Friday, March 25, 2011

Wishin I was skinny.

Let's go shoppin'. Want to? Ok, really, let's go dreamin'! I decided to look through a couple of catalogs and just pretend that I was skinny and shop as if I could actually wear these things! Ok, hmmm.. what color would I wear if I had a waistline? I think I'd gooooo....
Yep. I'd get that charcoal grey one!

And I think I just really like crossover kinds of tops.
I would so love that! And I think I would like bluebell in that one. Or maybe pink.
Oh, and look at that. I think I could make that leather/ pearl necklace. I think I will in fact!
And that one! I definitely could make that one too. Start looking for these. My name is all over them!
Oh, that too! I KNOW I can make that one!
Cause baby, I got skills.
And sorry, Garnet Hill, I may not be skinny enough to wear your clothes, but by God, I can make your fine jewelry!
I just am not a ballet flat kind of chick. Sorry, Breanna. I know this is your style. You'd want them in every color, wouldn't you?!
And I would SO wear these kinds of little knit dresses if I could. And oh, to BELT something! Ha! As if. We "thicker" girls do NOT belt things. AT ALL. NO attention to the midline thank you!
I would definitely want the graphite one. And I think the sapphire would look good with my eyes. Just not my hips!
Awwww, man. To wear these cute pajamas and actually look cute in them. WISH!
I would want this to wear to our annual beach trip. No doubt! Instead, I will have on some oversized tee shirt. NOT HOT! and something tells me I won't have a big shell necklace on either. More like a leather cork with a shell I found on the beach.
Nor this! Can you imagine MY boobs in this?! Hahahahahahhhhaaaaaaaaaa!!!
And I would LOVE to wear my pants down, hanging on my hip bones like this chick.
I am not positive I have hip bones. I have never actually felt them.

But, I LOVE this!!
LOVE. LOVE . LOVE. This says MELANIE all over it!
And it comes in plus sizes! Yayyyy. It's my lucky day! I am getting that mug!
and making this....
$124?! WHAT?! oh heck naw!
Dang. Love this too! I am not sure I couldn't wear this. Might could. I gotta double check the available sizes.
In the meanwhile, check out who is hanging on my arm. I am typing one handed!
But this is PRECIOUS. That's all I can say about that!
I didn't even notice that bracelet at first. MoMo is going to hook some sistas up with that design. I really think that is cool. Even with my yoga pants that I wear everyday because they have an elastic waistband.
I think I am just a more casual style girl. Tops and jeans. And definitely white jeans. They just make everything look springy and sporty.
This is the season of the braids. I am a braiding fool. And I braid little girl hair whenever I am allowed!
YES! I WOULD wear this skirt. IF...
I lost about 50 pounds, started jogging for funsies, and went to tan beds 5 days a week. But since I don't, I will just wear my stretchy yoga pants!
That shirt is so my style. I am NOT girly girly, but I DO love those ruffles! I think I'd want that coral color. I ALWAYS choose coral.
Hmmm... I kinda like that charcoal grey too!

Oh looky. ANother USELESS catalog that comes to my house. Does it come in plus sizes? NO. Why? Cause I suppose plus size girls don't really want to play volleyball, or catamaran, or kayak.
Well, I got news for you, Title NINE! I WOULD like to do all of that. I also like to eat Reese cups, and I prefer playing with my toddlers to taking time out to do aerobics. Just sayin. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Hey, COOL! I think I could actually wear this! It comes in my size!
Oh, man. I NEEd this. In grey!
Aha. Yoga pants!
But that flat stomach kinda makes me wanna puke!

And when I had that ONE "skinny" (to me!) summer after lap band, I wore these kind of shorts all the time! I wish I could do that again this summer.
Dear Jinnie,
Why couldn't we have high metabolism? Why couldn't we think healthy foods taste good? Why are donuts so dadgum awesome?!
Your daughter.

so cute! But as far as I can tell, they don't have an elastic waist band. SHucks!
This is too cute. I think I may have to get this anyway. I like it in all three colors. I would wear it under a light little summer sweater.
with an awesome necklace, and probably NOT this skirt.

