Wednesday, March 2, 2011

new talismans and all for Dena!

Guess what. A whole entire blog post all for one single pers0n, Dena! Dena chose her own word for the year, BELIEVE, then chose a word for each of her sisters. How fun is that?! She also sent me the "story" for each of her sisters.
This talisman is for her sister, Mary, who was recently married. Dena wishes for her sister to LOVE herself as she is vs. how she continues to think she needs to be.
Dena says Mary found a man who LOVES her for who she is and it is truly wonderful. And it is time that Mary find that same LOVE within herself!
Dena wants Mary to revel in the LOVE of God as He LOVEs her unconditionally.
Dena says she has become a kinder, gentler person to those around her. And now, Dena wants her to be that same kind, gentle self to herself... and most of all, to LOVE herself!
For sister, Nancy, she chose JOY. Dena says Nancy brings JOY to those in need.
She said Nancy brings JOY to all with whom she comes in contact. And she also, reportedly radiates JOY when she speaks of her one and only son.
Nancy brings JOY to her parents, as she lives near them and helps take care of them. She also brings great JOY to Dena, who is 9 years her senior.
Dena says that as she is gifting this talisman to Nancy, she mainly just wants her to know how much JOY she brings to her life!
So, Mary. I tied lots of little ribbons on your talisman, and I made it nice and colorful. Apparently nice and colorful is how those around you see you... as you spread your JOY!
Oh, so, Dena... next is you!
Wow, girl. You've got some big decisions to make this year... facing a potential career change and even a change in religious denomination.
Knowing that helped me find the direction for your talisman. I started it with the gold BELIEVE ring and the turquoise cross.
I represented Dena's beloved cat, Butterscotch, who was recently killed in a fluke accident. This was a special request of Dena's. She BELIEVEs he is in Heaven.
Do you see the little cross and heart in there? God loves you regardless of your denomination. I am sure your choice, as long as you are a Believer in Jesus, the son of God, and the truth of the cross, you will be honored in his kingdom. BELIEVE that!
Hey, that long oblong "BELIEVE" is the one I used for all who purchased them, when Jake was sick! I had a few left, and thought you deserved one on your talisman. This being because you are such a sweet spirit and giving to your sisters.
Those three drops on the bottom represent your three children.
I included a couple of silver rings on the pin on the talisman. I feel they represent the former you and the coming, NEW you as you get in charge of your health. And as you BELIEVE, it will only strengthen your marriage of 22 years.
There are two more little turquoise charms on the top of the talisman, which represent you and your husband... along with the three on the bottom, your whole sweet family are remembered in this piece.
And Dena, your thoughtfulness, I BELIEVE, is what makes you special to your friends, family, and sisters!
Here, we have a talisman for your sister, Debbie.
Debbie has been extremely giving of herself, her time and her energies, as she has taken on a big job of taking care of her elderly parents. Dena has HOPE that her sister will find the love that she also longs for.
It is a very deep HOPE from Dena that Debbie find HOPE in God that when the right man comes along, that he will have children, as she has missed the window of opportunity to bear children herself, and she would make a great mom.
I included hearts throughout the talisman because I, as well as Dena, really HOPE that Debbie is able to cling to her HOPE in God and know that He can bring her the perfect mate, at the perfect time, who is perfectly perfect for her!

I also included several copper colored raku beads which were all individually made and each unique, never to have another made exactly like the ones shown. Just like you, Debbie! I used some from my "special stash", because I want you to know you are worthy!
The clock represents the HOPE that Debbie can wait for the right person in the right time to come along.
Another important point, made by Dena, is that Debbie LOVES her 13 nieces and nephews, and has HOPE for their happiness!!
Did I happen to mention that when Dena and her sisters' parents lost their farm to bankruptcy, Debbie was there to help them pick up the pieces,at the ripe ol' age of 25, and let them come to live with her and has taken care of them ever since. Very admirable, Debbie. I HOPE more people get to know you and your very generous self!
How bout these fibers, Debbie? Really funky necklace! And there are HOPEs all the way around it!
The gold rings.... HOPE you see your own value. HOPE you find your mate. HOPE you know you are precious to G0d. HOPE you know you are a treasure to many!


Teresa said...

Hey Mel are you still taking orders for talismans and if so how?

Marti said...

Hey Mel - love the talisman. Not sure you still have my order.