Sunday, March 6, 2011


20 comments. Way to go, blogettes!

ALrighty then. Who was it that just left a comment saying we needed to see some talismans? Well, funny you should ask! I have a whole bunch of them ready to show! They've already been sent out, but now they will be described!

First up. Linda! Her word is BELIEVE! Linda, first I thought it would be pertinent, in light of the "big change" you are facing to use the verse that means the most to you on your talisman. TRUST in the LORD! I included and angel wing (far left) to represent your husband of , what would've been 25 years this year. I am sorry for your loss.
The pearl in the front is your only son, and the white pearl to the right is your only granddaughter.
I included that silver nut above it to remind you to be strong for those you are still very much impacting. And to BELIEVE that all things happen in God's perfect timing. There is a cross with wings as well.
That is for you! It is for you to BELIEVE that you can go on. You can succeed and leave a legacy of hope and strength to your son and grandchild. And BELIEVE that as you come to this pivotal age of retirement, your life will only be richer!

I finally, finally, finally got inspiration for my good buddy, Beth!
Beth, I know you have been through so much this year. I know about your brother, and his really tough health struggles. I know that it has taken a toll on you emotionally and physically. And I know that you have two sons who you love dearly and who need the Best of you!

So, I am really glad you chose the word JOY!
The above pic shows a strand on your talisman which represents you and your THREE boys! You are the big grey "mama bear" pearl! The two white pearls are your sons and the dark grey is your husband. They obviously bring you great JOY!
Along with your other pearls, you now have a new addition to your family (July!). This strand is your new daughter in law to be who I hope knows how blessed she is to be a part of such a JOYful family! And speaking of family. I LOVE that charm with the house and a heart over the door. I think it is cozy and secure. I hope this is the year you find that peace with yourself. With your health. With your brother, Jimmy's, illness.
The heart obviously represents the LOVE that is so evident in your heart and for your family!

Oh, here's a better picture of the whole crew. 5 pearls.
The Endean family!

Nexxxxxt: Mary Starke. This one's for you!
Let's begin with the two gold rings. This is a reminder of your strong marriage. You mentioned that the crux of your life is your family and your faith. So, let's start with the marriage... while your families have each been burdened by deaths and sickness, you have managed to keep it all together, even with prolonged trips away, for the health of your family. That is admirable. (somehow I erased accidentally your close up of the rings. You can see them above, and you will definitely see them when they arrive at your door!)
I put a cross on the talisman for you to remember who it is that gives you life, love, health and happiness. HE is also your strength. As you mentioned, it is easy to let our faith slip back to the back burner as chaos enters our lives. Understand, this is what gives you your strength, thus the bolt on the same strand.
I included this whimsical symbol of time to remind you to laugh and have fun and be a wee bit less responsible. Play hide and seek, fly a kite, do something fun in the kitchen together. We aren't given very long with these precious young un's so while you have your boys small and impressionable, don't forget to have FUN and make memories!

The crystals represent your family. I love that you said your boys are so close. That when one is sent to time out, the other goes to keep him company. That is precious! You have to purposefully and very intentionally make time for fun sometimes. You can do it. But I don't know if you can do it without Diet Coke. I'm just sayin'! I am an addict. I wish you luck in your departure from it! WOW!

ANd for MIss Rebecca. Rebecca, who has all kinds of reasons to choose HOPE as her word for 2011. Rebecca says she has HOPE in her Savior. HOPE in eternity. HOPE in Heaven. Hope in her ability to tell her nephew how awesome his dad was.

You see, Rebecca's brother passed away at age 28 in 2009. This is the part of the talisman which represents him. Rebecca listed all kinds of things she had HOPE in, but I think my favorite was "HOPE that the sun will rise tomorrow".

He left behind a pregnant wife. The pearl with the bird is his son. I HOPE he will be able to fly on his own wings. Make his daddy proud. And be strong and independent and free of any sadness and gloom related to the loss of his dad. You are the shiny white pearl at the end of HOPE. Living strong. Laughing loud. Shining bright!

With an aunt like you, I think he will be just fine!

For Sue! Whose word is LAUGHTER.
Sue kept it very simple for me. She said there is so much sadness in the world, she just wanted something to wear to remind her to be happy and to remember to LAUGH.

And with that little bit of information, I built THIS!

