Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ellie's Room Christmas decs

It's like finding a dadgum hidden prize egg 2 months after Easter!! I am looking back through my pics and seeing what I loaded that never got its story! And voila... Ellie's room at Christmas. Just like Gabs's tree, I add a few each year to the queen's.

I bought this tree three or so years ago at the Festival of the Trees, pre decorated. I tried to just pull it down out of the attic this year without taking anything off of it last year. And once we wired the top of the tree back to the bottom, I decided, never again. To you who asked whether I take each ornament off.... yes.... EVERYSINGLEONEOFTHEM!!

This is that spot in Ellie's room that was meant for a bunk bed/ play area. However two things have occurred. ONE: I bought eight bunk beds for upstairs and learned that I HATE making bunk beds. ANd TWO: there is always something preoccupying this space! A tree, or now... a teepee.

So, I suppose it will remain loftless.

I really did love Ellie's room as much as Gabs's, I just forgot to take phots along the way. So, that's it for this Wednesday afternoon. I have a whole blog ready to post if the blog' star/ birthday girl's mama, REBECCCCCCCAA, would hurry up and write the words to it. I have asked her to guest blog, since it was her kid's birthday party and I love seeing what someone else has to say about my pics. So, please comment today, and BEG Rebecca to come out of hiding and write a blog for us. Rebecca, Rebecca. Rebecca... that's me chanting!! Come on peeps, encourage her on!!



Jeni said...

Am I really the first to comment?? Come on Rebecca you can do it!

Mary said...

LETS GOOOOO Rebecca. Mo needs your help and we want to see pictures!

Sharidrew said...

Come on Rebecca!! Write a guest blog for Mo!! Puulllleeezzz!

It was me who asked about the ornaments. Dude! That's crazy! I love how they turn out. But that is a lot of work! You go girl!

Hugs from Missouri,

Zhohn said...

I love Ellie's tree too! Love Christmas!
Come on Rebecca, I like parties so please share!!!

Cassie12 said...

Love the trees Mo. Come on Rebecca. Waiting to hear from you.

Shannon said...

Knock knock...Rebecca you there?

Mbeaty19 said...

So happy that you've had a chance to show more of your Christmas decorating. I felt we were left hanging after you only showed three rooms. Really loved seeing the girls rooms and their wonderful decorations. Hope the trip continues to go well and Ellie's face doesn't get too bad.
Looking forward to Rebecca's post and I'm sure she knows now Mo Joy's world knows she is out there she'll be posting soon.

jenny said...


MaryH said...

Rebecca, we would love to hear the story -