Saturday, April 23, 2011

Talisman. for Mrs. Ward. from Riley.

Yo. Mrs. Ward! Happy Easter! Riley thought so much of you that she wanted me to wait til the perfect time (Easter Eve) to show you your very special talisman she commissioned for me! And here it is!

I especially like your talisman. I used several one-of-a-kind raku fired beads for your necklace.

Like this one. I think this represents the hand of God. Riley tells me what a tremendous influence you had on her and on her Christian walk. She really went on and on when describing your significant "generous and servant attitude". What a nice description!

The heart represents your love for your family... including your three children and your four grandchildren.

This star represents your connection with the "The World's Greatest" and in particular, the line, "I'm that star up in the sky". The timepiece represents your timelessness in the lessons you imparted on your students, such as Riley. Riley shares,"There are many times she alwasy says or does something. Always say teh Lord's Prayer after waking up. Always read for pleasure and delight. Always share in blessings. Always look for good in others. Always listen. Always love. Alwyas give as much as you can. Alwyas write back. Always give thanks. Always do your best. " etc. !! What great lessons you taught your students! What a way to leave them better than you met them!

This wing is representative of your continued support of Riley and in helping guide her in her faith. Riley further said, "God did good when He put her in my life."

Another star and another guiding hand to represent your generosity and leaving people to "strive more to be like Mrs. Ward."

So, to Mrs. Ward, the one who "influences others to make positive changes in their lives." And to the one who "dedicated herself to teaching and students." I am happy that you show others that there is still someone who "gives thanks for everything and seeks to glorify God."

All the words in this blog which are in quotes are directly from the words sent to me from Riley. She has the utmost respect for you, and on this weekend when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, is there really any more important thing we can do than to pass on the Word and to impact youth to expand the kingdom of God? Way to go, Mrs. Ward!

Happy Easter.


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