Sunday, June 5, 2011

Leather and pearls... my new experiment.

I have had quite a bit of interest in my newest creations. I am making lariats, chokers, bracelets, earrings, and anklets with leather and pearls.

I thought I'd share a few examples since people are wanting to know prices and such. This one would be considered a lariat with two extra pearls. A basic lariat comes with three pearls. They are $30. Every additional pearl, add $5. So, this lariat is $40. Mary Allison hasn't taken hers off yet!

Yea.... I've been kinda busy!

How cute are these earrings gonna be?!

I have three different colors of leather cording, and three different colors of pearls.

HEre, Ellie Sue is sporting a basic lariat. $30.

Isn't it cute on her?!

I happen to know of a particual website where they are making these, and they are like $95 each. I kid you "knot".

These are very reasonably priced, and whatever I don't sell through the blog, will be going to a local store where, I can assure you , the price will be doubled, although I am really thinking a little more than tripled!! (If prices stay like they presently are)

I'm really not just trying to push them on you, but I swear, I have always loved a bargain! These are headed to California.. to Paige.

And there are your bracelets and lariats too!

JinJin didn't get away without her set!

And as promised... these are going out first of this week!

Mary Allison is modelling this one for Leigh Ann.

Example... since there are two extra pearls on the one above, it would be $40.

And for Tracie:

You are getting this brown on brown lariat.

And Melissa:

Since you, too, guessed my life with about 60% accuracy in the quiz this weekend, you will be receiving this....

It, too, has two extra pearls, so would be $35. Get the drift? If you want to know what they usually sell for, check out LoveKnots online. I nearly fell out of my chair!

SO, let me know if you are interested. I can't promise the exact one you want at this time. I have made up a whole, whole lot of my materials. For instance, no more black leather at the beach. So, if you aren't all that specific, I can probably get it out this week! And HOW CUTE for the summer?!



kimybeee said...

very pretty - simple but elegant pieces. i am still bitter that i never got my talisman, and i had to go and learn to make my own lol!!!

i think it is really cool that you are so talented and take the time to do all of these cool project. i can't just have a pile and do a little here and a little there. i have to be all organized and all prepared to do my thing. you, on the other hand probably craft while on the toilet lol!

i never once considered that you aren't with your girls. you have mentioned numerous times that you have the sitters to entertain the kiddos while you are working on projects. and then you show us how involved the kids, sitters, and neighborhood kids get while you are at it.

as for toddly not wanting his pic taken - he is just so handsome he doesn't want other women to try and steal him from you!! lol

DeeDee said...

I would love a lariet like Mary Allison along with bracelet and earrings! How much?

connie said...

mo i would love to learn how to make these they are very pretty. i think i could make them can you email me mo thanks i have customers that buy from me all the time i know they would love these what do u call them? i will discuss with you about buying a whole set.. hope to hear from you soon i have enjoyed reading your blogs and seeing all the pics from the beach. you are very talented i wish i was as good as you are in making jewelry... i love all your stuff when i go on vacation i want to take my stuff with me to make new stuff with i usually try to find a bead store where ever i go and i usually buy beads from there i love beading and making jewelry. but im not as good as you are mo.. i wish i was but im not and i know i wont be that is why i love to get your stuff and get kits from u.. well its late here nearly 2am so i need to head to bed i would love to be at the beach hearing the ocean waves aww yes such soothing sound to hear at night.. have a great time on your vacation...

blessedmomof3 said...

Yay!! I am so excited! ! I will be. Like a kid at Christmas checking the mailbox this week! This jewelry is precious. I may just have to order earrings and a bracelet to match!!

Leigh Ann

Amy K said...

So pretty! I just love your photo earring cards.
I hope GG is feeling better today.

linda.smith said...

Hey Mo…..I would love a leather & pearls necklace like Ellie had on in the blog along with a bracelet and earrings I would like the white or lighter color pearls. Just let me know
how much and I will put you a check in the mail.

Kellye Hoogland said...
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Kellye Hoogland said...

Melaine! I love your new stuff! I would love a set like Ginny! I promise to pay on time! 112 Olde Oaks WM 71292. Looks like yall are having a great time at the beach! It is so hot here, you might want to stay there!

Beverly said...

WOW! I want one or two. I have to figure out what I want and email you back. You're amazing. I always START lots of projects but they rarely get finished. I want to move into you little house behind the big house! I hope Gabbi is feeling better.

adrogan said...

Love Love Love the jewelry! I want a braclet with brown leather and white pearls....And can you make me a set of earring s to match with only one pearl on brown leather ( I have a picture that I will email you). Let me know the cost......Thanks!!!

Bethany said...

I have to ask - How long does it take you to pack for a trip like this? Seriously, all the clothes and accessories for the girlies, all your stuff, stuff for the beach and then all your art stuff... Are you a throw-it-all-in-a-bag-last-minute kinda girl or pack-slowly-and-methodically-over-the-prior-week kinda girl? Either way, I'm impressed!

Lisa O. said...

Love the jewelry, so pretty!!! I would probably do a black one with pearls, because I wear a lot of black it seems to work. I will watch on the blog for you to say you have black.

Rachel said...

Love! I would like a lariat like Mary Allison's with brown leather and white pearls. How do we pay?

tricia said...

You sure are a 'busy bee'(i know where Ellie gets her energy from). The jewelry is beautiful!

L said...

I would love a bracelet one! I love the one you have up there with the 3 pearls showing on it. I am not picky on colors or anything. Like kimybeee said, I never got my talisman, but have not been wearing necklaces lately anyway so it is probably for the better. Email me at and let me know how much and I will get the money out to you. I am a plus size girl so a little more length on the bracelet would be great!

Mrs. McDaniel's Class said...

I would like one for my 10 year old daughter (like Ellie's).

MaryH said...

I love those lariats - you have so much talent - I hope little Gabbi Girl is much, much better now - poor baby - I miss her smile. Ellie is having a blast and that is exactly what she makes out of life - she is such a hoot - my mom lives on - fighting daily - I went to my Aunt's 100th birthday party this weekend - strong blood in our family but I am living a different life then theirs - I think stress and who knows what else will not allow me to live that long - really don't know if I want to, old age is not for sissies! Take care - have more beach fun.

cahipp said...

i must confess i have been a stalker for some time. i absolutely love reading your blog! your girls are precious and are so blessed to have been adopted by such a great family!

i would love a lariat just like mary allison and also one just like ellie sue for my 9 year old. i live in ruston and could pick up at your office anytime!! hope you enjoy the rest of your trip at the beach!

if paula and emma lou have made it down please tell them "Hello"! We played ball with clayton 2 years ago and enjoyed getting to know them! happy summer!


adrogan said...

Melanie, How can I email youa picture?

Zhohn said...

I am BEHIND on commenting! Disney World is taking all of my time! I'm reading every post, even if it's a paragraph here and there. Love the necklaces, the ear rings are nice too.

Melissa said...

OMG!! I am soooo excited! Gorgeous! :) Makes me glad that I went ahead and voted to pay the Melanie Massey PT bill at the school board meeting last night. :)