Friday, June 3, 2011

Goin out to Tacky Jack's. And feathers.

Ok, Tracie and Melissa, since I don't want you two girls fighting, I 'll send you both a prize. and Leigh Ann, since you were first on the scene, you get one too! The answers that were missed....
Todd STEWART Groves
Gabbi calls her chocolate milk, "Fa milk". Have no idea why!
She got up at 7:30am.
(and has pretty much slept the rest of the day, bless her heart!)
We have 5 tv's right now, but are ditching a couple (upgrading)
Y'all were right on number of pearls, JinJin's book, and bloody marys.
Hayden's friend was Drake and KK is going to be an engineer.
Oh and thank God for Boudreaux's butt Paste.

So, send me your addresses, at and I will send those suckers out THIS WEEK! Maybe tomorrow! Before I forget! And if you are "plus size", please indicate. I know I hate getting awesome things I can't wear!!

This is a cute picture!
Robin informed me that all my pics are looking grainy on my blog. And I can see that. But I don't know why. They look fine on my computer. Are you seeing it too!?
I mean, they are fine in my photo storage area,but when I upload them to blogger, they look all grainy and that's uncool.

Now that Mary Allison is on board expect about three times the pictures. She recognizes my need for photos and will offer to take the camera everywhere! AND, there will be some family photos. Woot Woot!

And of course, given her mood, there will be about 9000 like this...

and about 20,000 like this. Apparently she is going through her "jumping phase".

ummm hmmmm...

ummm hhmmmmm....

And a run with my hands in the air for good measure...

There. That's over.

Have I mentioned that we all got feathers in our hair? Well, we did it back before we left Louisiana. I got mine done at a salon, and realized how easy it was, ordered some off the net, and did both my girlies'.

They are very Steven Tyler-esque! Don't you think?!

Gabbi Girl got a hot pink striped one with a piece of gold tinsel.

And big mama got a turquoise big feather and a hot pink skinny one.

I ordered 100 (yes 100!) more for my office peeps or any of the kids (or adults!!) who come to MMPT to have their hair done when I get back. Todd saw the package come to the house, so he brought them along. Sooooo, Mary Allison now has a few in her hair too! I'll have to get back with ya with that photo.

Something tells me I'll be doing them poolside by the end of next week!

After all, Emma and friends are expected here tomorrow!

This is a favorite place here at the Beach Club. It's called the Boardwalk. It runs along the beach and behind the condos. Very peaceful here. We LOVE this ol swing!

These pics were taken right after an unpleasant diaper change for Gabbi Girl, and she just couldn't bring herself to smile!

She is not feeling to good on the bottom end. She can't even sit up now. We bought some Immodium last night, and some kids' Tylenol to help with the pain. And we are gonna take a break from the pool today, as that constant dampness in her swimsuit can't be good for helping it dry out. Ok, so onto the point of the post. This is Tacky Jack's. I know I have mentioned it before, but the Beach Club is actually on Fort Morgan, a peninsula that juts out under Mobile Bay at the very bottom of the state of Alabama. Go google it. It's kinda neat and one of those things most people don't even know exist in our state. Anyhooo... this is just about the very spot where Mobile Bay opens up into the Gulf of Mexico. It is almost the very end of that peninsula. And it was gorgeous last night as the sun set.

Like MA's necklace?! I'll have prices soon. I have made up a bunch, so they are ready to roll out!

Love these kinds of hole in the wall seafood joints.

You got Royal Reds where you are from? We don't. They are huge gulf shrimp that taste like lobster. That's what ol Mo ordered. That, and fried pickles. Oh man, I LOVE fried pickles. Terry, can you make those? We need to make those at our retreat.

Most of the meal was spent walking around with GG, cause the poor thing can't tolerate sitting.

Sure hoping a day off gives that baby some relief. Boudreaux's Butt Paste, do yo thang!!MO


Mbeaty19 said...
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Mbeaty19 said...

I'm a big lover of Fried Pickles. And shrimp that tastes like lobster count me in!!!! Sad I didn't get my answers up in time for your contest. Had two needy boys that took priority. Loving all the pictures and glad to see some family pictures.
I feel for GG - Johnathan has this walk like the guys you see in Westerns - That wide-legged walk because his bottom is so sore. Hope the Butt Paste does it's job and she feels better soon. Thinking the not going in the pool was a good idea. Wetness/Dampness is a rashes worst enemy!

tricia said...

