Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ellie's closet!

Let's take a brief little tour of Ellie's closet. This is obviously the shoe area.

I made a run to the Boardwalk in Shreveport, LA, last weekend, and Miss Ellie Sue has lots of new summer shoes!

But I know her all too well, and so I am also keeping all her boots and mary janes close at hand, because she has very strong opinions on what she wants to wear on any given day, and woe be the woman who has moved her beloved shoes!

I don't think she is really lacking in this area. And I'll tell you... I cannot believe how big my "baby" girl's foot is! I look a the shoes and it blows my mind how much she is growing.

Ok, and so now, let's discuss the clothes situation.

This would be the section of cute dresses and outfits from Staci's store or cute little boutiques.

It's the things I WISH she would wear!
And this is the section of crapola from which Ellie chooses EVERY single day! It's like a moth to a flame.

ANd this whole section is new for spring/ summer 2011. I have YET to entice her to pick from this area. I think that as it gets warmer, she will. But for now. NOPE!

And way back here are soooooooo many cute skirts. ANd I never buy a skirt without a cute top, and usually leggings to go under it too. YET. Still she refuses to pick from these skirts.

This is the pants/ leggings section. Well, sorta! There is also a drawer FULL of leggings that I don't really want her to use except to sleep in. I'm not always so lucky!

This is the stuff I referred to earlier that is from the nicer places, and that stuff I'd LOVE to see her wear. But she just won't do it!

Things like this very cute little dress that I just couldn't resist from Staci's store.
And speaking of Staci's store, follow SPOILED ROTTEN on Facebook. That's her.
This is a Target dress, but it really would be nice if she'd just wear it... ONCE!
Do you know how cute it would be with a pair of brown footless tights and a really cute rosette headband?! Oh well. Then there's this dress. SO cute! She wore it for some pictures we took in the fall. And NEVER again! I mean, come on!
And I know what you are probably thinking. Same thing Todd thinks. JUST QUIT BUYING THEM FOR HER. Welllllll, you see... I have this little back up plan. She's named Gabbi!
Above. Nope never. Below. Nope never.
And the girl has plenty of panties. We REALLY celebrate the "goin to the potty" around here! Gabbi has twice this week, btw. Way to go, Gabbi Girl!This drawer will be transformed to all tee shirts this weekend. And by tee shirts, I mean the UGLY ones that Ellie insists on wearing. At least she won't be yanking them off the hangers.
Cause see that little green and white polka dotted chair? Well, it is usually in her room. But, she drags that sucker all over the place to access things she can't reach. She is quite industrious! Oh, and don't even get me startedon these....
Smocked Christmas dresses with tags on them. I'm gonna see if 3T and 2T can make it til this next Christmas. At least I know the 3T can be worn!
SO, that concludes Ellie's closet. The kid and I battle DAILY over her clothes. I just can't understand her obsession with jeans and tee shirts. Remember it used to be tank tops and mini skirts. Now, she wouldn't let a skirt/ dress touch her body for anything. I have tried the "I don't even like that" reverse psychology on her when I put out something I LOVE. Doesnt' phase her. She really doesn't seem to care about MY reaction to the clothes. She just has a very strong opinion. And I am just floored by this at her ripe ol' age of 3!
Oh well, there's always Gabbi Girl. I think I'll post her closet tomorrow. Just for kicks. MO


kimybeee said...

I LOVE IT - I LOVE IT - I LOVE IT!!!! My mother in law always bought pretty, girly stuff for Caitlin and I am not a girly girl. I really loved some of it and we had pictures made in almost everything she bought. (every month the first year) But I bought little bibs and cute sets that were comfortable because Caitlin had such bad excema and her skin hurt in all that frilly crap lol!!! Almost everytime Caitlin had on something lacy or frilly as a bitty baby she would poop on it from her head to toe. Baby poop don't come out of lace!!

Just let her choose what she wants and enjoy GG in the prissy stuff. Caitlin has grown up to be a FFA/4-H geek, but she still likes pretty clothes and coach purses and dressy little flats. An FFA t-shirt and ballerina flats is pretty silly to me, but that is what she likes!!!

