Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baby Alive with Emma

I love how being 9 (well, only a few days from being 10) makes you a total TWEEN. Emma Lou comes over, being all aloof and cool, the way 10 year olds are, and spies the girls' new Baby Alive dolls.
I told her that they really eat, drink, and poop. She really lit up when I said, "Poop"!
It's like she had to see it to believe it!! And so, with another very nonchalant, like "cool if you do and cool if you don't" voice, she asked, "Can I feed it?". What she really meant to ask is, "Can I feed it so I can see if it really poops?".
She involved my sweet baby so she could act like she was only playing dolls to entertain her. Ha. I know better!
The girl fed that baby bottle after bottle, and spoonful after spoonful, all the while checking for the "evidence"!!
That's ok, Emma. We like it when you come over.


And while I have all of your attention, let me let you in on a little project I am doing. (I have lots of New Year's activities, and we'll see how long all of them last) I downloaded (or uploaded, or whatever!!?) an app called Project 365 Pro. Since we are only into the new year by less than two weeks, you could probably go back and make up the first 11 days or so. It requires you to take a photo a day with your camera, and assign it to the day. It's fun to watch the pictures accumulate, because it's just a brief synopsis of your week, month, and eventually year. Jessi and I plan to print ours out once a month and either use it in our Project Life binders (a year's scrapbook project by Becky Higgins, that i could NOT finish, nor stay on task with last year... but I digress), or just print them out month to month in miniature size and make a little mini journal out of them. The app has room for comments on the photos, so you can even elaborate on the photo you chose, why you chose it, or what was special about it on that particular day. I'll share a couple more of my fun daily events I am doing as I "suck the marrow" out day by day on another day!! ANy of you English professors out there know who wrote that? I can quote it but not positive of the author. Well, Just thought you may like the app too!
Peace out, peeps. Mo


connie said...

oh me that is so cute of emmma feeding the baby and giving it a bottle to see if she will poop lol how many did she end up doing before she found the evidence ? and at the end of your blog u was talking about this app u downloaded im going to do that if i can figure it all out??? sounds like alot of fun to do im going to go back and read your blog more about it..

Kathryn said...

Thoreau, more or less! Have fun.

jneman said...

I am doing a 365 photo project and posting here: would love for others follow and support me as I am trying to get further then August this year.:)

I am following the theme of "things that make me smile"

Would love if there are other hockey parents that follow you would note Day 7 - my nephew's teammate was severely hurt in a hockey game, his life was changed forever - Trying to get the word out about so this will never happen again. Thanks!

Amy K said...

I am using that app too, and doing a P365+1 (leap year) photo book. I'm loving it!

snekcip said...

Oh you got me HOOK, LINE and SINKER! Okay...ummm who is the "author of that quote"!! I have always wanted to do this. I'm gonna give it a try this year!!

PS I love to see little girls (yes, EVEN 10yr olds) with dolls.My little goddaughter is Emma's age and loves to play with dolls. She has a whole room full of dolls of all sizes. I could watch her play babydolls ALL day, especially at that age. It's becoming too far and in between. Now she does like the TWEEN stuff too, but hey...I say "let them be young as long as possible"...ahem...I'm the author of that quote! HA!!!

Okay, going see what that app is all about!!

snekcip said...
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snekcip said...
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snekcip said...

Sorry about the deletions! Blogger is Bonkers today!! :)

Sharidrew said...

We were just discussing Baby Alive yesterday at the lunch table at work! I didn't play with barbies much but I remember having a Baby Alive doll. Looking back, it was probably because she pooped! LOL. I'm sure that was why I liked her. I laughed out loud about Emma giving her bottle after bottle! And I wish I had a cool phone with apps...dang it! Can't wait for your pictures of the BCS game. I was rootin for them Tigers!!

Hugs from Missouri,