Monday, June 6, 2011

The FORD Family is here!!

Well the scene here has changed... a LOT! The Ford Family has arrived, and all the dynamics are now new and exciting! Namely, EMMA LOU is here! She just spices everything up... like here where she is doing four consecutive back handsprings!!!

I suppose that is what we have to look forward to... my heart in my stomach, knowing the injuries that could occur (sometimes being a PT is a curse!).

Ellie was at the water's edge, getting her front row look at all that action. Julieanne has been directed to stay right on her when she is near that ocean! Good girl, Julieanne!

Far right is Mr. Joe... daddy to all the Fords (Johnny and Linda Lou's dad). Then, there's Samuel in the middle, who is Linda Lou's oldest son and all into photography. And on teh left is Joseph, the eldest of the 7 Ford grandchildren. A musician, trying his hand in Nashville, currently.

Far right.... IS THAT TODD!? IN THE SUN!?? He is NOT a fan of the heat of the beach. But, he came down to be sociable. And thats' Ana, the Ford equivalent of my KK or Mary Allison. She's been around for about 9 or more years, sitting the Ford kids.

And of course, in the foreground above, is Cowgirl Paula.

And have I ever mentioned the tradition of Fruity drinks? We just affectionately call them "fruities" now. They are DELICIOUS!! Have a little Vodka in them, and loads of fruit. I'll have to get the actual recipe for anyone interested. Very light and GOOD. Not very alcoholic tasting.

There's Linda Lou in that straw hat, center.

Ellie has had a new affinity for the ocean since Emma Lou arrived.

I was across the "circle of love" (that's what we call our beach formation every year), and was making jewelry. I do not go down to the beach without a project. I "relax" that way ! I CANNOT be idle. Anyway, do you see that surprise Ellie is hiding behind her back for Linda Lou?! Pay attention, cause you are about to see a pitiful Paula NOT getting hers! Ok, so here's just a general group shot of the circle of love. Someday I am going to hire big ol' fat babysitters who'll make me feel a little better about myself. Peyton, back there in the back , is playing ball toss with Paula and Johnnye's middle kid, Clayton. And there's Nana, aka Miss Linda, on the right.

Ok, so this is Paula pointing out that her chest is bare! And being pitiful to shame me into giving her a lariat! Aaron is John's best friend and is just along as a pal. He and John will be headed south in a few short months to LSU in Baton Rouge, so they are mooching it while they can!

Clayton and Peyton will be starting at West Monroe High School this year as freshmen. (along with Hayden!). They have started workouts and are feeling F-I-N-E!

Ellie found that a half empty Capri Sun will shoot about 5' away!

She made sure everybody got a little bit of fruit punch on them.

So anyway, this was day one of the circle of love.

And speaking of love, looky who got her lariat AND a bracelet to boot!

And look who got a lecture from dad about squirting people with Capri Suns AND throwing sand on them. NOT COOL! When Daddy snatches up a wrist, Ellie pays attention! And heads straight to someone who will pity her. Enter LInda Lou!!!And when it was time to go in, Todd had quite a time getting up out of his chair. Seems we are getting OLD!

This is Miss Linda, who has now moved her beach chair out to the water's edge. She could stay on that beach from sun up to sun down. And really kinda does!!

Well, we all did Monday! I will have pictures to support this claim soon! Happy Tuesday!



Tracy said...

Loooks like a perfect day. Ellie is looking so grown up these days.

RaycoTD said...

I think squirting fruit punch was kinda funny......just saying, pretty clever! ;)

Jason, Betsy, Jackson said...

Glad Gabbi is feeling better!

Amy K said...

Ellie must be completely giddy to have her mentor Emma Lou with her!!!! Great times with great friends...can't wait to see more.

Bj said...

Looks like fun, fun, FUN....for everyone! Glad you guys are having a great time!

adrogan said...

You are on the PERFECT vacation! Fruity drink looks great, thats my kinda "adult beverage", would LOVE the recipe...Did you get my email?

Tracey said...

What a wonderful circle of love! You are so blessed to have such a fun and loving group of friends! Hope today is just as great as yesterday!

snekcip said...

That drink looks great!! Recipe please!! How's Gabbi doing?

Bethany said...

Do you hear the chant?:

Pretty please with a cherry on top!

connie said...

love the pics of elli on the beach and your whole family on the beach and the ford family have fun and enjoy your vacation i love reading your blog too
have a great tuesday at the beach !!

Holly said...

Looks like GREAT fun!!!

tricia said...

The Partay has started! Have fun!

Holly said...

I want the "fruity" recipe!!!

RaycoTD said...

Fruity drink recipe please?

Shannon said...

Yum looks good!!!

Mary said...

Hello, where are you today? Have the fords taken you hostage!!!!! Ellie is adorable. I love her! I love how you have your circle of love, we do the same, we want no one near us. Honestly, we are so loud who would want to be near us...ha ha, but we know everyone would :)

how's Gabbi?

Bella's mommy said...

Awww....poor Ellie. A lil fruit punch never hurt anyone, lol! recipe for the fruities, please! Glad GG is better!