Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another talisman. For S.S.

This talisman is for Sharon. Her entire talisman is about love. Love for her Family of Five. Five being a significant number for her. It is about all the people in her life that have become her family and continues to be the light of her life. Those two dangles on the top of the piece represent her daddy and brother who she lost in the span of only two years. With the loss of her brother came a special bond between aunt and a nephew who needed some extra love. Brody is the first of FIVE to be mentioned and represented in this talisman.

About her Family of Five...Years ago, when she was trying to get her nephew, Payne, to call her Sha Sha (short for Sharon), it came out YeaYea. ANd well, it kinda stuck!! And lo and behold, it was discovered that "yea yea" means mother in another culture. Very prophetic, as Sharon was to become mother to so many.

FIVE significant others in fact. Well, four she really "mothered". The other she just derived much strength from... her sister, Toni.

See, Sharon found herself in my boat. Wanting children, but things just not heading that direction. We don't choose our family. They are God's gift to us as we are to them. So. God had other plans for Sharon!

12 years ago, he brought Jessica into her life who she basically become her daughter. Jessica's birthdate is the exact same as the date of the baby who she lost in a miscarriage. It was her sign that this was the way it was meant to be. And now, Jessica has given Sharon a precious granddaughter, Jayci! (number three and four of the "children" represented in the talisman).

Above, Sharon, I included a few greenish stones to represent your love of all things about the ocean. She describes the ocean as her refuge, her peace.

And now that we have Payne, Jessica, Brody, and Jacey covered, thereis only one more. That will round out the five, which are represented by the hearts (5) and the turquoise oblong stones).

Note the cross included. This is to represent her gratefulness to God for providing her a FAMILY after all. She expressed a desire to have a cross on her talisman to remember His blessings on her and to remind her that even when she feels alone, He is with her.

So, lastly, we have a fifth heart to represent her sister, Toni. Toni gives Sharon strength and is very special to her.

So... see how this whole talisman is about LOVE!?

It doesn't matter how we get our families, Sharon. We just need to be grateful and LOVE. So glad you "get" that!! We are blessed!



tricia said...

just beautiful. i'm sure it will be treasured

melanie, aka Mo said...

Sharon, per our texts, I will be happy to add a bead to acknowledge the loss of your mother also, within that two year span of losing your brother and dad!! for sure, she should be a part of your talisman!! just come by and I'll be happy to rectify that situation!!


Toni Collins said...

This definitely tells Sharon's story. Our family of five became a family of two within 2 years. We lost our Dad, and less than 2 years later, we lost our Mother and brother, 17 days apart. She says she gets strength from me, but actually, TOGETHER, we find our strength. I don't know what I(we) would do without our YeaYea. She is a beautiful soul, so loving and good. Great job...again ;)

Zhohn said...

How sweet. Precious 'story' and a nice comment from Toni.

sharon said...

melanie, thank you for adding the bead for my mother to my talisman. i treasure it, and will always wear it with much pride. and, thank you for the kewl earring to match! it was very nice meeting you!