Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Moving workshop to art room

Ya know I don't think I have ever shown you my "workshop". And believe it or not, I still didn't take a good picture of this room. But, I did find some snippets of areas of this room on my camera. When I got home from Tucson, I kinda dumped all my new stuff on the counter in there. So, this is kinda what it looks like...When I first started making talismans, I would use this cool little sorter to keep all my pieces separate. But, the kind of "artist" I am does not allow me to be at all organized when I work. SO, .... it got spread to kingdom come and back.
And I have about a thousand little baggies with prices on them so I can TRY and remember what I paid for the various pieces I use in my jewelry.
Just to look around in my workshop is pretty inspiring. However, when we built this room, it was meant for me to work standing. Wellllll, I have since decided I am not meant to be a standing worker! I much prefer to sit... and watch Lifetime movies!
For that reason, I am slowly but surely transitioning the jewerly thingies to the art room!
You remember the art room, don't you? The place where Ellie has to sort this drawer of rubber stamps over and over and over again?!
And the place where Gabbi Girl makes earrings! (Hey, Denise, way up there in Canada... recognize that cup!? It's Johnny's Pizza!! Jake's fave!
This the new home of the talisman making. Can you tell this workspace is atrocious?!
And see those printouts on the table above? Well, those would be your emails regarding details to help me decide on what to use on the talismans. I am pretty sure that one on top is from Riley.
I gotta admit, my girls are really developing a love for art at a young age. They LOVE to hang with me in my art room.
This is the view right across the table from me. How precious!
She is pretty serious about her artwork.
Gabbi Girl is too. She gets downright obsessed when she is working on a project! She gets really irritated if you try to take it away from her. She will work on a single thing for an hour!
Oh, and have I mentioned Ellie can draw Beauty and the Beast? WEll, here it is! And she autographed it with her upside down "e" too.
Oh, wait. ON second thought, she just told me it was "me, you, Gabbi, and Maddi". "I'm the long legs, and orange is me too. And you are biggest. ANd me and Gabbi are sharing. I drawed you and Gabbi brown hair." (I am typing this verbatim as she calls it out to me.)
Ellie made these earrings for, of all people, my two OT's at my clinic, Miss Patchez and Miss Kristi. She thought long and hard about the choice of beads for each one.
And this one was created for Miss Kristi too.
So, here's another view of my art room. I can never plan an art retreat because I just don't know when I will ever have it clean enough to have room for people to sit and work.

I've ordered two new sets of built in cabinets, which should arrive tomorrow. If so, I need to have them painted, and hopefully on the wall by the weekend. THEN, maybe I can move in the rest of my beads, get organized, and start getting serious about a retreat!!
Start thinking about what you'd like to see us do. I have a big ol notebook FULL of fun class ideas!! MO


Denice Bell said...

Mel, when I was a little girl my grandmother would spread freezer paper across the floor and give me crayons. She would also throw in a pair of safe scissors and a couple of old magazines, and a jar of paste. I thought I was in heaven. I think it is great that you allow the girls to have so much freedom to be creative.

kjailshie said...

I look forward to reading your post every morning. Thank you so much for sharing your life and adorable little girls with all of us.

snekcip said...

Yay! Retreat info!

tricia said...

I think all little girls like doing arts&crafts!

Mbeaty19 said...

So jealous of your workshop and art room. I would be in crafter's heaven if I had those rooms. Don't feel bad about your unorganized room. My whole house looks like that since I don't have an art room yet. In one room you'll find scrapbook pages and various pen, markers, and crayons for journaling and drawing. Another room you'll find my bead boxes and my pop cap supply. Another room has my craft box that has hundreds of various craft items that I've purchased and never organized. I also have 4 rolls of newsprint paper that are in there to. Under my bed I have four overflowing photo boxes of various pictures and color-enhanced pictures I've made. Then I also have my computer in there that is piled with digital scrapbook pages I've printed and loaded with countless color-enhanced pictures. The two tables in my kitchen are covered with more crafts that have been started and left unfinished. And my poor laundry room has been taken over by countless jars of various crafting supplies that I have purchased or found. In my defense though Johnathan (my 3 year old) loves crafts too and we've started creating together (therefore my husband hasn't been as vocal about my wide spread crafting)

Kim said...

Let me first say that totally rocks Ellie can spell her name!! By golly you have been right all along ~ she really is a genius!! :) Love that your girls love to be right beside you creating!!

Kathryn said...

I am not even leaving the door open to my studio/study these days. Spring cleaning it. I am being firm about getting rid of things I will never use, so am carefully bagging them up to send on to a women's shelter in a week or so. In the meantime, the room is a mess with piles of things to be organized before going to a shelf or drawer, sacks filled with organized bags of stuff, and let's not forget, I have 70 pair of potholders to make before mid-June, so the machine and sewing area are equally busy.

Kaia said...

Kids drawings are the best! Love how she signed her name too! So fun that you let them create with you.

Pam said...

my favorite part is that there is not one but two remote controls on the table!

Nancy said...

Wow!!!! Gabbi is very creative already!!! I could just hear Ellie telling you all that.