Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guess where we are! (and a gift for Rhonda!!)

So, here's a hint.... guess where we are! Just the three of us. (Well, and KK showed up a little while ago). Until about an hour from now when Staci, Hayden, his friend, Madi, and CoCo show up. Then, we'll have a full house! But... first things first! Jennifer contacted me and asked met to make a necklace for her friend, Rhonda. She is kicking her baby boy out of the nest, and Jennifer is one of three women who refer to themselves as "The 3 French Hens", so this is their wedding gift to her.

So, Jenn, here's the close up.

I particularly love these three little rings on top, representing the Three French Hens. Three ladies... good friends... this is the good stuff!!

I further represented this friendship with these three pearls.

This is the strand that represents Rhonda's family. It has the red heart to symbolize her husband of 30 years. The two hearts are HER heart! They represent her two children, Jenny and James. And then, there's an "R" hanging down standing for Rhonda.

Rhonda loves the ocean, so here is one of my personal favorite pieces, with a big swishing wave that makes me kinda "feel" the ocean.

Also, these two hearts are you and your "imaginary twin", Tonda, who I hope helps you get in just enough trouble to call life a whole lotta fun!

And finally, a cross to represent her faith.

Jenn, I hope this talisman sums up who Rhonda is to you and gives her strength as a reminder that her two compadre Hens are always with her!

Didn't think I'd leave it alone there did you!? Here's one more photo of my sweet kiddos. Check out 4th position. Or something!? She seriously keeps me cracked up!

And, GiGi. I DO know Jason. I was very good friends with his sister, Shelley, in junior high and spent many a night at his house. I have really, really, really been wanting to try out his new joint.

THANKS to all of you who commented on my last post (Per my urging! ha) . It was an accident that I did that on a post where I painted. I swear, I was NOT begging for compliments! SO uncool! I was just in a need to "Connect" with my peeps! SO, remember that while I am down here at the beach posting precious, adorable, totally awesome photos of my babies. Feel free to compliment them as much as you want! ha.



Beth E. said...

Just be sure you come back...I remember that Staci went to the beach a few years ago, and we never heard from her again! ;-)

Bj said...

Mo....I still love my talisman! Mine is a keychain, but it now hangs proudly from my rearview mirror...every now and then, when I get in my car, I reach up and give it a stroke and remember.....thanks again for all you do...huggers, BJ

Kathryn said...

Have fun! I wish I was there. No closet today, so that is a plus! Of course, it didn't get above 53*. I am freezing.

Auntie Mip said...

So check it out crazy, goofy family has a beach place too. Ours is on the Puget Sound in Gig Harbor, WA. I grew up there and so did my mom. My aunt and uncle and parents best friends have houses on either side of us. It is miles of nothing but rocky shores and beach, ride pools, and staring at Mt. Rainier. We play games and BBQ, water ski and inner tube all summer long. We are very fortunate because we can be sitting on the deck in about 20 minutes or so from where we live all year round. The house is built on piling and so when the tide is in there is no way in or out except by boat. When we were kids we all had our own little prams (row boats) and rowed all over picking up our friend playing taxi cab. It was glorious. It is glorious. And we get to start going back...THIS weekend. Have fun Mo. Your family, your girls, all precious gifts!

melinda marie said...

Hey MO! did you bring your talisman stuff to the beach? i'm DYING for my wedding bouquet treat!
have fun and enjoy the sun!!
melinda marie

Amy K said...

Ahhh....the beach....dreaming....oh yeah, reality here is that we had frost warnings overnight. I'm definitely living vicariously through you! :) Have an awesome time!

tricia said...

can't wait to read beach updates and see pics of the bunch!

snekcip said...

You know Beth E has a point about Staci!! :0) Have fun in Florida!! (tht's my guess...since no one else guessed!) What did I win!! Just kidding!!!

connie said...

i love the pics of your babies are the beach. i so wish i was so there with you all yall have so much fun at the beach. i love all the pics keep posting and bloging i love hearing all about your vacation at the beach.. hugs to you give the girls a hug from me too