But as it stands, I will be checking out Lane Bryant and Dress Barn. I think I should start a catalog for big gals with some actual cool clothes. Anybody got any ideas?!



Jeni said...

I totaly hear ya!!! I about spit out my chocolate cookie when you wrote the letter to Jin Jin!! We have the same taste please Design some plus size clothes!

Amy K said...

Love ya just the way you are!!!

Cute, fashionable magazine - never seen it before.

Happy Friday!

Beverly said...

I'm right there with you!

Bella's mommy said...

I'm all over that big girl catalog thing. Maybe you could run a grand opening for every $200 you buy, you will throw in a half dozen cupcakes shipped directly from the girls at DC Cupcakes? Now that would be awesome! Yes, I have a sick sense of humor, but all kidding aside, throw in some cupcakes and I'm game!!!! Have a great day, Mo!

Amber said...

How Funny!!! I was always the skinny girl growing up and I wish I can say that now. I went on WW in 07 and lost 60 lbs and about 2 years later I found it and more. I HATE shopping for myself! I only go shopping if there is a weeding or a funeral.. (sad isn't it) I'm all for a big girl catalog with TRUE sizes. You have style and can put together anything and make it look great. Me on the other hand has to purchase straight from the maniquin. I wouldn't know what matched if it wasn't done for me. I also 2nd the offer of the previous post on cupcakes. :)

SamC said...

Girl, go get a band fill! lol

Seriously, I am with ya. Why do the people that make clothes for us think we all want to look like hoochie mammas??

Nora said...

I shop the same way.....I even flip down the pages in the catalog only to never go back and order anything! Have a great day!

Journey of the George's said...

LOVE this post! LOVE elastic waistbands!!!
Christy from Canton

Pam said...

I was looking through Garnet Hill yesterday! Most of their clothes are too small for the average woman.
I thought your husband was working on you eating healthier?
What happened???? I know you love those baby girls and they are going to need you around for a long time. Be good to yourself and get in it for the long run!
We're here to support you!!!
You don't need to be skinny but you do need to be healthy :) I know you are a smart woman and you don't want your daughters to grow up and write that same headline.
take care, Pam

Legally Challenged said...

I finally got my mother to stop wearing Christopher Banks and start wearing Ann Taylor Loft. They make XL and XXL and it looks way more flattering and put together!

snekcip said...

Oh come on Mo don't beat up on yourself. Although "skinny" is cute, it doesn't mean they "tip the scale" in the fashion world. Plus size can rival their "skinny little tails too"! :)

However here are a few tips if you just wanna pep-up the wardrobe!

Those magazines can be a wealth of information if you need ideas on "changing/enhancing your wardribe". No need to try and buy some of that over-priced stuff! There are lots of great stores probably in your area to find simlar things that are in most of those magazines! There are stores such as JCP, Macy's, CATO's, ROSS, Marshalls, Target and even Walmart who all make good replicas of most of those over-priced things.

I have a niece who is a plus-size girl and she can rival any skinny-minny!! She is always getting compliments on how well she dresses! You just got to know how to accentuate and accessorize! Believe it or not you can BELT!!! Stay away from the baggy clothes, it will only accentuate the things you DONT wanna bring attention to. I love your "taste in colors"! Mo, you have all that wonderful jewelry....girl you are sitting on a GOLD-MINE!! You don't have to be skinny to "look good/fashionable".

Also pin your hair in a cute little style sometimes. *I dont mean PONY either*. I dare say cut it* (you know how I am about such a personal-decision) HOWEVER, I'm the short-hair type girl. I love the no fuss type hair, plus it sassy!

YOU my friend have a gorgeous face/eyes so don't let that hair hide your flaunt 'em girl!!

Why not give it a try and if you like it do a Mo Makeover post!

I like to see you in FRONT of the camera sometimes!!

Mary said...

Thank you! I thought I was the only one that had these conversations in my head! :) Nice to know we're not alone and not all a size 2!

ShEaZeE said...

I love scoping out magazines for jewelry ideas! My favorite is the catalog with Robert Redford....can't think of the name at the moment. You are so creative! Even if I were skinny, I don't think I would want clothes that would be tight. The older I get the more I love comfort.

Mindy said...

