Friday, June 10, 2011

The Circle of Love, Part two.

ANd I think this is my final post of the beach. We have a few attempted family photos coming up, but otherwise, Beach 2011 is officially over. And that is why I had the multiple posts planned. It's awkward to post pictures of a trip that has come and gone.

So I hope you enjoyed our vacation. I have had some neat correspondence, and even some really nice emails about how our trip has been a distraction from some bad stuff going on in people's lives. And, well, I am glad for that.

My life is not all sunshine and roses, but it sunshine and roses, or in this case, sunshine and sand, is what I choose to put out there. It's what I choose to focus on. I'm glad I could help you (and you know who you are) focus on something a little more positive for a few days too.

It was fun having a new face around for a while. Julianne actually is one of Staci's sitters, as is her sister, CoCo.

We'll be starting our summer routine, which involves Mary Allison three days a week, with a sprinkle or two of KK.

I LOVE this picture!

And this one. My girl and her hat. She loves to wear a hat!This is my beach bag... note the box of activities to do on the beach and of course, extra swim diapers for the wee one.

It's been fun getting Todd to chill a little. Ever since he came on at MMPT, he has been so uptight about getting all his work done and doesn't like to be away from the office hardly at all.

I find that a little odd. I was always the workaholic, and now I am the one who is ready to get away more, and he wants to stay home.

I guess we compliment each other that way.

Here comes Linda Lou with her daily fun of sandwiches and wraps for everyone.

Funny picture! Two of them going out. Two of them coming in!

THis baby right here would play until she was about to fall down. She now has a gorgeous tan. I suppose I will have to explain that to her someday! How she is all golden and her mama is NOT! And poor ol Gabbi is going to be more like me. Lots of sunscreen.

At night, when we'd get ready to got out, Ellie would remind me of a miniature Cameron Diaz! Her hair has really blonded up, and she prefers it all tossled. Then that dark skin and cute little figure. And of course, a mini skirt and tank top! Ha. SHe is like, totally, like a surfer girl, dude.

She keeps us on our toes, but what a special girl!

She goes til she can't go no mo!Mary Allison KNOWS my kids' routines! She KNOWS when it is naptime and she KNOWS we'll pay later if she doesn't get them to take said nap!

She even knows that if you put on Beauty and the Beast, Gabbi won't go to sleep. It has to be WowWow Wubzy or a tv show. That's knowing my girls!

She knows more about my girls' nap times than I do. But then again, I am usually at work during naptime. On the weekends, we don't really nap. Cause remember, they wont' nap when I am around! While at the beach, MA would take them up when I was on the beach. That worked beautifully!

That allows mom and dad a little bit of "me" time and is much appreciated.

Well, we are back to the real world today. Back to an 8 am appointment on Monday morning! But, I will be refreshed and ready. We, as a familly, have a new schedule this summer, so I am eager to see how that goes.

Check out what Ford found... a seahorse!

That's a new one for the Circle of Love! Wait! ONLY Johnnye is left in the circle. Is he alive?!

Too many fruities!NExt adventure.... SHAKE FOR JAKE! Two weeks and a day until that event. Get ready to be hearing a lot about it, and to hear how you can help this year be the biggest yet. I hope to tell stories of a few kids who have benefitted from our monetary contributions this year so you can see what it's all about. Get ready! ANd if you have anything you think would be a good donation for our auction, please holla!! Anything is helpful. we hope to raise lots of money for kids/ families affected by pediatric cancer.

And that concludes our beach trip 2011.



Renee said...

Thanks for sharing your beach trip with us. Oh and GG looks too cute in hot pink. That's definitely her color.

Zhohn said...

Really enjoyed beach 2011!!! Thanks for sharing.

Holly said...

BooHoo!! I don't want the beach trip to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathryn said...

Todd reminds me of John. It takes that man about three days to start to relax while on vacation. He does stay in contact with the plant. I am hoping one day to find a place with NO service, but the poor man would probably implode.

Nora said...

We have enjoyed Beach 2011 but Kelsey is excited to see you Monday morning at 8!!

tricia said...

Thank you so much for sharing your beach trip with all of us. I so looked forward to reading all the posts. Have fun getting acclimated to the "real world"

Laura said...

I'm sad to see Beach 2011 end! I have been living vicariously through your posts!

Mama J said...

Boy, I enjoyed my beach vacation...and I didn't even get sunburned. I enjoyed Ms. Linda's catering delicacies...oh wait...hmmm..was that a dream?

Glad you and your family relaxed a bit and perhaps ready to go back to the work routine.

Thanks for always sharing with us.

Bj said...

AWWWWW HECK!!....does this mean the parttttaaaa is over?? I sure hope guys are the the blog and love watching your babies as they grow up...pssttt, I can hardly wait to see Ellie as she becomes a "real" teenager...she is a hoot!!...huggers, BJ