Monday, October 31, 2011

The past two days....

Ok, y'all gotta bear with me. I have had a busy weekend!! First, we did the pumpkin patch! Then, I had to get the game day shirts and "outfits" for the big Rebel game for me and JinJin.

Then, because of the cold front, I had to make sure my girls had tights and undershirts to go with the cheerleading uniforms and get them to the high school game Saturday night to cheer with the big girls!

Next, Sunday, afternoon, we had to ge ttwo little ones AND Lizzie, to a portrait shoot for our potential Christmas cards.

In the meanwhile I had to orchestrate costumes for me and several other groups at work.

Including finding 80's stuff at the MALL! Which is a chore in itself. Then, I went and marketed all day Monday to physicians who deserved to see MMPT in all its glory, all costumed up!

And finally, I made sure my baby girls had all they needed to be happy trick or treaters.

Oh, and then helped get a whole hayride full of girls down the neighborhood for candy.

So forgive me for kind of skipping tonight. I have pics from each of these events, and want to make each post a good one. Stay tuned!!

Oh yeah, and all this time, my oldest kid hacks through the night due to her asthma, so there has been VERY LIMITED sleep. But I am still smiling!!

One tired puppy,



Riley said...

Keep on smiling! Days that a busy full of "good things" are well worth the business. In the meantime, all your readers will patiently await your joy filled posts coming soon!!

Mama J said...

Praying your little ones stay well and that Little E is feeling better. In the meantime, I can try to find you something to stay occupied. You amaze me, Mo!

Amy K said...

It goes without sayin''re forgiven! ;) You know your faithful readers will be here when you're able to update.
Have a great day!

Bj said...

Mo, you never need to apologize...we KNOW how busy you are....and most of us are in awe of the fact that you can even get up in the morning! Girl, you work circles around me on your worst day! Love ya and appreciate all that you do......huggers, BJ

Zhohn said...

Looks like you've been busy but having FUN! Can't wait to see trick or treating pics. I was surprised you had a Jessie and Tink, very cute though.

Theresa Shirley said...

Looks like you've been a busy woman, which is nothing new with you!! But it's always GOOD stuff that you're busy with. Can't wait to see the pics from all the events mentioned! I bet Ellie & Gabbi were the cutest little cheerleaders. :) It looks like, in that picture, that G is almost as tall as E. Is that true, or is it just the pic? Keep on smiling girl--we love ya!!

Renee said...

Mo - you ROCK! Love the costumes too. HOpe E starts feeling better soon.

kimybeee said...

you should never feel pressured to come here and share!

hope ellie is feeling better!!!