Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh no she din't.

It's 8:00 am here, and my Gabbi Girl is UP and AWAKE and TALKATIVE and EATING!! Yipppeeee!!! Looking forward to another great day!!

For this week's fashion faux pas's (??), this just takes the cake!! I don't really know a lot of three year olds who can do their own hair. Or dress themselves. Or especially do a full-on ponytail holder!

Well, this one can! I just say, "Ellie, go put your clothes on." The ones, by the way, we have scrutinzed over the night before, laying it out head to toe, as you've seen, from hair bow to flipflop. But the point here is, and there is one, is that she is incredibly independent.

The other thing that means for me is that I have a HUGE pile of laundry to do every time I do it. I should snap a pic of our folded laundry someday! Mine and Todd's... oh, a small stack of undies, a few pair of socks, maybe 3-4 tee shirts and some shorts. Gabbi Girl, the past 3-4 outfits I had laid out for her that week. period. Ellie Sue... oh, about 22 pair of panties, maybe 12 shirts, 10-12 pair of shorts, 49 pair of leggings, and a stolen training bra.

Ok, so here's the point of my story. She KNOWS what she wants to wear, and in this case how she wants to wear it!

She knotted this shirt up and ponytailed it behind her back with NO help from any adult around here!

As a physical therapist, I was so impressed, I just let her wear it that way! I mean, really. That takes some dexterity! And, when I asked her why she did that, she said,"My shirt's too long". What she SHOULD have said was "Emma and all her friends are doing this." Thanks, Paula! Get control of your kid!

So, me, my mom, my baby girl, and my teenager all loaded up on the golf cart tram that hauls you all over the grounds here at the Beach Club.

Despite our several hundred dollars worth of groceries (isn't that how it goes on vacation?!), we STILL went up to the little deli at the front of the Beach Club grounds to have a bowl of soup, salad, and for Ellie and Gabbi, ice cream/ popsicles.

This is the Beach Club's Village. It is a buffet style lunch and has a 24 (ish) hour pizzaria which will deliver to your door! There is also a mini shopping center (pictured below) for any essentials you may have forgotten, since the Beach Club is about 15-20 minutes from town. Another reason I like it so much!

Weird face, Gabbi!

I had this salad and some soup. I know, soup at the beach?!

And then the ol switcheroo occurred. Ellie wanted a different popsicle, so she convinced Gabbi who also now wanted one, that she needed her "old" one so she could get the new one!

It's what we big sisters do. It is only for their own good... teaches them life skills. Teaches them to fend for themselves. How'd that turn out for ya, Staci?! You can thank me!

THIS is the replacement popsicle. It's about the size of a broom!

Ellie's motto... bigger is better! More is more. Unless we are referring to fabric on her skirts. Then, it's less is more. Until she's four. Then, I am putting my foot down!!

So, that's our day. We got back on the tram and headed back to the condo. It comes around about every 10 minutes, so there's never much of a wait !! Ya know, I am gonna have everyone sold on the Beach Club!

And then I am going to single-handedly keep my condo booked up in the times we aren't here. That's a great idea! If interested, email me. Jessi keeps a calendar of available times as well as seasonal prices.

15 comments, and I post again. I have a ton of them loaded and ready to rock! karaoke, out to eat, poolside...

I swear this started as a knotted tee shirt post, and was not meant to turn into a sales pitch. But you know... I just write what flies into my head. so, I put it out there. Check ya later.



Kristina said...

Hey Melanie! I feel compelled to tell you that if the Butt Paste doesn't work, I would go get some yeast infection cream. Just plain ole stuff you'd get for a grown up yeast infection. My little girl had a terrible booty problem once and turned out that the yeast infection cream did the trick. Hope you dont mind the unsolicited advice. I just hope she feels better soon.

tricia said...

Ellie is sporting a tail! LOL

I am so impressed with your beach club;wish I lived closer!

Big sisters are there for helping their siblings out. WTG Ellie.

I hope Gabby continues to do better

Tammy said...

Ok, come on get people get to crackin over here, we need another post with lots of pictures! Hope your booty is feeling better Gabbi gurl!

kimybeee said...

now melanie - god blessed you with two beautiful baby girls. he gave you ellie to amaze you and show you what a great mom you are by letting her be independent and artsy-fartsy! and he gave you gg to love and cherish and baby and dote upon. you have the best of both worlds. just imagine how hard life would be if they were both like ellie or both like gg!!??? you have a wonderful family and are so blessed that you are so close and get to have all these wonderful adventures.

i am glad to see that gg is feeling better. some yogurt with live cultures can help that problem sometimes. and going commando while in private would probably help air her little tooshie out and make it feel better too. just put on something long and let her streak lol.

i love all the posts - you have set a bad precedence here, are you gonna keep this up when you get back to the real world lol you need to hire your own pr/papparazzi to follow you guys around and blog for you!!

Beverly said...

That Ellie is something! I just cannot wait for the next fashion update. She's the cutest fashionista I know! And sweet, sweet Gabbi. I would love to come hug on her. I think I'm #5 but I'll be back to make sure we make 15 before much longer.

Hallie said...

We are interested in your condo. Vacation will be the week which has Aug birthday. Where can I email Jessie. My email is

Deb said...

Just had to giggle.....let me know how the "foot down" works!

I was the big sister also, so I get it, if you can get them to do it, why not?

Glad Gabbi is feeling better!

Mary said...

I'll be checking back when Ellie is 4. I'm sure I'll still be finding her in mini skirts. Did you say two bedroom condo? Where do you put everyone. You had a crowd there last week plus your sitters! I guess they should just be lucky to go and sleep wherever. Oh, to be young.

Bj said...

I sincerely hope that I'm still around when your "teenager" becomes a TEENAGER! She is absolutely the sweetest...cutest....smartest...funniest little toot I've ever seen...I look forward to every post.....thx for sharing....huggers, BJ

laura said...

YEAH for GG! Glad she is feeling better, and love the popsicles, and 3 going on 18!

Phyllis Lines said...

That is one big popsicle! Hope Gabby is on the mend.

Crystal said...

Hey Melanie! I love reading your blog! I usually read it on my ipod and because of some cookie error I can't comment. :(
We are interested in your condo. I don't know what dates but can you send over some prices and dates you might have open.
Thanks and I'm enjoying all your vacation post.

Ava said...

My husband wants to know if there any good golf courses around. He hates the beach but LOVES golf. I know Todd is into golf, so you could point us in the right direction if I can convince him we desperately need a beach trip.

Zhohn said...

Miss independent Ellie! Looks like Gabbi is feeling better!

Amy K said...

Whoa, once again, I've got some serious catching up to do.
My 11 yr. old always does that ponytail knot on the back of her "long" shirts. When going to school, she will always hear, "I better not be able to see skin".....the worst part is when they get into the wash with the ponytail holder still on them! :)

nancy said...

I am a mother to 3 girls, who are now 25, 22 and 21. I agree, I do like having girls, especially now that they are older. I know that we will always be close. It was tough when they were younger and fought a lot but you get through it and it is great to see them getting along now that they are older. They only want girls too when they have kids. Ha.