Monday, January 23, 2012

Golf cart ride to Linda Lou's

Ok. By now you've probably figured out that we are in Orlando. Or Norlando, as Ellie calls it. And Granddad was hospitalized about 4 days ago with viral pneumonia! It's a weird trip. Todd thought about us not even coming and for sure our n0t staying at their house. But I assured him that if and when GDad gets out of the hospital, and if he looks like a couple of kids would drive him up the wall, we will move right out and into a hotel. Until then, I am actually glad we are here to get to visit him and hopefully raise his spirits somewhat. I am the grand entertainer for now, meaning I have to keep the kids entertained and 'doing something" so they will not be bored and not be sucking the energy that's left right on outta DeeDee. Soooo, with all that said,.... I have no idea how to upload pictures on Granddad's computer like I do every time we are here. Instead, I will have to rely on old pics that I have uploaded in the past, and maybe I can get things figured out later in the week. This was over the Christmas holiday. Actually, first part of this month. Ellie has a CD that Linda Lou made her with all of the music they use at dancing. And when I tell you that Ellie has to show me these dances, among others, EVERYSINGLENIGHT, I mean EVERYSINGLENIGHT!!
She told me on this particular day that she wanted to go show Linda Lou her new dance. She is currently a huge fan of "I'm Sexy and I Know It". She can get my phone, go to itunes, find that video, and watch the clip. I don't (as far as I know) have the actual song even downloaded/ uploaded/ whatever to my phone, but that does NOT keep her from finding it. Ahh, the youth of today!
In big girl fashion, she went right to her dance clothes drawer and found her "booty shorts", (Thanks for that, Emma Lou and PauPau!), and slipped into her tights. This, too, is an EVERYSINGLENIGHT event!!
Sweet little Gabs just said, "I wanna gooooo", and climbed into the golf cart. No wardrobe change was necesary.
So, down the road we went to show Linda Lou our new dance moves. All Gabs was interested in was Linda Lou's new dog, Cooper.
And we certainly weren't expecting this, but LL had sweet Christmas gifts for my babies! And she had no idea how perfect those gifts were turn out to be! And why do I use exclamation points so freely?!!??!
Are you ready? I am saving you from your eyes burning by having photos rather than video. Trust me. You'd be concerned that a 4 year old can move like that!!
I believe she thinks she is a straight up choreographer!
And all the while, Gabs just stands and looks at the dog.

She repeatedly announces, "Look at how I keep my toes pointed.". Yes, we see, Ellie Sue.

I think this was some sort of exit stage left to reemerge in a surprise burst of action packed dancing sensationalism! Makes for more drama that way.

We couldn't get Gabs to cooperate with the dance off.

And haven't I mentioned how much I LOVE her wanting to wear braids every day? I just LOVE it! I think there can be nothing cuter than a little girl in braids.

I think Linda Lou may be creatinga monster. My "friend" keeps sending her more and more music to add to her collection. Lawd help us.

I have a tiny bit of reprieve for now with my baby girl! Gabs doesn't reallly know how to fully surf the ol iphone to obtain music and videos. She is still into the finding the free games I download/ upload (help me on this!!), for her.
So for now, we are only subject to the queen's nightly dance exhibitions. I think right now, my favorite is her "cantcha feel that bum badum bum bum badum bum bass... Super bass" dance. It is CLASSIC!!



Steph said...

Your girls are so precious!!!

By the way it is download when you are getting thing from iTunes to your phone and upload when you are putting pictures on your blog!!!

Zhohn said...

I lost my post! :( hope Grandad gets better soon.
I was concerned this morning when I heard about the weather in Alabama, was hoping y'all didn't spend the night there...but then I saw you had posted on Facebook bright and early!
Have fun this week!!

Theresa Shirley said...

Hope ya'll have a wonderful time at Disney, & hope Grandad gets better real soon, so he can see those girlies. Can't wait til you get the computer figured out & see those pics from the trip. I'm sure you're having lots of time with some princesses. They can't be any prettier than the ones YOU have though!!