Monday, May 16, 2011

Guess who turned SEVENTEEN!!!

Well, for starters, it wasn't her! But she does look like a little teenager in her new fedora. This baby girl LOVES to wear hats!

She actually went to work with me on this day and wore it all day long, and then all night as we met at Copeland's for dinner.

ANd then, BEHOLD MY EYES... does this little girl look like a BIG girl or WHAT?!!

I am not so much liking that at all! I can kinda picture her as a kindergartener. And that just ain't cool!

Daddy and his baby girls. He is a good girl daddy!

And now for the reason for our celebration. Can you believe Hunter Bunter is 17?! WHAT?!??

You may remember Tyler and Keelan from the St. Jude days. They were regular fixtures at my house and on the roadtrip to and from visits to Jake. When they were, like 11!! And look at them now. Kinda like "men". So uncool!

Then, there's Hayden, who is now 15! And JinJin who is.... Just kidding, mom. I wouldn't tell.

Oh, and Staci, who is 48. Just kidding. She is just as tired as a 48 year old. Or a 41 year old. (that'd be me!).

Nana and Pops were with us...

As were all the little girls, three big boys, MimMim, JinJin. It was quite a crew.


Oh, and then there were the mature adults!

Speaking of adult... I just can't bear it! He was my Hunter Bunter. My sweet little first born nephew. I so adored that boy as a baby. Heck. I adore him now too!

As for the kind of young man he has grown up to be... well, he kind of hangs with the country boys. They all drive four wheel drives, dip Skoal (in secret), wear grungy caps, fish, hunt, and things of the like. Hayden is the POLAR opposite!

I guess you could kinda call Hunter a redneck. But, he is this family's redneck and we all love him very much.

While we were eating, THIS was ensuing on the floor at the other end of the table. When grandparents are around, I try to find the farthest chair away I can find.

And I let THEM dote on their precious little angels for awhile! Look at Pops's face. He seriously thinks they are so cute. I wonder if the people in the next booth thought so!!

Happy Birthday, Hunter (as if he reads the blog!!)



kimybeee said...

happy birthday Hunter - and i remember that redneck as a baldy supporting his baby brother!!!

Theresa Shirley said...

Happy Birthday Hunter! Hard to believe he's gotten this big! I know all about rednecks--my oldest son is the same way. Hope you have a great day! :)


the last picture of pops is absolutly priceless.... I think he is the instigator rofl...

tricia said...

Happy Birthday Hunter;may you have a very special day!

Kim said...

Happy Happy Birthday Hunter!! 17....oh how time flies! Gabbi in her fedora may just be the cutest thing I have ever seen ~ ADORABLE!

Zhohn said...

17 wow!? Happy Birthday Hunter!
The girls are so cute, as always.

snekcip said...

Happy Birthday Hunter!!!! Wait...did you say "dipping skoal"! Ew!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
Gabbi looks so adorable in her hat! I just love it. Some people can wear hats while others cannot.
But Gabbi ROCKS it for sure. And how precious that she keeps it on – what a good little girl.
Daddy looks so proud of his girls – just a beautiful picture.
It is so nice to rely on the Grandparents at a restaurant so that you can have a little break too. I know what you mean about sitting at the opposite end of the table (Mama didn’t raise no fool)
It looked like a great celebration for a great kid.
Have a wonderful Tuesday,
Diana from Colorado

Belinda said...

Happy Birthday Hunter! Love the pics of Gabbi in her hat..too cute! Beautiful girlies! Enjoy you are finding out with your nephews..they grow up too fast! My baby is 18 and graduating high school Friday Night.