My heart is breaking for Gabby. I hope by tomorrow morning she's better or at least on her way. Keep her out of the water;it definitely is not helping the healing process.

RaycoTD said...

Poor peanut! Hope the butt paste works wonders, I feel SO bad for her!!

Ellie is a hoot, love the jumping pictures!

Mary Allison is just beautiful, Happy sweet 16!

And I love friedpickles too!

Hallie said...

Poor Gabbi Gull. So sorry she feels so bad. Hope she is not at the stage where wants you to kiss her boo boos. Lol

Missy said...

Ohh sooooo jealous. You are at my most favorite vacation spot ever. Two summers ago my Hubby and I brought 5 of our kids down there for vacation (the only real vacation we have ever had really lol) and hope to someday to be able to return to The Beach Club! We had an absolute blast,our kids were never bored with all of the activities, the massage I got at the spa OMGGGGGG it was heaven. So when I read ur posts the past few weeks I sit with envy wishing it were me lol!!!
Poor GG I hope her tushie gets to feeling better ASAP. I love Budreauxs and swore by that as well as bag balm! Enjoy ur vacation and love the leather necklaces..please post some prices!!! Happy Birthday Mary Allison!!! Squeeze den baby girls Mo,my "baby" graduated high school this past peeked magnate cum laude and I still see her getting on the bus in kindergarten.

Missy said...

Ps fried pickles,Omg died and gone to heaven...hooters has the best ones forgot to tell u

Unknown said...

I am loving all of your beach updates, but a little jealous that I am not down there with you! So sad that Gabbi doesn't feel well. Just fyi....whenever my girls get a really bad diaper rash that doesn't heal quickly, I have realized that it is usually a yeast infection. It gets really red and will bleed a little sometimes. My pediatrician said to put Lotrimin Ultra (over the counter that is often used as an antifungal) on it and it literally is 10x better overnight. Just a thought! Hope you all have fun!

MamaD said...

Just another suggestion for the red booty: maalox (antacid) liquid pour over red area then apply some A&D ointment and lotrimin ointment. Mixing the 2 creams in a jar makes application so much easier too. Our youngest really had issues with this. We even let her run around with panties instead of a diaper to give the booty some air. Good luck!

Michelle said...

Looks like a great place to visit. Maybe one day... So my now 21 year old had terrible sore bum issues and one Dr. suggested using a blow dryer after each diaper change to get the area really dry before adding any ointment. It really helped her quickly. Thought it might help poor GG.

Julie said...

Oh I hope Gabby feels better soon!! I have to tell you that I made an appointment for my peanut to get her hair and nails done for her birthday (July 5) and I asked the girl if they have feathers and she said they do! :) She is going to get feathers in her hair on her bday but she doesn't know it yet. :)

adrogan said...

I love the necklace....and I LOVE fried dill pickles (ever had the spears fried?) They are good too! That is a must everytime we fry things!!!!

Zhohn said...

Darn it! I missed the contest, I've been in the car all afternoon! Thought about y'all as we passed through Alabama.
Love the pic of Ellie on the bench from a distance, definitely my favorite. Hope Gabbi is feeling better.

Melissa said...

yay me!!
Sometimes Desitin Creamy worked better than Boudreaux's for my kids. And I'm telling you that the prescription stuff is amazing!

connie said...

im sorry that gabbi isnt feeling so good i hope she is better by tomorrow so she can enjoy the pool and beach. i love the pics of you all i missed the question thing i know i probably would have won i knew all the answers oh well next time the neckles are very cute wish i could get one. maybe if they arent too much i can get one.. i want to go to the beach so bad maybe me my mom and dad can go sometime this summer i hope so anyways.thanks for posting and blogging for us to see you all on your vacation.. enjoy it.. hugs to you all

RADstitches said...

Hey woman... Now get this!!! The newest blog post pictures are extremely grainy on my iPad, but when I blow them up they are perfectly clear!!! Are u looking at them on the computer or iPad? It's bothering me and I wanna get to the bottom of this!!! LOL.

I feel so bad for Gabbi!!!!!

Dannon said...

Not sure if you are still checking comments from this post or not....but leaving a comment anyway. The best, best, best butt rash cream ever is Aquaphor. Or son has terrible sensitive skin and he can go from raw/bleeding to basically clear overnight with that stuff. Be generous...lather it on and it should help poor GG out!