head of hers!!

Get ready. More blasts from the past in store this week. In fact, now that I have, like 100, loaded up, there may be multiple posts per day. I NEED MY PUTER FIXED!!



Beth E. said...

I love the old pictures! It is hard to believe how quickly our babies grow and change. And MA has grown up a lot, too! Beautiful girls...all three of them. :-)

Zhohn said...

Wow, all three girls have grown!! I love trips down memory lane!!

Mama J said...

I decided I wouldn't shave my legs until you were back in full force with your blog. It is getting hairy around my house.

OK...NOT! But I do feel like I should give up something to compensate the time away from you and your fam....! Thanks, this took the sting away a little.

Sweet babies there!

Amy K said...

Love the look back at these sweet pictures. I'm glad you're back!

Becky said...

love seeing the oldies again. We forget how much they have grown. Glad you are back......

Theresa Shirley said...

So glad we're hearing from you, whether it's old pics or new! Boy, I bet you keep that computer of yours smokin'! No wonder you're wearing out parts :) I can't believe how much those sweet girls have grown. They just get prettier all the time! Can't wait to hear about your trip to the beach with MA.

snekcip said...

I love looking at "throwback pics". We found some REALLY CUTE ones of Bre when she was just a tiny, bitty baby just the other day. This past Saturday Bre stated "Momma, I think my tooth is loose"...Mel, I almost CRIED literally!! I was like "oh no!! That's the last stage of "babyhood"!! Thankfully it was NOT LOOSE and it was another one of her "Drama Queen moments". I'm trying to savor all "this preschool moments as best I can!!

As so far as MA, she is really maturing into an even MORE beautiful young lady. I commented a while back on one of your post and noticed that MA "eyebrows had been arched"! That's a DIVA IN THE MAKING!! LOL!! Love you guys relationship and heck I just ADORE YALL!!! Thanks for the fb comment on Bre's Easter attire!! She was my very own little Shirley Temple!I couldn't have found a more cuter Easter dress!! Speaking of Shirley you know this child LOVES her some "ST"! Yep...we have bought several "ST" movies. You have a precocious teen with Ellie and I have an "old soul" in Brejanae! That child loves her some OLD MOVIES!! She will watch a western with my husband in a heartbeat!!

Beverly said...

I'm loving the 'blast from the past'!!!! Your girls are beautiful at any age. And I'm including MA in that statement! I so wish I could come visit. You are all so unique and special.

Renee said...

They grow up so fast. They were precious then and still so so cute with or without "hair accessories". LOL