Sunday, May 29, 2011

After beach. First time!

Ahhhh... back in the condo! Chillin. Staci looking at all her new Facebook friends. KK looking at her texts. Madi and Gabbi sharing a book on celli telli. Courtney appears to be looking out the window. And me? Well, I'm just taking it all in through my lens!

I really, really like it when they share. That is not necessarily always the situation.

At this moment, it was wonderful. Note my carpet BEFORE they started painting on it!

And this POSSUM was trying to fool her mama!

She's pretty good at it, isn't she? She pulls this when it's time to get out of her carseat a lot of times too. She likes to totally pretend she's out! Then, will usually grin really big. I mean, look at her. SHe's GOOD at it!

So that's condo life. I'm telling you; all these posts are from the same day! We would go to pool, to beach, to condo, to pool, to beach, to condo, to pool, to..... then out to eat! And I try to catch it all with my camera!

10 more comments?! Do you got it in you!? I have one more post ready to roll! What fun! Thanks for all of you who participated with the blog replies today! I reallly like hearing from some of you who I never really hear from. Hang around!!



Kathryn said...

Love the beach pics! Reminds me of when our children were down the shore in NJ! Your girls will remember.

Zhohn said...

Uh oh! Are You going to share pics of the painted carpet!? Yikes!
Looks like my kind of time of day, Everyone relaxing. :)
Hope you get to sleep LATE (saw your fb post).

Amy K said...

Huh, only 2 comments??

Painted carpet...eeekkkkk! Where's Todd the carpet-cleaning man?

I would guess that after your busy, busy beach days Gabbi doesn't have to pretend to be asleep too long before she crashes for real. :)

Jeni said...

When Todd gets be taking family there will you be taking family beach pics?

Bj said...

Thanks for sharing your trip with us....and your little "possum" is a cutie patootie fer sure!!....huggers, BJ

Becky said...

OMG!!! I was just catching up on the blog! You've been busy... and having FUN, as usual!!! I loved the video clips of the girls! LOVE your Louisiana accent... that was cute!! Absolutely loved hearing the girls' giggles! They are so cute! I also LOVE those matching "peace" tanks! My 5 yr old would love them!!!!! Have fun at the beach!
Just another rainy day here in Minnesota! So I'll live "the fun life" through you!!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Lisa O. said...

Good Morning! Love the possum pics- too cute!!

stephleighjenkins said...

Been stuck in the hospital for the past several days....... Still here!! Loved reading all your blog posts from the beach!!! Keep Em comin..... I'm bored to tears!!!!

Gwen said...

Keep those posts coming! Tell me where to go in Gulf Shores when we go in 2 weeks!! You've definitely made me wanna go to the Hangout! What else??

jmckemie said...

Did not make it in time last night but...her is #10!
I did friend Staci but forgot to enter that I came from her "cool" sisters blog!

tricia said...

its very tiring after being at the beach. Chilling time is good too!Have a fun Sunday.