Things that make me happy!! Color, whimsy, hearts/ love, ribbon/ life as a GIFT....Sue, I just wanted you to think positive thoughts and about LAUGHing out loud when you wear this necklace. I hope you like it.
Take the oppotunity to "minister" to others when they comment on your necklace! Tell them to think positively with you and to LAUGH with you, and little by little, you can change the world!

Alright, now. Everyone brace yourself for this one! This sweet lady has 13, yes as in THIRTEEN, children! She wanted something simple to remember her word this year, which is POSITIVE.
As in I am POSITIVE I would have pulled my hair out by now. Just kidding. She says she wants to think postitively and speak positively of others. And that about sums it up! Good way to live in 2011, dontcha think?!

So, for her, We have 13 little dangly hearts to represent those who have her heart.
I guess that flat white pearl at the end of POSITIVE can be the husband of 30 years who shares in the duties that must accompany such a large family!

And there are 5 more pearls in the talisman, each representing a decade of a rich life, as she turns 50 this year.
COngratulations on touching mankind! And I wish you much POSITIVITY this year!
And now, for Miss Jennifer, down in Alexandria.
SHe gave me a little leeway for being over the top with color. Yippeee! I used a good bit of the black and white beads to represent the chaos that is just normal in a life with two little girls. Believe me, I know! And the cross, far right, is to symbolize your involvement at your church with Sunday School. There are little hearts all over the place to represent your life and your love of your family.

Jennifer is mom to two little girls who keep her time pretty divided. One is a very gifted little gymnast. Being gifted at a young age requires extra gym time, thus extra money, and I am quite sure weekend meets all over the place. Then, there is baby girl. A cancer survivor when she was under a year of age. That kinda binds us!
I represented each of your darlings with a pretty handmade ceramic bead and a heart topper from one of my favorite bead artists, Hip Chick Beads. Check her out! I don't know who is whom. You will have to determine that. Which one looks like Annie? Caroline?!
I included a HOPE cancer ribbon for you, Jennifer, to remember that diagnosis at the ripe ol age of 5 weeks. and to remember that Caroline was such a gift to you. Her recovery and life is a GIFT!!
So Jenn, as you and the girls have many BALANCE beams in your future, may you learn to BALANCE your time and energies for yourself, your kids, your husband, and anything else that tends to get lopsided!

Ok, Kaye. This one's for you! Kaye came over and picked it up herself because she wanted to see the cottage. Sadly, my cottage, although cute as a bug, isn't all set up on the inside. I think it'll take me a YEAR to actually fully MOVE into this house! Heck! I haven't even moved OUT of the other one!

As for your talisman...And your word SIMPLIFY...There are three crystals as well to stand for the three daughters in your life. They sparkle and shine, each in her own way, as you mentioned in your email! If you'll look closely, each crystal is just a hair off on color. They are all similar colors, all bound as family, but each unique.
These daughters are who and "what" you mentioned keep you sane and grounded and are the main focus of your life. They are also represented as hearts on your talisman. Note, there are three of them!
So, Ok, Kaye. I just couldn't exactly be all elaborate on a talisman whose word is SIMPLIFY!
So, simple it stayed! Hope it suits you and reminds you daily to SIMPLIFY and remember what is important.

What can I say... eight more talismans represented. These talisman posts are the HARDEST blogs I do! I have to go back and put pictures to names and then find old emails to recall what it was that I was thinking as I hung every little piece on the talisman. I wish there was a way for me to do it immediately. Well, I guess there is, but I would never be that organized. I so "feel" these as I do them, and sometimes when I go back to describe them, I KNOW I am leaving things out. SO, when they arrive, feel free to assign meaning to different parts as YOU see fit. After all, it is a reminder for YOU to wear regarding your word. Hope I captured the high points for all who've ordered.

Ok, peeps. Now we have inserted a talisman post in here. I sure hope the recipients of these read the blog on the weekend, or they will miss seeing theirs! Alrighty then, just to give everyone a reason to comment, vote on your favorite talisman. Just curious, that's all! Gotta get to 20 comments! I have way more posts to post today! If you have no idea what I am talking about, go back about 2-3 posts. I am on a mission today! 20 comments, and I post a new blog! MO


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mo! Love it!

Phyllis Lines said...

