Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ellie stylin with the vaccum.

This kid just cracks me up! She plugged up the central vac all by herself. Then, in her sparkly, feathery, cheetah slippers, ....

like something straight outta Bold and the Beautiful, she started her housework.

Would Brooke wear these? Is there still a Brooke on the show?! What about Kathrine Chancellor? She still around? She would definitely wear these. And a fur-lined housecoat, and rhinestone heels.

I guess I am just supporting her unique style!

And truthfully, as long as she is doing housework, I don't really care WHAT she wears!!



Riley said...

Mo Mo Mo - have you gotten my email yet?

dyrzas13 said...

This made my day!!! I am feeling down in the dumps today, but I couldn't help but smile and laugh! Thank you so much. I love watching your family even though I am a lurker from Minnesota (have been for years)!

tricia said...

why not look chic while doing housework! Way to go Ellie!

Tracey said...

Hey Mo! Can you ask my fellow followers to vote for my son in this contest? If he wins he has a chance at $10,000 to start a college fund!



Kim said...

I don't have central vac ~ but if your Diva needs some extra housework to do ship her on up to MI!! I do believe those characters are still on the soaps!! I think those are about the only two soaps still airing!!

jenny said...

Can she come to MY house? I could use a little help with my housework, and I definitely don't have Ellie's STYLE!!!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
What a little doll helping her Mommy! When my first daughter was about 18 months old, whenever I vacuumed, she wanted to “help” me and do it. Consequently, it took me forever to get anything done (as I’m sure you know). So I bought her a little vacuum that made noise and had bead like things that looked like dirt being sucked up. Every time I vacuumed, she got her little one out & we cleaned together. She is now 24 and has very little interest in the vacuum but your story brought back some nice memories for me.
Ellie is probably too smart to want a toy vacuum – the girl is way ahead of herself.
I did not get a chance to comment when Gabbi wrote all over her face with the marker. That video was precious (just like her.) I must say marker or no marker, she is a doll.
Enjoy those precious sweeties,
Diana from Colorado