Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chillin in the pool with JinJin

A moment of solace. Please. All pause and observe. Ellie sitting in the shade. Quietly. Ahhhh... soak it up. Both girls sipping on their "strawberry slushes".

And then a pensive moment of reflection. Is her engine wearing down!?

She can be so sweet! When she is tired, she is so sweet and cuddly.

And that sun-kissed skin. So precious! She has the prettiest skin tone. It tans so pretty. A gene she will be glad she did not get from me! poor, poor Gabbi. She's got skin more like her mama. Whitish,... and burns easily... then fades... back to white!

Ok, another great thing about the Beach Club is that they have crafts every day from 3-5 pm. And their crafts are really fun!

While JinJin took Ellie Sue to the craft area, Gabi Girl and I perfected our swimming skills.

Ellie made a sandy candy project in a chosen container. I suppose you know which container my 13 year old chose.

She LOVES it!

It's a Peace sign. NO, she didn't choose the seashell or the starfish or the smiley face... NOPE!

She had to get the peace sign. Cause I am sure that is what all the other teenagers are getting! She is a hoot!

It was JinJin's turn at the girls!

After all, we still had to work in time for...

(JinJin's choice for leisure time)
And... MY CHOICE for leisure time!

(never as good as the ones in the Ruston Clinic... just sayin' Ruston girls. Don't know what it is about goldfish in that container in the Ruston cabinet. Maybe they marinate there?!)

And since this was the last day of the big girls, I let Courtney just hang out with her peeps and text.

Ellie and I made another pass by the poolside bar and got everyone more smoothies.

Gabbi just kinda wanted to hang out with Jin Jin. She has developed diarrhea (she's gonna love me for sharing that someday) and her bottom is beet red! I bought her some Boudreaux's Butt Paste today, so I hope the poor angel gets some relief. I have no idea what has brought on this issue. But I hope it passes soon.

Oh and by smoothie, I meant Mango daiquiri! Yuummmm.

Mom opted for the peach variety! We're lushes!

We have to be to keep up with this raging lunatic! (sideways pretzels always entertain the crowd!!)

Gotta go. The sun is in the sky!!



Zhohn said...

Omg! I busted out laughing at the last picture!!! I love Ellie!
Poor GG, maybe it's the heat..?

Looks like everyone is having FUN!

Bethany said...

I'm thinking that I wanna come and be on your babysitting crew - what a S-W-E-E-T job! Spending all day with those cuties, at the beach, hanging with Mo...
I have credentials ya know: mom to 5 including a set of twin boys so you know I can totally multitask. Just thought I'd throw my name in the hat. More for you than for me. I'm generous like that :)

Kim said...

Just catching up with all the posts!! HAPPY "Sweet 16" BIRTHDAY Mary Allison!!

OMG....Miss Ellie is such a hoot ~ that pretzel picture has me in stitches! Poor Gabbi ~ could she be getting some molars?

Cannot wait to hear more info on an Art Retreat!! What a FUN getaway that would be!!

tricia said...

LOVE this post. Ellie's sun kissed look is precious.

Gabby looks miserable. I hope she feels better soon!

Have fun with Jin Jin!

Melissa said...

If the butt paste doesn't work, there is a prescription kind that is marvelous. Just sayin'. Hope she's better soon.

Amy said...

More great pictures, Ellie looks pooped in those pictures. Hope Gabbi's feelin better soon!

MaryH said...

Oh, dear, I have been away a bit (from the blog not from life, unfortunately) - some big time family things happening - we are praying my mom to Heaven very soon and it is okay - she is 99 - but the process is wearing and sad - so, to lighten up my world a bit, I stopped by here and low and behold you are at the beach and these are my favorite posts of all because I love the beach and live vicariously there through your adventures - this was just what I needed - I have a lot to catch up on so - bye for now - are you still doing the 10 comment thing - I did get back that far - have fun in the sun - your kids are adorable - enjoy!

jenny said...

You GO, Mo. Work hard, play hard - that must be your motto. Enjoy!

Belinda said...

I laughed out loud at the last picture! That is funny! Looks like yall are having so much fun....Thanks for sharing!

Belinda said...

OH YEAH Happy Birthday to Mary Allison!!!

Mindy said...

Love how that peace container went from full to half empty. Kinda like your daiquiri cup, huh? Oh, what am I talking about..HALF?

PS-Have one for me!

Beth E. said...

Sorry to hear about Gabbi...she's not been drinking that pool water, has she? Bless her heart. I hope she feels better, soon!

Bella's mommy said...

love the pretzel pic! as for gabbi's bootie, have you tried just cornstarch? always worked for bella. also, if she stays in a damp swimsuit since her bootie is already red, its prime breeding ground for yeast. (but u knew that!) keep those precious southern cheeks dry and let her run around naked in the condo! have fun at the beach. you may be getting red, but i am green with envy right now!

Theresa Shirley said...

That mango drink looks yummy! I might need to look into getting one of those when I get to the beach. Poor Gabbi girl. I hope she gets better real soon. Ellie's pretzel smile cracked me up--and I love the peace sign.

Vicki said...

Look like you guys are having so much fun!!! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. I sure do wish I were at the beach!

Mbeaty19 said...

Some days I'm amazed by how much our kids are alike. Johnathan has gorgeous skin that tan beautifully and then there's Charles is is my little white boy. He gets so red being in the sun but no tan at all. I know all about the diarrhea situation to. Johnathan has a really bad case of it right now. Charlie has a touch of it to. I think the changes in the weather has some effect on it.
Also saw that you may be in Wisconsin - If you do maybe you'll consider on swinging down to meet us Illinoisans.

Amy K said...

Oh Ellie - silly girl!!

I laughed right out loud at you saying you hope it "passes soon" about GG's diarrhea. Most likely you didn't intend the pun, but I'm feeling punchy this morning. Poor girl - I hope she feels better soon.

Keep me posted if you're really going to be swingin' through my neck of the woods. Gabbi would love all our calves, kitties, etc.

Katye said...

oh man they are too stinking cute! love pool time!

PS: Melissa (Crazy or Determined) passed your site along!