Friday, July 22, 2011

Kindergarten Readiness Camp at MMPT

The girls went to camp this week. I have been wondering if Ellie was ready for Kindergarten or not. I made the decision to not put her in Pre K this year, mainly because I want to keep the girls together at Miss Donna's. And, well, I am pretty sure that Ellie is on track already to hit kindergarten NEXT fall.

So, MMPT is offering all kinds of summer camps, and when I read about this one, I knew this would be a good opportunity for me to find out if she was ready for all that pre K and K would entail.

Not only the numbers, letters, colors, shapes, etc, but also sitting at a table, taking turns, listening to the teacher, etc.

Accordingt to the leaders, Ellie did great. For that matter, they said Miss GG did pretty well too.

I know that Miss Donna has them do some workbooks at daycare too, so she'll be providing a little to them this year, so we'll see where Gabbi is at the end of this school year before we decide on her plan next year. She may actually need to go to pre K, but again... it's a little too soon to tell.

We had a couple of students who are doing their internships with MMPT who ran the camps. It was good to have "almost" professionals manning the camp ship all summer. It was great experience for them to create the activities for each camp... "Friend Builders", "Kindergarten Readiness", "Super Sounds", "Sensory Camp", "Fine Motor Camp", among others.

Gabbi spent a day or two crying her way through, when she heard me in the hall. I am telling you... she is CONNECTED to her mama!!

In situations when I am not around, I have been told Ellie really takes care of her sister. I think that is awesome!

I sent my camera to camp each day, and the students would snap a few pics for me.

They used a multi-sensory approach to learning letters, shapes, and all.

Look at all those activities in the background. That's a lot of crafty stuff!! Makes me smile!!

After camp, Ellie brought me all her treasures.

It was fun having them at the office all week, and knowing that at lunch, when my patients were finished for the morning, I could go to the OT room and there would be my babies. I liked it!! I wish camp could be year round!

Oh, and as a special treat, these pics were taken by Ellie. Who, by the way, is not much bigger than the camera she was trying to manhandle!

And this one.

And finally.....

Have a good weekend!!



snekcip said...

Great way to end the week!! Love Ellie in pigtails!!

SK said...

I love to see photos that children take. You get to see things from there perspective.

Becky said...

I love Ellie's braids! I bet if you talk to the "Head Cheese" at MMPT they COULD have camp ALL YEAR!! I bet she would think that's a fine idea!
Looks like fun! My baby will be going to kindergarten this fall! She is soooo excited!!!!!!!!! Mama will probably shed a few tears! (what am I talking about... she will shed LOTS of tears!!!)

Shannon said...

Sounds like a fun week for all!!

tricia said...

You had the best of both worlds while they were at MMPT day camp!

Ellie looks precious in braids.

Amy K said...

These camps sound wonderful!

You girls are rockin' the braids.