I loved that fabric dress with the v front - that was georgeous and I follow spoiled rotten. They have such beautiful things too!!

Cassie12 said...

WOW!!!! That is some beautiful closet....such organization!!! I am impressed on how organized and how clean it stays. She must know what she wants and right where it is so she doesn't mess anything up getting to it!!!

kimybeee said...

I forgot to add (as if it wasn't long enough) that you need to have Ellie one of those library ladders installed so she can reach all her stuff!!

Sparks said...

Oh my! i think she has more cloths in her closet than i do. haha My big girls are the same way lots of way cute things and they would rather wear all the boring things....latest kick is rodeo shirts ugh!! My only hope is the baby girl as well and she loves all things girly!! So if you are wanting to unload some of your stinkin cute clothes I would gladly buy them up.

Renee said...

Ellie has quite a stash. Hopefully GG won't have a strong opioion and let you doll her up. I have teenage boys that never liked "dress" clothes. Ole baseball tee shirt and some silk shorts is what they wanted to and still want to wear ALL THE TIME. Frustrating.

Jenny said...

So what do you do with all your clothes after Gabbi girl? You should sell them on your blog and I bet you could make some money! I would love to buy them! You pick out the cutest clothes for your girls!!

blessedmomof3 said...

Try having some of her "big" girl friends look through her closet with her and tell her how They would LOVE to have an outfit like one of the ones you want her to wear. Maybe that would entice her to give them a try. Just a thought!! Love her closet, by the way.

Kaia said...

Yay for Gabbi going potty! And I am just curious since Ellie some days is obviously wearing what you picked out.. do you just save that for days that you REALLY care about? For example, the cute valentine's outfits.. I love her selection of clothes, even if she doesn't!

Becky said...

I understand your clothes situation! My 5 yr old insists on picking out her own clothes, as well. Somedays, I'm like "Seriously, you look like a homeless child!!!" ...and she'll say "But I like it!!!" And she wears it, PROUDLY!!!! Enjoy! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Todd-not sure why you buy them-then you can't buy more when GG gets that size! If you REALLY cared what she wore, you wouldn't buy her the things you don't want her to wear:) And I'll be interested to see what she's wearing when she's 10. And 15. She's funny! And I love the clothes you've gotten her-

Anonymous said...

I wished we lived closer so we could borrow some of those cute clothes. My daughter is such a girlie girl that we can not buy enough dresses, she outgrows them so fast and she hates that I ask here to wear sweatshirt and jeans that is not girlie

Dottie Phillips said...

I have a similar problem... Brooke refuses to wear pants! All she wants to wear are "twirly" dresses. If it doesn't twirl, she takes it back off. Drives me insane! There is only one jean outfit she will is a pair of jeans that has silver deco down one leg and then a chain from the pocket. There is a matching vest and a navy and light blue shirt with a guitar on it. She calls this her "rock star" outfit, insists on taking her guitar with her when she wears it. Oh to get her in a cute pair of jeans and sweater LOL

tricia said...
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tricia said...

#1 I love the organized closet!!!
#2 That is a lot of clothes for one little girl!!

I would invite Emma Lou and friends over & have them encourage Ellie to do a fashion show with her own clothes& remark how they would LOVE to wear those beautiful clothes if they were in their size.Have them oooo & ah over the pretty ones.Might work.

Amy K said...

I would LOVE to have Ellie's closet, and all that cuteness.
Lucky girls. When my girls were little I would've definitely bought Spoiled Rotten clothes for them....just adorable.

Mary said...

My 10 year old girl is the same way. She wears what she wants to wear. I buy her stuff and she won't wear it. She is very picky about her clothes.

Theresa Shirley said...

WOW!! What a selection! The closet looks amazing--I've never seen so many beautiful clothes....Okay, fess up--did you do all that organizing, or was it the friend that has a flair for that kind of thing? I remember you posting a while back about her :) Ellie is a hoot---that girl KNOWS what she wants without a shadow of a doubt! I like that!

breanna said...

I'm catching up! And don't worry...I'm not afraid to ditch all the ugly clothes the next time I'm in town! :)
She won't have a choice, but to wear CUTE clothes!!!