Saturday, June 11, 2011

Back and partying already

So you think we are back from the beach, so we are just chillin' and hangin' around the house?! Welll.... you think WRONG! We hit the road running!!

Running straight to Kaitlyn's birthday party as a matter of fact! Kaitlyn, being Jessi's daughter. And Jessi's decoration being MY decorations when Ellie's July birthday rolls around. Because they were so dang cute!! Now to convince Ellie that Kaitlyn's "tie dye party" will be Ellie's "rainbow" party!

Actually, it was an ART PARTY! Do you think I was pretty much INTO this party!??

There were kids of all ages, and a few of us adults were all about the art projects too!
There was sand art.
More cute "rainbow" decorations. MAN alive... Ellie's party is going to be C.U.T.E!

Ok, back to sand art.

and painting. Ellie's started out so pretty!

As did Madi's rainbow.

But it didn't take long at all for Ellie to realize that she could mix ALL the colors together for a lovely shade of dark grey/ black! so long rainbow painting!

You KNOW I couldn't sit by and not paint! I made this for the birthday girl!

Ellie and Madi pretty much stayed with their canvases almost the whole time!

I moved on over to the clay table. Like my abstract art ring?!

And then came time for presents!

Pretend like you don't see these cute decorations so they will seem especially awesome in about a month! At an aforementioned four year old's party.

Get this... Jessi even made the CAKE!!

This is Jeff. The Mr. Jessi!

Kaitlyn turned nine. I think. Maybe 10. Dang. I should know this!

Ok, get ready for this! A TIE DYE cake!! Way to go, Jessi Mae!

But waaaaay more than how cute it was, was how GOOD it was! Can ANYTHING not be awesome with cream cheese icing?!

Since we were at a big girls' party, we had to have a big girls' hairdo!BOTH of us!

And then when these two found out there were sprinkles to be had....

Wooooaaaa, Buddy! It was on like a chicken bone!

My baby got her mama's love of all things sweet! However, she also loves fruits and vegetables, and salad! Just like her little sister. My girls are good eaters!! Have I mentioned that before!?

Were you wondering where Gabbi Girl was? well, we were almost ready to leave and she said she wanted to stay and watch Beauty and the Beast. I was alllll about that! I was gonna have my hands full with three!

Don't hate me for it. She didn't! When I got home with an Icee, she was perfectly content! Ok, so onto the presents! Kaitlyn is obviously in those preteen years! She got crafty presents...

"big kid" CD's....

turquoise Converse... ( I need these!!)And lots of zebra print anything!Yep. That makes it official... she's a preteen! Sorry bout that daddy-O ! Get ready for a wild ride!It was a really fun party! Louisiana is really, really, really hot right now! I mean, like, typically over 100 degrees! So, it was a little warm, but no complaining which meant the activities made it all tolerable, and made it worth it to be out in the heat!

So kudos to you, Jessi. The girls had a blast. The decs were fab. The cake was delish. And the crafts we went home with....well, let's just say this clay mountain has been "hiding" since we got home. Just don't know WHERE we could've misplaced it! (That thing was NOT entering my house!!)

Thanks for inviting us, Kaitlyn. We had a ball!



Bj said...

Looks like a fun-time was had by all.....pssttt, I can't believe that Ellie is almost FOUR!!! Where has time gone.......huggers, BJ

Zhohn said...

Looks like an awesome party! Loved the bright colors, can't wait to see Ellie's party. Great idea for the cake, I'll have to remember that.
Happy Sunday!

kimybeee said...

how sweet and purty lol that looked like a great party!!! i am sure that ellie's won't look a thing like k's did. jessi did and excellent job, she could totally be your daughter with all of her talents!! the hair was awesome too!!!

tricia said...

the cake was awesome! look like fun times!

Kim said...

Happy "Belated" Birthday Kaitlyn ~ your party looked like a blast with all the FUN crafts and super AWESOME cake!!

Oh my mercy ~ look at all the paint on Ellie's dress. =}