Saturday, October 1, 2011

Canton, TX... Day two!

And then there were six!

Jennifer and her mom showed up to take on the arts and crafts world with us on Friday! Check out that sunrise. Oh, yes maam, we were the FIRST ones there!! We DON'T PLAY when it comes to the best parking places and getting first dibs on the cutest of the cute! And by the way, would you look at that cart bag? That was Jenn's first EVER sewing project. Oh, girl. It's on like a chicken bone! JinJin wants the IT cart for Canton next year, so now ol Mo has to figure out how to do that... with ricrac, and fringe, and sequins, and..... She WILL be the envy of the Canton crowd. Oh yes. She WILL!

Cousin Cherry Sue and Cousin Sissy had to be there early to get their pick of the electric scooters.

The booths weren't even open yet, and Mom and I had already scoped out some finds. When this dude finally walked up (at opening time of 8:00!), he was fired up that he'd already made some sales.

For instance, I HAD TO HAVE this cart. It is going to get all kinds of use!! First, it is going by my front door with pumpkins and mums, and moss, and all kinds of fallish stuff. And then, what can we do for Christma? I am taking recommendations! The winner will get a prize!! And speaking of, LeaAnn, did you get your present from, oh, about a year ago?!

Second big purchase...

Both mom and I had to have this cute iron carriage. You put a pumpkin in it to look like the Cinderella carriage. I neeeeeeed it to be by my back door!! Or maybe even in my girls' room.

And Staci, do you still read my blog?! If you DO, and you let me know you read this, then I will personalize the six of these that I bought for you to put each family member's name on for your front flower bed. I have pumpkins with all our names on them, and LOVE them! So, I guess we'll see!

I indeed did get that cute little patchwork peace sign dress/ shirt for my preteen!

And then, the heavens opened up and I saw THIS!! I got the cutest beads with Christmas trees and Snowflakes for my Camp Creative kids to make for their mamas in our classes in November. One thing's for sure, their moms will NOT regret their being in my class!! They'll be getting all kinds of goodies!

Oh, and we'll be doing some mosaics on these before long. (probably in the January class!)

And for my upcoming boy class (Girls will do these too!), we'll be making these. I knew I was collecting license plates all these years for something!!

And I've been BEGGING Todd to make these for me to have each kid paint and personalize, then store their weekly project supplies in their own boxes. I think I've just about worn him down!

Jin and I were functioning on little sleep. But then again, what else is new? I kind of got my sleeping habits from her!

So, around 8:30 and when the rest of the world started arriving, mom and I had already been to the car three times. I kid you not!

I had to snap this and also send the picture to Staci because only she would understand and "get" that our mama cannot resist a) costume jewelry, and b) colorful blingy rubber watches!!

And I may as well admit, I cannot resist booths like this.... Meet Donna!

she is a fellow artsy fartsy soul! I bought LOTS of stuff in this booth and can't wait to try and duplicate some of it for Camp Creative. I also think I convinced her that she needs to come to my fabric art retreat. Yes, I am having one ... someday!

She is just one of those people who get just as excited as I do about sharing information and the LOVE of making things. I had to have an Iphone sleeve, an iPad cover (even though I don't have an iPad. I figure I will someday!), a saweet headband, and a couple of gifts for my Camp Creative helpers.

So, if you feel like it, go check out Donna's stuff at I went there today, and she has her stuff with her at Canton for now. But, check back later next week. And tell her Melanie sent ya!

See? I told ya! This is our first effort to pack the car!

There are all kinds of transportation we see there. Check out this electric scooter with a pull behind seat from a boat! I can so see my cousins, Cherry and Sissy doing this one year. Come on girls, keep it redneck!

There is no way I could possibly capture the enormity of Canton grounds with photos! We were in some breezeway, and I couldn't even figure out where I was myself. It is acres and acres and acres of buildings and outdoor booths, and I swear, I get so turned around that I can't find my way back without asking for help! By back, I mean to my car.

You can get so many decorating ideas.

And projects for future pursuit! Hey boys, we WILL be doing this bottlecap frame too!

Then there is this whole population of people who feel the need to bring their PETS to the Trade Days. WHY!? This Housewife of Texas felt like she needed, along with her purple halter dress, to bring her THREE dogs, all in outfits and blinged out collars. If you only knew the populous of this place and how crowded things were, you'd understand why I just do not get it! I am sure they'll be fine at home until you get back. Sorry all you animal fanatics, but puhleeze.

Ugh! I really need to lose weight. But I probably won't, so just look at my cute headband instead! Camp Creative girls... I think this is week 3 or 4!

nd then we made it out to the acres of garage sale goodies.We actually had a timeline on which we had to stay in order to get home in time for Todd's niece's bachelorette party. Sooooo... I had to skip about 300 or so booths this way! :(

Jinnie really wanted this, but we hadd absolutely NO WAY to get it home.

And just how cute would this be in a pot by the front door?

There all kinds of characters out there. Mama is ducking her head here because she could not get herself together when one of said characters came to our table here and told me, when I inquired about a price, "They are six dollars each or 2 for 5 dollars.".

She was so tickled. She could not get it together. I was saying, "Mom. That's rude! Stop laughing." I suppose being a math nerd, she kinda found more humor in it than I could.

