Monday, November 21, 2011

Ellie prepares for her day!

Ok, so I have shown you all before how my four-year-old likes to lay out her clothes the night before her next day at daycare. To say she needs a little supervision is quite the understatement. On this particular night, I came it to find THIS outfit!! And the child really could not believe that I was not in favor of her wearing this.

A purple camo tank top, some waaaay too small jersey shorts, a pair of red footless tights, (and "mooooom, I am wearing a red bow to match!!"), GOLD sandals, and ....

then she revealed her leotard that she explained she'd be wearing underneath all that chaos!

And then, she also had an extra outfit laid out that she wanted to wear to the Rebel game after daycare. And not that a much too big cheer outfit was so horrible, but...

the white wedge "heels" were an absolute NO!

So, I came in and provided another suggestion. One that might could transition between daycare AND the Rebel football game after school.

I bet you can guess which one she favored. Nonetheless, she had OPTIONS!!

Happy Tuesday. Almost Turkey Day!! Counting my blessings!!



Bj said...

Too funny....I chuckle everytime I read about "E" and her wardrobe. She certainly has a mind of her own doesn't she? I can just see poor Todd when puberty hits your household....should be an interesting ride!! Love it!....huggers, BJ

SamC said...

And you wonder why you can't sleep! I'd stay up all night wondering what Ellie was going to come up with to wear each morning. lol She is a very creative little lady. I see big things in her future.

Sharidrew said...

I love her creativity. And her "own" style with no worry of what people would think, that's pretty cool! Although, if she were mine, I'd be stressed out! My son is 9 and still lets me pick out his clothes. Of course he has more of an opinion about stuff then when he was little but I can usually convince him. It's way different having a boy. We don't have accessories and cute shoes to match with our jeans and tshirts. HA-HA. At least you have one that lets you dress her in all things that are adorable.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and may God bless your family even more.

Hugs from Missouri,

Shannon said...

Enjoyed the posts!!

Gabbi's tree is beautiful! Ellie is her own unique personality, in the very best of ways!

Happy Thanksgiving!