Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Style Show

I interrupt this Wisconsin trip to bring you a Saturday morning recently where we all gathered locally to see some cute clothes and some even cuter kids!! O
Of course, our models were doing the deal for Spoiled Rotten, owned by Staci Raborn!You may recognize some of these "big girls" from the hood. Above, we have Katelynn, Gracie, Amy , and Piper. m

What's crazy is that I went to school with Gracies' dad, Piper's Mom, and Amy's dad. All in high school together!

And boy oh boy, my Gabbi Girl was a cutie patootie!

She has really come into her own. She poses and cheeses, and even kind of participates with the big girls... when she's in the mood!

These big girls have done several style shows for Staci and are old veterans.

It's these little toots who are a little more unpredicatable.

Here's the whole group. Or at least most of them.

ANd once on the runway.... this is Sarah. She is a really "big girl" who always takes the time to talk to and play with my girls.

And seriously, I think this one could do a runway in New York. She came over and volunteered to help with all the handmade things we did for Shake 4 Jake! What a good trait in a teenager these days.

And then it came time for Spoiled Rotten. Look who led the way!

She was the C.U.T.E.S.T little thing!! The crowd could've eaten her up!

And would you look at those lace up tennis shoe/ boots on Ellie?!

Trust me when I say she was DIGGIN' her outfit! Good job, Staci!

And check out the hands on the hips. Too, too much!

Madi, what is UP with that toe?!

I bought the following shirt for Ellie for the fall. Think she'll wear it?! I thought maybe because she can pair it with jeans and boots, she'd be ok with it. She is so dadgum picky about her clothes!!

After all, she is a ripe ol' four years old now.

I just really couldn't believe Gabbi Girl walked that stage all by herself. She just always seems like such a baby to me. But, she's now my three year old!

Not sure what Madi Boo is doing here. Jumping?!

And here's Drake. Remember Drake? He went to the beach with us as Hayden's guest.

And Payton? She is our sometimes Sunday babysitter.

OK. Now, hold onto your hats. Check out who else joined the crew at the styleshow...Yep. Several of his buds were asked to participate, as they needed some boy models to show off clothes of sponsoring stores.

Anybody remember Grant from St. Jude days? (dark hair on left. Ford , in middle, is Linda Lou's boy!) He used to be a regular on the road with us to see Jake. He and Hayden have been best buds for a long time!

This is a straight up miracle. Hayden and Ford. They are about as likely to do something like this as to wear a tutu to school next week!!

I think he was modeling for the Buckle in the mall.

And would you just check out that hottie on the end?! I still cannot believe he went through with it. This is SO not his cup of tea!

There were all kinds of kiddos there... big ones, little ones, girl ones, boy ones...

Some of these girls I only recognized. I knew their parents. This one for instance.... I dated her uncle when we were in college. She would never in a million years know me, but I know her mama, because she was at all the family functions as girlfriend to brother A while I was there as girlfriend to brother B. Well, in this case, they were brothers 5 and 6 of 8!! And get this, they were "Matthew" and "Paul" of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, and Paul!! Ummm hmmm... dated me a Catholic boy, sho did!

But I digress...

Once our girls' parts were over, they just kinda stood mesmerized by the big kids coming down the runway! Especially this one!!

Now you didnt' think that any GOOD mom would let their "funky" four year old go without some cool hair accessories, did you?! Hair jewelry.... check!

And so there it is. Our girls third-ish style show. I think they are getting better each time!! Thanks, Staci, for inviting us. They had a ball!



Zhohn said...

The picture of Gabbi and Emma Is PRICLESS! love all of the outfits, Fall is my favorite time of year!!!
I really like the shirt you bought Ellie, I just don't know if it's 'enough' for her. I bet she'd much rather the shoes she got to wear. ;) good luck with that cutie!
My jaw dropped when I saw Hayden participated..wow! Maybe next week we will see pics of him in a tutu. Haha
Hope you're having a great week. Enjoying the morning pics of the girls now they are going back to Ms. Donna's.

Mbeaty19 said...

Another 11:11 at our house tonight. Jake has really been telling me something the past few days.

Loving Hayden pictures - Can't believe how grown up he's gotten. How great of him and the boys to help out with the show. He's full of surprises.

Loved all the girls in their outfits. Gabbi is truly come out of her shell - bet that's not always easy to see. Hate to see them grown out of that 'baby' stage. They are adorable though and such great little models. Loving those Maddi poses!!!

Kristin said...

How can I get my hands on that skirt and knee socks that Ellie is wearing? I would LOVE the shoes too. Does Staci sell all of them in her store? Does she ship? Please say yes. :)

Amy K said...

Oh my....cuteness all over the place! What a fantastic day it must have been.

Sharidrew said...

how adorable! Ellie's outfit reminds me of Punky Brewster a little bit! I love it! Gabbi is so adorable and glad she is coming out of her shell. She looks tiny compared to those "big girls"!! Way to go Hayden!!

Thanks for sharing!
Hugs from Missouri,

Becky said...

Wow! Hayden is so grown up and handsome!!!! Everyone looks adorable!

snekcip said...

I gotta say HAYDEN stole this post!! That young man is HANDSOME! HANDSOME! HANDSOME!!

I'm talking MODEL status!!! So good to see him in a post!!

Beverly said...

Loved seeing all the kids - big and little. What a show!

Kathryn said...


jmckemie said...

Wow - GG all grown up and Hayden, too! Stinkin' cute. Did Staci ever set up on line? Got a not quite 2.5 year old here whose name is also Ellie that already has a mind of her own about clothes! This Gram cannot resist, either.
Love the pics - thanks for sharing the cuteness.

jenny said...

Hey, it's no wonder Hayden agreed to be in the style show. Pretty young girl models are very good incentive! Thanks for sharing.