Sunday, May 1, 2011

The turtle.

Hey Ellie. C'mere. What's that?

You mean Crazy Daisy?

No. I mean that!

Oh, that's a little turtle. I think he's a baby.

Can I keep him?

He can sleep in my room. I want to call him Diego.

He can sleep in my room.

Mom'll never let you keep him. ANd besides, his name is Justin Beiber.


P.S. I made every bit of that up!


Lisa said...

LOL! But you know that was exactly what was going through their mind!!

Mbeaty19 said...

How funny! Expect the unexpected at the house of Groves!!!

snekcip said...

Too cute! Bree would have totally scooped him up b/c in her words it would have been "he looking for his Momma"! My daughter was commenting on fb how Bree has her son( which is my little grandson) saying that about every little "lost" animal/creature! Everything is "looking for it's momma" and we gotta go "rescue it"! The animal/creature is never just taking a "casual stroll" or just "enjoying the day", nor is seeking it's father, sibling or companionship...just it's MOTHER!!! Too funny!!

So did you keep "GROVE"Y the TURTLE? :)