Friday, March 2, 2012

and the fun begins!!

Here we go! First project is using Modeling paste on Canvases. That is Jennifer in the purple shirt. She is from Oakdale Louisiana which is about 2.5 hours away. Mo just basically had a bunch of different canvases out and let everyone decide what kind of painting they wanted. This was for more of a holiday canvas.
Everyone seemed gun-shy at first, but once Mo explained how its just texture right now and you really can not mess it up... it was on!
Mo decided to paint this cutie patootie owl, and just like that SOLD! to Nena Beth.
Gotta love her! That back there in the blue is Paige. She drove in from Arkansas. This is her second time to paint with Mo, but not for the whole weekend. We later found out that this retreat was a Valentines day gift from her husband.
This is Amy, she is a local and Mom to Brooklyn who is pictured below. Brooklynn worked for MMPT Ruston before moving to Nashville. I would love to be able to do this with my Mom for the weekend. What a great idea for mother/daughter time.

Looking Good Jennifer! She really does have "JOY" on there. She also is here because of a gift from her husband on Valentine's day!

Up next: Decopauged canvas with church hymns. I can not remember who said it, but the comment was made of how they felt bad because they were tearing out of a church hymn. Never fear, Mo stated she thought about it at first too, but then thought about the fact that she purchased these old hymnals from a dirty dusty floor in Canton where they were just sitting there covered in dirt. Having them on canvases this way gets them into our homes to be loved, and cherished. Problem solved!

I gotta say, this will be a great memory for them to share and they will get to take home paintings when they go!
I am trying my best to introduce everyone as they come up. This is Nena Beth. She is a weather watching Momma from Alabama. She is a whole lot of fun.
Jennifer must not of realized I was snapping this picture. I caught her with her glasses on!
Decopauge is some serious work!

Once these dry another masterpiece will be painted!
Ya'll come back now! Ya hear.... (to be continued)....


Mama J said...

JELL US! Just saying...

Bj said...

GREAT FUN!! of these days, imma gonna be there (just saying)!!!.......huggers, BJ

Michelle said...

Do one in Arizona please!!!!!