Monday, February 13, 2012

Jones Family Art Day

I had a family member text me a couple of weeks ago and said, "Hey, why don't we have a family art day?". And I said, "Hey. WHy not?!" We rounded everybody up and lo and behold TEN of the Jones Family crew showed up. I had the canvases prepped with old encyclopedia papers. (For you retreaters, this is likely to be a project we will be doing as well. It's easy, and I can show you how, so it's one of those things you can go back home and do rather easily to make your own gifts!)
This is typically how things look before a class shows up. I have all the water cups, the canvases, the rags for blotting water, and a jar full of various sized brushes and a basket full of paint per table.
But, as is typical of hte Jones family, we began in the kitchen with a little "snacking".
I supplied the napkins! AND I made a cheese ball. Oh yes I did!!!
There also just happened to be a back sale at church that morning, so I picked up a little something extra.
Namely this chocolate on chocolate cake!! Thanks women's ministry!!
Until then, this was my other contribution!! Hershey's kisses and peanut butter M&M's.
Traci made these heart-shaped rice krispy treats.
This is my Aunt Mary. She decided right off the bat that she would just watch. She said, "I have no idea how to paint. I don't even know where to start." I told her that's where I come in , sister!!
Jenn, right here in the foreground, and Cherry, back there by the window (and the one hassling me on Facebook to hurry and do the family blog post) were the ring leaders for getting everyone here.
Cherry is crafty in her own right. She does a lot of appliques and monograms in her hometown.
As is Traci. She is kind of a Pinterest nut. However, she is someone who actually DOES the projects she pins. I am saving a WHOLE BLOG POST to talk about Pinterest one day. In case you are not following my boards, I am slightly addicted!!
I did this one. From this angle, you can barely even tell there is ripped paper decoupaged under there, but there is. I painted my background turquoise, because try as I may, I cannot escape my love of all things turquoise. And then I stenciled on these polka dots. I wanted to do a whimsical housey painting.
Also, for you retreaters, I think we will try and do something along these lines too. Decoupage and stencils on a background. But, I digress.

This is Sissy. She is one of our annual Canton trippers. She, Jin, Cherry, Staci, Mom, and I are gonna be there the first weekend of October come hell or high water. And that's Shay, her daughter.

Cherry was cooking with grease til I looked away and didnt' realize she had that gotten her brush and gotten all heavy handed with that black!! Guuurrrlll!!
Never you fear. We fixed it! So, Aunt Mary is mama's sister. Sissy and Cherry are her nieces. Shay is her great niece. Aunt Bonnie, who is partially obstructed right now by Aunt Mary is also mom's sister.
Oh. There she is! She is also having a total knee replacement on Thursday, so please keep her in your prayers. Those two on the end are Traci and Jenn, both of whom married into the family. Traci married my first cousin, Steve. And Jenn married Cherry's son, Drew. They are now expecting their first baby, due in August.
Please note, above, that Cherry's borders are a lot less severe. She also learned how to add little swirlies on the ends of her cross. Then, we used some mists to add the stenciled swirls all over the background.
It was MY plan that we all do a house with our house numbers worked into the design, as well as a saying about "home" or even a Bible verse about home. Only Staci and Jenn complied!! EVERYONE else had their own agenda!! That's how it is with family. They just do their own thing anyway!!

A couple of fleur de lis's and a funky little house.

and more of the same, plus one cross.
It was a great idea, Jenn. I think we need to get together like this more often.
I think next time around we may make jewelry. It leaves a little less mess!!
Aunt Mary... GET OFF THE PHONE!!
So, for a few of you who asked about the retreat. It is the first weekend in March. I think the 2nd through the 4th. It will start at noon on Friday and end noon on Sunday. Todd the Bod will be in charge of food for all three days, and of course, I have the bunk room for all your lodging needs!! The cost is $350 and that includes all the food, lodging and art supplies. At this point, I don't think you have to bring a thing, except maybe an empty suitcase. I am pretty sure we will be making around 4-5 canvases. Someone had a great idea that maybe we could make holiday canvases for the whole year. I think that might be fun. We'll make each one with a totally different technique so you learn a lot of new things, but themes could make it easy. For instance, a Valentine's canvas, or St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas. For those of you coming, do you like that idea? Or would you rather our themes remain more generic?!?

Julia, just jump in that car!! And JRey, send your mom. I guarantee she'll have a ball!
Peace Out, Homies!



kimybeee said...

i am refusing to look at pinterest! i don't need anything else on the internet sucking the life out of me lol lol lol my resolve is dwindling when i see the stuff that people are pinning on facebook - but i am strong for now! i can do it, i can do it lol

love all the canvases and how individual they turned out to be.

and i too am a night owl, that is why i usually am the first to comment, but i think you may even be an hour behind me? i usually see you on fb first and then i know you have already been here. kinda like santa traveling the globe lol lol

Cherry said...

aw finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...I think you portrayed me right...:) I do think we need to do this every year....Had a ball...Oh and you forgot to mention that Aunt Mary is 77...So it doesnt matter how old you are it can be done...Thanks Mel had a great day....Love ya

Bj said...

AHHHHHHH, PINTEREST.....a coworker "introduced" me to Pinterest and I haven't been the same since! I love all the different things you find on there. Looks like all the girls had a blast doing the art thang! Mo, whether or not I ever make it to a retreat, I just want to come meet your family (I've met Don & Staci), and tour your BAH!!.....huggers, BJ

Lindsay said...

Hey Mo -- Question for you (and maybe Jessi, I say that like I know you both)! I am thinking of starting a blog for my kiddos, and I wondered if you have any advice about it when it comes to printing up your "blog books" -- that is so cool, to keep the memories. Can you do a post on the layouts in the book, how easy/hard it was to convert it over and lay it out -- I figure anything I should know in blogging to help later with book-making is awesome. Huge thanks!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE all the projects you do! Is there a favorite kit you use for the metal stamps I've seen you use? I've been looking on Amazon for a kit to make a tag for my dogs but it's hard to know which really work. Thanks!

Brooklyn said...

Regarding what kind of paintings we should do at the art retreat: I've always loved your striped painting(s) with the pumpkin on it and I could always use more Christmas decorations. I think the mixed media house paintings could be super fun too- even if we had to do it on a smaller canvas.