Avenue, baby! You didn't list them. Have you been there? There is one on Youree Drive in Shreveport and lots of locations in DFW. I do find a few things at LB but I shop almost exclusively at Avenue. Most of their stuff is young and hip and they do email coupons/GREAT sales. I have to try on everything as my size in one piece may be totally different in another but it is worth it to me.

Mbeaty19 said...

I'm so right there with you. I don't allow any magazine into my house with clothes. Nothing worst that finding a cute outfit that of course doesn't come in your size. It's bad enough when I go shopping and all the clothes in my size are frumpy looking yet in the lower sizes are these amazing, stylish outfits. Just because I want elastic waistbands doesn't mean I don't want to look stylish to. Drives me nuts.
The worst was when I took my bridesmaids shopping in '03 and there were two girls in the store complaining because the size 2 dresses were just TOO BIG for them. They were demanding nothing bigger than a size 0 (I didn't even know those sizes existed)

Mindy said...

As a matter of's a pretty close imitation of that ruffled tank on

I'm in Arkansas this weekend and am going to try to talk my husband into a roadtrip to Shreveport tomr;)

tricia said...

I think most women look at those catalog and dream......if not due to the sizing,certainly the pricing! I dreamt along with you.

tonetone said...

LOVE IT!!! I totally get you on this!! The pic of your sweet girl brought tears to my eyes. Sweet memories!!!

Bethany said...

You can try the Woman Within Cataloge - they have sizes from Medium all the up to like 5x. They are reasonably priced and email coupons all the time that are AWESOME! Try them, girlie, you may like them.

kimybeee said...

love it - you pick grey too often lol!! you are an orange remember, not a grey! lol and when you go shopping and check out the clearance rack or can't find something in our size - what is always left over, why it is the tiny crap size that hardly anybody really is!!! if we are such a nation of fatties, then where are our clothing designers!!!!! lane bryant has some pretty stuff, but they are way too expensive for me and my daughter to wear. i am built like humpty dumpty and most of their stuff is too big for me - but i do buy their jeans. and when i find something i like, i buy multiples!!! i think you would be an awesome designer and i am proud that you would rather be you than be skinny!!!! i am right there with you - i would rather be happy and fat than miserable and thin!!!! love ya mo!

Tracie said...

That was sooo funny! Seriously, I can relate. YES - you need to come up with plus sizes in TALL! Just because one is tall does not mean that one is thin :O) It seems like many plus sizes are in poo brown or baby poo brown or baby poo green. What's up with that?!?! My wish list for your new Mo Clothes line:
1. Pastels and fun colors
2. Nothing that remotely looks maternity
3. Tall / long jeans and shirts
4. NO short length shirts that lift when I raise my arms - ughhhh!

Go Mo Go!!

Lori Curran said...

I found myself chuckling while reading this post - I thought I was the only one that "dream" shopped! I think you have a GREAT sense of fashion - I've always admired what you wear in your pics! You always look so confident, comfortable and cute!

Still reading every day,

Lori in Oregon

Amy said...

Since you love those ruffle shirts so much....have you seen the tutorials that show you how to make your own ruffle shirts? I want to try it...just have to find the time. Let me know if you want a link.

Unknown said...

I actually get the coolest shirts at Dress Barn. I wear them to work all the time!

Veronicia said...

I want the bracelets! Can I babysit or house sit to get them?? I have told Staci y'all have the best walking/running neighborhood. I can't convince her to join me so will you? We can put the girls in strollers and hit it! We'll be looking even better by summer! Let me know!

Krista said...

I've been pining away over that Garnet Hill catalog since the first Spring one came out the week after Christmas! AND, I have actually used the picture of that cute little gray ruffled skirt as my inspiration to eat healthy! I cracked up over this entire post--it's exactly what I do!!!

Becky said...

You crack me up! Thanks for the chuckles before I head off to bed! And I'm really jealous about the previous pics of the girls playing in the driveway with the sun shining! We, in Minnesota, still have lots of snow and haven't seen above 30 in days!!! UGH!! Send some sunshine our way, please!! Enjoy reading the blog!!!

breanna said...

oh, how did you know!?! yes, please. one in every color :)