Friday, February 17, 2012

My little Mini-Mes.

Just a regular ol day. Hanging out in the art room. If you haven't noticed... we do that a lot.

And finally, I got Ellie Sue's new Hello Kitty sewing machine down and running for her to practice making lines with.
I got some plain cardstock and drew straight lines first, and as she mastered those, I added some simple curves.
I was quite shocked as Miss Thang followed those lines. Check out that little foot operating that foot pedal! how CUTE is that?!!??
She would get a little worried when her sewn lines weren't perfect.
In the meanwhile, baby number two was busy painting away. So much so that I forgot she still had on her cute dress from earlier in the day.
Gabs will just layer and layer and layer and layer levels of paint. That's her style. I think, perhaps, Ellie Sue now has control of the camera. Just sayin'!

We spend many an hour in this room. As much as it adds grey hair to my head, I know that someday I am gonna wish they were right in there with me, when they want to go out with their friends or drive away back to campus to leave me and dad home again alone. Soooo, for today, I am gonna LOVE it. Love their sense of wonder at the color on top of color that they slap on those canvases.
And all those precious little stitches Ellie makes on my makeshift patterns of cardstock!

Love my baby girls. MO


Zhohn said...

How sweet ;)

Mama J said...

Yep...the days when your kiddos have their own lives to live and you and todd are somewhere down on the totem pole will come. Their love will ALWAYS be there for you but their time is another thing. LOL That is the way this parenting thing works. The way it was designed by our Lord. Sweet

You bees a good Momma!

Bj said...

Awwwww...this brought a tear to my eye. My two are grown with babies of their own now, but the memories....ahhh, the sweet memories! Mo, you are such an outstanding mom...loving and devoted to the two beautiful blessings God has given you. You make those memories, because you are right, some day...those memories will keep you warm and keep a smile on your face....thanks for a stroll down memory lane, I needed that........huggers, BJ

MaryH said...

Lucky little girls to have so much time to spend with art. And, you are so right, these are the best days - which I could transport my two back to them - their troubles would not be as troubling to this mama's heart if they were little ones. Enjoy every moment. All they are doing with you now will enrich their lives (and yours) so much.

Renee said...

Yes enjoy these days because they grow up way too fast.