Monday, December 19, 2011

MMPT Retreat.

Remember that retreat I was asking you all to pray for on Friday? Well, it has come and went, and it was hugely successful. Tom, the business director, in tiedye!, planned a little teambuilding exercise to get us all "communicating, planning, and executing".

This activity was called "Minefield". We first had to pick a partner with whom we were not all that familiar. I have 5 clinics, across north Louisiana, so it is not all that crazy to assume that some of the folks have never even seen each other.

We then had to use only verbal communication to get out partners from one end of the obstacle course to the other. And, we TIMED it!

Becky, seen here leading, was at the finish line TWICE, when her foot barely touched the obstacle, and she had to start all the way back at the beginning.

Patchez, here below, was our overall winner!

And we kept it up (three teams as a time) until all had gone.

Tiffany, in the orange jacket, had some CRAZY moves going on. Apparently minefield maneuvering is not her thing!

She was dancing all around those obstacles. Then again, her partner was renee. Renee would say things like "Turn straight". WHAT does THAT mean when you are totally blindfolded?!

Hey, Tiff... it's totally NOT this way!

Then came my turn. Somebody I don't know to partner with? How bout Madison Raborn? Do I know him?! Nah. He'll do.

Madison decided he wanted to jack with the competitors vs actually trying to win because noone was going to beat Patchez's time anyway. So, I started sending him directly into the path of Rachel. It backfired! We couldn't even "cheat" right! We just fell way behind!

Later in the day, we had a second team building activity. I LOVE this one!

I put up 40 questions and everyone had to start with their backs to a poster and could only turn around and look at it when the cue was given.

Then each person had 10 seconds to read and answer the question.

It was super fun.

For instance, "If you were in jail, who at MMPT would you call to come get you?"

I'll just let you read the rest. And show me a few of your answers, just for kicks!

We had so much fun learning about each other through their answers.

Then, we went through the people in our clinic and who we felt really represented each word; therefore, making the culture of MMPT what it is.

And after story after story about the patients whose lives we have touched and those we continue to feel that we are truly a part of the family, in WALKS Jayci. Her mom brought her by to show us that she is now walking. After months of therapy and a brain surgery to boot, she is now walking independently and happily doing so.

It was a nice culmination of the day for all of us.

And did I mention she brought us a cookie cake?! YEssss.

Merry early Christmas, y'all.


P.S. Yes, that was Mary Allison in the freaky shadow costume on yesterday's blog post.


Renee said...

The retreat sounds like it was alot of fun. Congrats on a successful weekend.

Nicole said...

Yall looked like y'all were having SOOOOOO MUCH FUN! BUT THEN AGAIN Y'ALL ALWAYS DO! Glad y'all liked the cookie cake! Its the least I could do! I know I've said this before and im gonna say it again, THANKS TO EACH OF U FOR ALL YOU DO! ALSO THANKS FOR TREATING MY FAMILY ESPECIALLY JAYCI LIKE FAMILY!!!!

snekcip said...

Seeing the "smiling face" of Jayci says it all about MMMPT! Great job everyone!! You all seem like STELLAR EMPLOYEES w/an AWESOME BOSS! Merry Christmas everyone!

PS Still laughing at "turn straight", that ranks right up there with "raise your window down"!

Beverly said...

The retreat sounds awesome!!!!! And Jayci is so cute. What a perfect ending to your retreat.

I just have to say again that I LOVE YOUR HEADER! I love looking at those girls smile!