Monday, November 14, 2011

Trick or treating 2011

Halloween continued. Would you look at Miss Priss's eyelashes?! I let her wear a little mascara... remember I was trying to coax her into keeping her Tinkerbell costume on. It worked!!

And a sucker goes a LONG way with this little one.

Oh yeah, as does my cellphone!

As for my firstborn (can I say that with adopted kids?!), well, the only thing that lights her fire is being with "her peeps"... you know, those tweens who she feels she is on the same mental level as.

We pulled out the old trailer for our annual hayride.

The front of our neighborhood is KNOWN for Trick or Treating! So, we stay in the BACK!! The kids seem to get enough with the one street we hit.

And that was the LAST that was seen of the Jessi hat!! And it just MADE her costume. But, nevermind cute!! She refused!

Thanks to Pops, we had personalized cheapo trick or treating buckets from The Dollar Tree.

And thanks to ME, my two besties were also in their 80's attire!!

Oh yessirree... there were scrunchies, leggings, fluorescent colors, and fingerless gloves.

Oh, and did I mention all the moms of the tweens who really required no supervision also had mixed drinks!? But me? Nooooooo. No, I had to trapse up and down every driveway with Tinkerbell!! Am I bitter? nooooooo......

The "big girls" are so cool that they just took trash bags as their trick or treat bags.

Heyyyy, there we are!! Mom and Tink!

And there go Jessie and Tink (not NO hat!!) up to the doors somewhat alone. Mom was a few steps behind.

All the rest of the crew were out there boozing it up. No, not really. I just like giving them a hard time. Some of them read my blog!

The girls are getting to the age of being able to do the whole, "Triiick or treeeat" thing alone.

and I was so proud, cause Gabbi Girl would ALWAYS remember her manners and say, "thaaaank youuuu!". (that's me attempting to type in our southern drawl!)

And then when we got back to PauPau's, Gabs found herself a corner and sampled her whole bucket.

I would imagine Ellie was still somewhere with the big kids. Gabs couldn't care less about all those girls!!

And we had good ol hotdogs for dinner.

Halloween just signaled the beginning of the beginning of the holiday season!! We are looking forward to Thanksgiving next week, and well, I've got the Christmas decoratios underway!

Angie and Mickey have a teenager who wouldn't be caught dead trick or treating... but they STILL make it to every fun event with us!!

And then, somehow... out came a cheerleader!???

You just never know with this one!



Theresa Shirley said...

Those eyelashes of Gabbi's are gorgeous! Looks like she settled down in her costume pretty well. What a good friend you are for getting your friends all dolled up for Halloween! Lol I bet ya'll never have a boring time--ever! Love it :)

kimybeee said...

everything was cute and all, but i just have to say that paula really rocked her 80"s look!!! lol

Renee said...

Of course you can say first born. :) Love the way you "Rebels" find a way to celebrate it all. Never too many celebrations!