Friday, July 8, 2011

Art night with the big girls

I'm not bragging, buuuuutttt.... I have a pretty popular house in the neighborhood. At least among the girls! The boys couldn't care less about the art room! But girls DIG it!

It even scores us the big girls spending the night with us from time to time!

Even a newbie from down the street. Welcome, Brittany! ANd when I score the big girls, I score BIG with my oldest kid!

Who by the way, has red hair extensions in her hair here! And who loves this tank top because it has a little "bra" shelf in it. (I don't let her wear it out anymore, now that I know why it thrills her so!).

My baby girl honestly couldn't care less WHO is there! When I give her a project, she is just in the zone. Her and her work!

She settled right in smack dab on her belly. She had some painting to do!

Ellie, on the other hand, stopped her own painting so she could sit and admire and ogle what Emma Lou was doing.

After all, she IS the wind beneath her wings!

I like this picture. I would need to crop out that nappy hair extension that looks a little like a freaky little snake, though! But I think this would be a cute blown up photo for my art room... little hands, painting!

Brittany was fun to have over because I always love it when someone likes art as much as I do. They all three snuggled up in Ellie's bed when the evening was over. Whose the fourth you ask?! Well, that'd be Ellie Sue who thinks she BELONGS between her mama and daddy!! Always!

Look at that intensity on my baby's face. She was all bizness!

And ol' snoop dawg over here could only pay attention to other people's bizness!

and finally, the finished product. Way to go, Gabbi Girl! I will treasure it.

Along with the 68 others I have collected thus far this year.



Amy K said...

Well Mo, if we lived in your neighborhood, your house would absolutely be the most popular in mine & my younger daughter's eyes. :)

Bj said...

Hey, forget being a little tapper....I want to come to your art room!!....Mo, you are making memories for you and your girlies that will see you thru a lifetime! I admire you so very much....just saying!!....huggers, BJ

tricia said...

as i said before most girls love art projects. ellie and gabby will have tons of friends over!