Sunday, July 24, 2011

A fun project... Wedding TALISMAN!

This is a special talisman. One like I've never done before! It was requested by Melinda, who has been following MoJoy since waaaaay back when. She has found the love of her life, and like me, she likes all things sentimental! Ya know... that is exactly why I liked doing the talismans so much! I love that each piece included stands for something special. The piece of jewelry tells a story, and to the wearer who described it to me, they know exactly what that story is.

This is Melinda's story!!
She asked for a talisman she could tuck into her bouquet. Thus, I used a hook on the top so she could hook it onto a stem or branch, or have her florist even create something sturdier on her bouquet to hold this in for her.

Obviously the colors of her wedding are red and black. Know why?! Because the groom is a big Georgia Bulldog!! Therefore....

MMH, you were the first to have something SEWN in your talisman!! How bout that stitching?! You know I am all about the sewing machine now! And I found this black and white ribbon that said, "A time to remember", so that was a must!

There was also some ribbon that said, "loves me" and "loves me not". I didn't think we needed that second part!

This is a special salutation used between Melinda Marie and Timothy. They take pics of a smiley and heart when at the beach by drawing it in the sand, they make these shapes out of M&M's to give each other, etc. It's a special message and had to make the talisman cut!

This is the wedding date. I love that 9/11. Know why!? It adds up to 11! And that means Jake is right there with you!

This sterling cross has three hearts on it. It is the number of children they desire. I hope this is a fortune of sorts for you and all your dreams come true!

I had several of these tags, but for these are the three I chose for you two... LOVE obviously is a must for a wedding day! But then, PLAY is what I hope your marriage has lots of and how your relationship remains. And HOPE is for the many, many kids you have touched and been touched by, Melinda Marie, in your years of service at St. Jude... fundraising with ALSAC.

I just LOVE that bright red heart. And I added your new name... Blalock to the back of this neat little box.

I liked this dangle as it implies fun, lightheartedness, and overall JOY! Polka dots and stripes. May you have fun all the days of your lives together.

Because you are both Christians, I included a cross and a Bible. The Bible opens, so you two can decide if you'd like to add something in there. I can tell you how to do it, if you decide it needs to have an occupant.


And there is a little "love" tucked down in there. See him!?

And then, there is a St. Jude charm to remind you of all you have to be grateful for. Anytime I think of our time at St. Jude, I am just overwhelmed with gratefulness for my life. My health. My family's health. My kids! I know you and Tim will feel the same.

And for Tim's dad, who I am certain is in Heaven looking down, grinning from ear to ear to see his son so happy and in love with a woman who LIVES LIFE; and a woman who is generous and loving and enthusitic about living. Bet you didn't know I could know so much about you without meeting you,huh? Good attitudes SHINE through!! So, for Timothy, this charm is for you. To know your dad is here with you on this special day. Then, for MMH, there is her best friend, Jan, who died in a plane crash with her husband. I know Jan was very special to you. So special that you asked me to include her in your wedding bouquet. That's pretty awesome! I know she is proud for you both!

And finally, check out this little box. I just LOVE it! Because you told me you love Tiffany's blue boxes, I found a raku bead I had in the same shade. I stuck it in here, JUST IN CASE, you need "something blue" on the big day. You can also add something to the box...a tiny note, a special number, word, or even a verse you both love. Go crazy!

See? Isn't it cute?!

And I left the backside of one of the pewter frames blank. You can shrink a fave photo, a verse, or anything I left out to make it your own. And if you don't fill it, it's ok. I have the "loves me" on the other side of this one.

So, there you have it. I hope it is all you hoped it would be.

I am happy for you both!

May the Lord bless and Keep you... may His face shine upon you!



RADstitches said...

I love that!!! Such a great idea!!!!!

melinda marie said...

MO!!!! You just made us cry. Even Timothy! We L-O-V-E our special talisman. It is FAR MORE than I could have imagined. Thank you for giving us a tangible treasure that represents so much of what our lives are all about.

I remember meeting you at the Jude when Jake was on the 4th floor. You and your sis were crafting inpatient and I knew you were both good peeps!

I'll send you pics of the wedding... and that special bouquet.

Thanks again!
(Timothy and Melinda Marie!)

Amy K said...

Amazing! What a treasure to have for their special day!

Zhohn said...

That is awesome!

tricia said...

what a special piece.i'm sure it will be treasured.

charlotta said...

Wow that is so beautiful! Congrats to Timothy and Melinda, May you both have a happy Marriage and Family in the years to come... <3

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
OMG, these pictures are so adorable how could you possibly choose??
At any rate, here is my two cents worth - The ones I loved are:
Picture # 19 of you & the girls
It was hard to decide which one where the girls are back to back but I loved # 22, #28 and #33
Ellie kissing Gabbi in picture # 30 is way cute
# 40 with Gabbi resting her head on Ellie is THE BOMB!
# 46 – darling
# 49 of just Ellie – sweet
# 56 of Gabbi with her head tilted to the left – darling
# 63 and #64 of Gabbi girl with that sweet smile
You have you work cut out for you trying to narrow down the best pictures – they are all so darn cute!!
Well good luck with that Mo & have a great Monday.
Diana from Colorado

Lisa O. said...

That talisman is just awesome and what a keepsake for them!! Best Wishes to Timothy and Melinda Marie!

Sharidrew said...

the talisman is amazing! You are so thoughtful! Really!! Oh, and I put my picture "likes" on the last post. Now, I'm all caught up!

Hugs from Missouri,

Mary said...


Zhohn said...

LOVE LOVE the new blog pic!!!!