Don't think I could pick a favorite one - they're all special and you've made each one special for the intended person!

Beth E. said...

I am in tears...LOVE the talisman! Thank you so much. :-)

Nancy said...

I like mine the best. Thank you MO.

Marti said...

I love the talisman!!!!

blessedmomof3 said...

My favorite is the laughter one. I love all of the color. I am so looking forward to the day my talisman appears in a post. I am the one who sent you the very longwinded email. I was late ordering mine, so I am waiting patiently. Its fun never knowing when mine might appear.:)

L said...

I am loving all these posts today!!! Can't wait to see what my talisman looks like! Keeping me in suspense up here in NJ! Also loved the idea of you having retreats there!!!! I would have to make a long trek but something tells me it would be so worth it!!

Unknown said...

Oh Mo! I love my talisman!!! Thank you so much!!! Can't wait till I can wear it...


laura said...

Mo, I missed it, did you say yes we could still order a tailsman? If so I need to do it! My email is have lots going on in my life, that I would love for you to represent for me....I do love the ones that you have done so far.

Kathryn said...

Today has been so very hard in so many ways. the only thing, the ONLY thing that has kept me sane has been the constant knowledge of my REMAIN that hangs over my heart. I rub the charm and pray. Whatever remains is a memory, and that will do.

michelle said...

I am drawn to the vibrant colors, but I loved the simple ones too! THere is no possible way to pick a favorite!

Steph said...

I love the simplify one....but then again right now I line the simple!

stephleighjenkins said...

I love them all..... I seriously don't know when you sleep!!!

Annette said...

I love the simplify talisman - it is my favorite.

Jill Gawrych said...

The colors in Jennifer's are awesome!

Michelle said...

I'm so lost on how this came to be with the talisman's! I read every post but I am kinda lost on who all these are for! :) I love the comment challenge! I love reading your blog but I read it on my google reader and I forget to come over and comment! I'll do better! :)

Theresa Shirley said...

Well, I like the first one, and the last one--but I think the last one "Simplify" actually wins out!! I still want one (one of these days)....Uh-oh--I think I am the 17th comment...hopefully you can get 3 more so I can see another blog post tonight :)

Theresa Shirley said...

So--does it count if I post 3 more???

Theresa Shirley said...

Lovin' all the posts Mo!! Keep em comin'! Have you decided on a date for the art retreat yet?

Theresa Shirley said...'s #20!!! Does that work--or is it cheating??? hahaha

Teresa said...

Love all the post today. You got a lurker out of hiding twice in one day. Are you still taking orders if you are how?

Kaia said...

I like my Mom's (I'm the 6th of the 13).. ok to be honest I was only looking for it and didn't really read the others this time! How much are the talismans? I do love the ones with COLOR, I must say!

Denise said...

Oh my! Decisions, decisions. You threw your followers a tough question. All the talismans are beautiful!! If you twisted my arm and made me beg for mercy (my brother used to do that to me!), I would have to go with "laughter" and "balance" because I love, love, love lots of colour.

Lynette said...

Haven't been online this weekend so missed the comment request. But, I was thinking about you as I wore my LSU necklace to the gymnastic meet on Friday evening. Love the neckland and love all the recent posts!

Mbeaty19 said...

While I like each talisman you make for different reasons - Kaye's really caught my eye in this post. While it is very simple it says so much in just the few pieces that are there. You are so talented and I think it's amazing the way you can create such great representations of each person and their word. I am sure all of us don't expect you to remember every litle detail for each one you make considering the large amount of orders you must fill. On the other hand I think you touch so many people who might relate to others pieces they receive and reminds each of us to focus on our word and all the 'pieces' encompassed in it!

Amy K said...

Awesome! I love the unique story behind each one. Your artistic ability is truly inspirational.

I hate to ask, because I know how incredibly busy you are, but any chance the canvas I ordered will be coming up soon?

Mary said...

Love them all!

Mary said...

I especially love the color ones!

Stacey said...

Hello! I love the talisman necklaces and would like to create one with you.... can you email me at:

Your etsy link isn't connecting from your blog.....

c.holley said...

Mrs. Melanie, I Love your jewelry!! Its so gorgeous and vintage and I may need a necklace soon! The girlies are SO big and I miss 'em. They are so precious, and I love
Gabbi's long hair. Talk to y'all later.