I had the best lemonade I have ever had! I think I've already said that. But, I can't get over that lemonade! Made with real sugar!! I'm gonna miss it.

There is something for everyone at Canton! Did you need a canoe?!

I would LOVE to have this old wagon. It would look really cool in my yard! But even more, I would like the full sized sleigh to decorate with at Christmas. It is behind this wagon, and if you can believe it, I didnt' get a pic of it!

More cute decorating. I love the empty bottles on the table, with moss, sticks, and a miniature skeleton that I happen to know came off a garland at Michael's, because I happened to buy it last week!

And that garland on the mirror over there are black cats cut out of black cardstock. there were also bats everywhere. That's cute, cheap decorating right there!

Last year, Cherry's mom, my Aunt Bonnie, Jin's sister... (get all that!), asked Cherry to get her a turkey. Now understand, this first weekend of October that we choose to meet up every year, there are Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations EVERYwhere! And turkeys abound! But, Cherry chose this "turkey" to take home to her mama!

ANybody get why this is so funny!?

Can you say, P.E.A.C.O.C.K.??

I was just about ready to give this old piece of furniture away, since it's been in our garage crowding me out of a parking place since we moved here, when I saw this...

Oh, yes sir! I WILL be painting it some fun color and sticking it in Miss Gabbi Girl's room! Or somewhere!

And then came time to hit the road.

We had to go back to our original dude, from whom we bought the iron cart, and also from whom I bought this AWESOME 5' or so round iron piece to mount on my house, to come and help us REpack the car AGAIN to get it all in there. He did it, and we were I-20 East bound for West Monroe!

Another year of Canton has come and gone. Inspiring! Fun! Rejuvenating!

Have a good weekend, y'all!

(and can you believe it's October!??)



Zhohn said...

Omg I want to get in my car right now and drive to Canton! Love all of the pics. You will do great decorating the cart for Christmas! Love love the carriage, sweet idea. I really laughed out loud at the price that Jin thought was funny!! So did y'all take up the offer of two for five??

blessedmomof3 said...
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Ronda said...

I see that cart covered in garland, poinsettias, twinkle lights...I can't explain it, but I can see it and it's c-u-t-e. What a great find!

Emily said...
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Emily said...

Ohh my Mo!! you are making me so excited for when I go in November. Later this month I'm also going to one in McKinney call third Monday trade days and its the weekend before the third Monday of the month. Some vendors go to both the Canton and McKinney trade days!
Thanks for giving me a preview of Canton's!!

Mbeaty19 said...

Love that little cart you bought - Can't wait to see it all decorated for Fall. Thinking for Christmas it would be great with a small tree on top and a nativity scene on the bottom. I can so see the girls redecorating the scene all day long!
What an amazing place Canton is and love that you share it with us every year. It is such an inspiring place with something (a lot of somethings) for everyone.

blessedmomof3 said...

Mo! I love this post. I now have Canton fever. I love your cart. I can see it with a Christmas village displayed on it or pencil trees of various sizes, or wrap it in lights and display vintage toys, or Christmas teasets. ( & no, I never got my prize.) :)
Leigh Ann

blessedmomof3 said...

One more idea... how about an elf "pushing" the cart filled with vintage toys..
just a thought

Leigh Ann

Lisa said...

Such cute stuff - I would get giant ornaments and fill the top of the cart and maybe presents in the bottom.

Super cute!!

kelly said...

I just cannot wrap my mind around appears to be miles and miles and do they organize and manage all that???? Okay, so for the cart, I think you need to find a huge Santa--maybe a vintagey looking one who can stand next to the cart on your front porch and then pile up the cart with large ornaments and presents with some white lights intertwined. The beautiful baby girls will love it!!!

Cherry said...

Ok cuz....I have an idea for your little cart and it involves a peacock...It was the purtiest turkey I ever saw....Mom loves her pea-urkey....Did u see the one on a stick? It looked just like the one I bought...Until we meet again....

Lori said...

SO, I dont' know what to do with the cart at Christmas, but I SO want Seph in your boys art class!! so excited you are going to do one! He will love it!!! Make sure to put him down and let me know when.
Now, stay put for a while!! your travels are making ME tired!!

Carla said...

Mo, how hilarious is it that you have a pic of my parents and their redneck scooter and trailer on here? I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw them. When my step-dad built that trailer with the boat seat mounted on it, we all thought it was so crazy and hillbilly! But, they love it and think it is so practical! By the way, show Todd that picture and see if he recognizes the man. He is coach JR., his minor league baseball coach. My brother (also named Todd) was on the team too. Just a little small world trivia for you! Loved the Canton posts!

Amy K said...

Sheer AWESOMENESS!!! I want to go to Canton. I can't wait to see what you do with all your loot.
By the way Mo, you look terrific, with or without the cute headband!

SamC said...

Wow, wish I could go to Canton! It looks like my kind of place. I love the cart. I am thinking you should put it in the entry with family photos in Christmas frames and maybe toys or ornaments all around.

Riley said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Canton! I can't wait to go next month!! Any who, for the cart.
Here's what I'm thinking....
This garland around your front doors.
Maybe wreaths like this like this better inside) or this
For the cart some fabric light garland like this, some light up mesh presents from Paul Michael's perhaps in the bottom, and 3 Alpine Christmas trees on top at staggered heights (decorated of course!).
Whatcha think?