Saturday, March 26, 2011

Girls going to daycare.

The morning grind. Drag Ellie out of bed. Welcome Gabbi into our room before daybreak. Force Ellie to brush her teeth. Force Gabbi to STOP brushing her teeth. Hassle with Ellie on her outfit of the day, despite the fact we agreed the night before, and laid the entire thing out, complete with accessories.
Put Gabbi Girl in whatever cute thing I want to put her in.
Then off to Miss Donna's, where sometimes they stampede out of the car and up the driveway, and other times, I have to stay and hold GG for about 15 minutes until we can distract her long enough to let me leave the room.
Today was a good day. Even a little independence noted here.
I love being a toddler mom.


Theresa Shirley said...

They are quite the opposite little personalities, aren't they? Miss Independence, and Miss Mama's girl! But they're both just so sweet :) I know you just enjoy every precious day with them!

tricia said...

just precious those girls are. each different yet so special